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New Buzzcut Family by Etham

(My first story, feedback is appreciated)

As a Russian Foreign exchange student, to say the least I was excited to come to America. The place I only heard and seen about on TV. A fifteen year old from Russia, going all the way to Houston, Texas. It was going to be a difference.
I got of my plane around 3PM on a friday. Brushing my bangs out of my eyes I looked for the family; I was going to be staying with. They gave me the description of a 6foot man (182cm) with multiple children, the eldest being my age.
"Hello," I waved as I went over to them.
"Hello, by any chance are you Pavel," The man responded.
"Yes, I am," I had found the man I was looking for.
"Nice, my children are over here," He called over his children and introduced them. All of them sported #3 buzz cuts, you could still tell they were blonde. The buzz cuts made me feel slightly out of place.
"This is my eldest. He is fifteen years old," He said as he pointed to a kid with glasses, "His name is Ben" Ben stuck his hand out and smiled. I shook his hand
"Welcome," was all he said.
"Next is Noah, who is Thirteen years of age," He pointed to a kid who was only shorter than me by inches. This made me feel very short. Noah nodded his head and waved at me. "And finally this is Eli, he is ten years old". Eli bounced up from his chair, and shook my hand.
Getting out of the airport and into the parking garage the first thing I noticed was the humidity.
"Is it always this hot in Houston?" I asked no one in particular.
"This is the perfect temperature, not to hot not to cold," Ben answered.
He found our car in the parking lot. I loaded my bags into the trunk. We hopped in and drove off.
On the car ride home while Eli was sleeping, and Ben and Noah staring out the window, the father who’s name I learned is Steve, asked me a few questions. "How was Russia", "You excited to be here", and finally he asked me, "Your shortest haircut?’ My hair has always been the same with bangs to my mid-eyes and hair touching my collar.
I replied with, "Probably an inch shorter all around from this."
"In our house I give them #0 buzz cuts every two weeks, on saturdays"
"Yes," I already had an idea of what was coming.
"So, tomorrow when I cut their hair, I’d like you to join them."
"Yes sir," I knew there was no way of getting out. I wasn’t sad to get rid of my hair. I was just scarred of the result of shaving my head. I’ve never done it before. How will it look? Would I like it?
Finally we pulled into the driveway. This was the house I was going to be staying in for the next year or so. It was a nice house. A two story redbrick house. Nothing special. A nice house. Ben and Eli got out on one side, and me and Noah on the other. Opening the door to the house, they had a nice wooden floor. A staircase led up to the second floor. The lounge had a large sofa, a coffee table, and a medium sized television. Steve brought my bags in.
"Pavel, come with me to your room," He walked me up the stars. Upstairs there was another lounging area with some chairs and items for entertainment. "You’ll be sharing a room with Ben," He placed my bag into my room and went off to care for himself.
Ben walked in while I was unpacking, "Welcome again to America."
"Thank you"
"You know my name, and I haven’t caught your’s yet?"
"My name’s Pavel"
We made small talk until dinner. We all ate dinner as a family. After that we went into the lounge to watch some television. There I learned that they were huge sports fans. I didn’t hate sports, but they were definitely weren’t an interest of mine. I mildly watched the basketball game, and commented of what I thought the teams should do with the rest of them. The basketball game ended with a climatic ending that satisfied us as spectators.
We were sent to shower and brush our teethes. I learned that in a family of four it takes awhile to wait to shower. I enjoyed a brisk five minute shower, easily the quickest shower of the four of us. Brushing my teeth I saw out of the room, Noah and Eli joking around with each other. I smiled, I always found pleasure and seeing how much a family loves each other. I wondered if I would share a bond this strong with them throughout the future years. I assembled into my pajamas in the bedroom I shared with Ben. He was shirtless, and I saw he had a nice figure. This must be an athletic family. Ben put on a shirt and took of his glasses. I finished getting ready for bed. We talked for about ten minutes before deciding to go to sleep.
I woke up at around 7AM. Climbing out of bed I saw Ben’s bed was empty. I opened Noah and Eli’s bedroom door open a crack. Both were fast sleep. I went to brush my teeth and found Ben doing the same. I heard Steve moving around downstairs.
