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Haircut chronicles 2: THE BUBBLEGUM P1 by Alvaro Beltrán

I always had an attraction to haircuts, I remember sitting in front of the computer in the middle of the night, watching videos of haircuts and feeling excited watching the process. This is the continuation to a series of stories in which I was involved with haircuts... the haircut chronicles


I was in high school when for the first time, I got the opportunity to see a forced haircut thanks to a bet with a friend. Once it happened, it was like open a new world for me knowing that I didn’t need to wait to see a forced haircut if I was able to force one… yes, I think it was evil but also enjoyable.

When I was more child I heard a story about a girl whose was playing with bubblegum and suddenly it got stuck in her hair and their parents had to cut her hair; So that story was rounding in my head as a possible option to force someone to cut his hair, I try it with one of my brothers but my parents knew that they just needed to wash it with coca-cola and the bubblegum will expel from the hair. So the second try must was with someone a little bit naïve that didn´t know about how to rip the bubblegum off. So that’s how my best friend entered in the escene when he was just another class partner.

One day, the class room was so stressing for the teachers, that they decide to change our sits, as I was a calm boy sitting almost in front of the teacher’s desk, they thought that if I sit in the noisy but popular group in exchange with the leader of the group, the class could be balanced.
So, they changed my inside the wild group and thanks to that I met Oscar who was my best friend all school. We start to talk and realize that we had the same taste in music and hobbies (unfortunately the haircut fetish wasn’t one of them). Then we started to meet on weekends for a walk by the countryside talking and taking new breath or meet at the arcade to play games.
One weekend I was preparing to Oscar picked me in because my home was really near to the country side so he usually went to my house and then we went out together.
This day I was dressing up and one of my brothers went to the store to buy candies and stuff to watch movies with his friends, when my brother arrived at home, entered to my bedroom and throw a couple of candies to my bed saying:
-Be carefull with the bubblegum, you won’t have a Coca-cola bath, don´t you?
When he left my home, an idea start to grow up inside my mind so I take the candies and saved them in my pockets, fortunately was only two bubbleglum so the plan was perfectly prepared.
When Oscar arrived, we left the house as always and we start talking about school and girls (he liked to talk about girls when I was zero interested in them… but that’s part of another story)
-Did you see Sara yesterday on class? she was so flirtatious.
-Really? No I didn’t see her, I was solving the chemistry problem before leave the classroom.
-Oh come on, you should relax sometimes, you’re losing things like watch Sara flirting or… haven’t realize you that Jessica saw you everytime?
-Once again with Jessica… look I don’t care right now about girls okay?
-What’s wrong with you? Jessica is hot, are you gay?
-Yeah I’m gay and I’m in love with you
At that moment he stopped to walk and stared me so serious but I kept the same look as him so after three seconds he just say
-Screw you! You´re joking with me
-I’m not joking with you, actually today I wanted you to be my husband for the eternity- and I took one the bubblegums to give him as much dramatical as possible- you know I’m not rich enough to give you a diamond ring but this is like the engagement ring.
He understood my dramatical speech and he just said "you’re insane, man" and take the bubblegum from my hand and ate it, then I took a candy from my pocket to continue with the plan
-f***! i gave you the only bubblegum I had " I said, while i took the last bubblegum I had and putting it in my mouth really fast-
-Next time that you want to make me marriage jokes, try to be focused about what you give me- and he start to laugh while I was putting sad face but smiling in my head.
We continue walking and talking, putting attention when will threw again the bubblegum; when I knew the bubblegum was out of flavor I said to him.
-Would you mind if we sit a little? I’m a little bit exhausted.
-Sure, no problem.- and like a mechanical move he took his bubblegum and threw away.
And then we sit on the sidewalk of the road, then he suddenly lay down in the grass to watch the sky (he used to do that everytime we sat to rest) THAT WAS THE TIME, I waited about a minute and then with a shock face said
-Oscar, did you threw again the bubblegum? - He stared at me with a wondering face.
-Yeah, before we sit here, why? Will you propose me marriage again?
His brown hair wasn’t curly and neither straight, it was a combination of both and when he used to let it grow, it took shape like and semi afro because his hair was thick. This moment he has about seven centimeters of hair shaping like an afro style.
I was prepared taking my bubblegum in my hand and I said to him.
-And where did you threw it?
-Mmm… I do not know, I can’t remember, why? You´re acting weird
-Don’t move- I said.
And quickly I went up to his head and put the bubblegum inside his hair, detailing to put it lightly in the root.
-I think it stucked in your head, don’t move, let me check " He putted a worried face- don’t move please… oh my god, Oscar is in your hair, and it is stuck it really bad.
While I was "checking" if it was a bubblegum, I was adding more hair to it, this way the gum took a huge bouquet of hair stucked in deeply in the roots. I walked away from him and told him "touch it", he fastly took the gum with his fingers and try to rip it off but the damage was done.
-Look you cannot arrive at home this way, your mother will kill you if you see this, let’s go back to my home and there we try to rip it off
There was a low possibility that his mother like mine could knew about the coca-cola bath so I had to take him to my home and convince him to cut the bouquet with the hair, but I didn’t need to say that because when we were walking to my home he said while he was stretching the gum
-I think I must cut it, now I extended the gum so now it took more hair.



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