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Higgens Lake by Mark Skapeeni

Making the transition from Elementery school to Junior High at the age of 13. this was an awkward time. In 1969 some or rather a few kids had long hair and dressed as if they were going to a Woodstock concert. That wasn't the case in our house or our neighborhood. You would think growing up in a major metropolitan area like suburban Detroit would be more relaxed. Not so, we lived in Farmington Michigan. In 1969 I had to get a haircut every two weeks. Neat and clean cut an arch up around the ears. A princeton or Ivy haircut which is parted on the left side the back and sides are tapeered 0.5 to a #2 up over the crown. Thats 0.5 to a 1.0 to a 1.5 to a 2.0 over the crown then 1/4 inch at the crown scissor cut kept under 2" at the fringe. The longest part of this haircut is 2", most of the time under two inches. Its basically a crewcut with a bumper. This was the haircut for me until the end of the 9th grade. I was finally able to grow my hair out a little. So long as I kept it combed neatly off my face. Even though it was over the tops of my ears I had to keep it tucked behind my ears showing them. This haircut was a tough argument and at least four times just when it started to look good and it was just my dad and I getting me new clothes for school or on a dad son fishing camping trip. I learned when it was at that length at any time I could end up with an unwanted short haircut. My dad and I on the way for a much awaited fishing and camping trip we were fishing most of the day. Instead of setting up the tent and roughing it he checked us into a small hotel Close to Higgens Lake. We both showered put on clean clothes and were headed out for a late lunch. It was about 4:00 pm and to my horror there is a barbershop at the far end of this hotel we were staying at. Dad pulls up right in front of the place and says "Your getting a haircut" Aw jeepers Dad, no, I don't want it cut its just starting to look good. Its over your ears Mark, i want it cut and its getting cut right now. No more lip now lets go. But, but nothing he said. His mind was made up I hade to go in that barbershop with him and get my hair cut. Every time in my life I went in a barbershop with my dad I end up with a crewcut or pretty close to a crewcut. My dad was getting angry with me. And said I was well on my way to getting a military brush cut, just one more smart ass peep out of you and thats what it will be now get your butt in the barbershop, NOW. The two barbers were older men could have been my grandpas age. My dad went first he told the barber a short regulation . Thats what he got too, twice as short as he usualy gets his hair cut. It looked military. Then the other barbers chair became empty and I sat down. He said to my dad shal I give him a nice flat crewcut, won't cost ya a cent. Pointing to a sign on the wall that said bring in your long haird son for a free barbers choice haircut. My dad said now thats a deal. I panicked and almost started crying. He combed my hair and I heard clippes being tinkered with thlen fired up. At my left temple with a #1 blade he clipped straight up almost to the part. then up over the crown the same on the right side. There was still around five inches on top. He scissor cut this down to a little over an inch and cut it flat. Waxed it then used another clipper and cut the sides and back even closeer. Shaved an arch aroune my ears and left a light fadeed sideburn. It was H&T flat crewcut. My dad loved it. That was my last haircut in a barbershop. Part 2 coming soon, we move up to Higgens Lake

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