"Good Morning," Ben said after spitting out his tooth paste.
"Good Morning," I said back while smiling.
"Ready for haircuts in maybe an hour," he teased. I scoffed back at him, "Don’t sweat it, there nothing in America"
"Buzz cuts or teasing," I retorted with a slight laugh.
"Why can’t it be both."
Eli and Noah quickly stirred and brushed their teeth. I heard doors open and close downstairs. Steve must be preparing it. The four of us shared our good mornings and Ben and me went off downstairs.
"Hello boys, y’all can go out to the padio and wait for the rest of us" Steve greeted us.
"Follow me to the Padio" Ben took my hand and led me outside.
The padio was a small porch with a overhanging. On the wooden floor was a towel. On the towel was a chair. Behind the chair there was on the ground a pair of clippers. Just an ordinary standard pair of clippers.
"So, the time draws nearer doesn’t it. Your first buzz cut," Ben smiled. He placed his hand on my shoulder, "I don’t remember my first one. Was to young to."
"You mean you’ve had this haircut your whole life,’ I was shocked.
"Yeah, we all have."
"Ever thought of growing you hair out"
"Yeah, I have, but I love the buzz cut honestly."
"You think I will too"
Ben wrapped his hand around my shoulder, "Stop worrying"
"Okay, fine"
By the time we finished conversing, Noah, Eli, and Steve came out to join us.
"Alright who’s first," Steve said while picking up the clippers. I eyes them vigorously.
Eli popped his shirt off and sat on the chair. Noah and Ben also took their tops off. Ben motioned for me to do the same. I was confused on what he wanted me to do, so he just took my shirt off for me. If Steve saw this he pretended to not notice. The clippers rang to life as he ran them up the back of Eli’s head. He ran them up and down as he chipped away at the little hair Eli had. He kept going until the back was reduced to a barely seeable stubble. He ran from his hairline to the back of his head. He finished shaving the sides of Eli. Eli got up out of the chair and rubbed the hair off his body. Noah and Ben went over and rubbed his head. They invited me to do the same. The hair was soft but had a sandpaper vibe to it. Noah sat in the chair next and Steve went to work on him. He did the same motions on him that he did to Eli. Once he finished Noah popped out of the chair and did the same as Eli. Eli, Ben, and I went up to rub his head. It felt the same as Eli. Rubbing it was addictive I admit. Then it was Ben’s turn to hop into the chair. Steve took care of him. All of their buzz cuts were the same motions in the same pattern, yet all of them were mesmerizing. Ben finished and the same thing happened that happened to Eli and Noah. Finally it was my turn.
"Wait, Dad. Can I give him his haircut?" Ben asked Steve with a slight smirk.
"Yes, you’ve given Eli and Noah there’s before. There’s no reason you couldn’t do the same to Pavel. We’ll do get breakfast while y’all finish here" Steve remarked handing him the clippers. The went off to do as they said.
"Have a seat Pavel." Ben gestured to the chair as he stood behind it. I obeyed. I didn’t fully trust him, but this seems like an easy haircut. He’s done it before, he can do it again.
The clippers roared to life, the buzzing rung through my ears. I always wondered why they called it a buzz cut. Now I understood it’s because of the noise the clippers make. Ben placed the clippers at the base of my neck. The metal clipper blade felt cold against by bare neck. He began to move the clippers up the back of my head. He ran them up the the curve of my head. I could feel the breeze on the back of my head. He continued until the back of my hair was shaved. He then grabbed the top of my head and placed the clippers at my forehead. He ran them all the way back to where he first shaved. My head felt cold. I felt a couple of pound lighter. He continued until the top of my head was shaved like the back. He placed the clippers under my sideburns and shaved them off. He shaved my left side. Then my right side. He went over the areas he missed the first time. I felt almost bald. He turned the clippers off and rubbed my head all over, "Your finished." I put my hand up and rubbed my hair. The feeling was crazy. Just ten minutes ago I had long hair. Now, I was nearly bald. My hair felt so good. I feel in love rubbing it.
Ben put his shirt on and handed me mine. After I put my shirt on, he rubbed my head once again. I rubbed his in retaliation. His felt the same as mine. I was truly apart of this buzz cut family

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