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Cornered & Forced by Etham

I go to a boarding school in America. Unlike some boarding schools this isn’t a place where parents ship off the kids they can’t handle. This isn’t a sandy school. This has been a respectable school. There is a dark side to everything. The dark side of this school is a group of kids everyone calls the "Bald Alphas". These kids are easily spotted each member has a shaved head, fully bald. New members are easily spotted, because they shave newbies eyebrows off. They caused a few problems. Hazing a couple of people. They also shaved head off of others. All this happening without the school blinking an eye. They never really caused me a problem though. Not until now.
I’m a nice boy, people have told me. I stand at a 3.7 GPA. I’ve stayed out of trouble. I have no close friends really. No one considers me weak. Just peaceful. I’m never aggressive. That is why everyone was surprised when the Bald Alphas came after me. First it was mild hazing, like trashing my room, stealing my stuff, and generally annoying me. It escalated mildly when they started teasing me. They stole some of my books. Nothing that really bothered me. It’s hard to annoy me. It was one night though. The school is a school of maybe a hundred, with kids who live close enough to not need dorms. Which defeats a purpose of a boarding school, but none of the staff have made a fuss about those kids living at home. Each dorm room has two beds, but some kids are lucky enough to not have your dorm mate live at the school. Which means you get the room for yourself. I am one of these kids.
Around 2AM when everyone was asleep including me. Three Members of the Bald Alphas entered my room one night. One of them had a pair of black WAHL clippers. I know they have a gold pair for "elite" members. The other two members took me out of my bed. I woke with a yell. One covered my mouth and said, "Make any noise and we’ll kick your ass".
The Bald Alphas are known for being fighters so I wasn’t eager to get killed. I decided to keep my mouth shut. The other two members restrained me. I was on my knees with two members grabbing each of my arms. I didn’t know what exactly was happening. I soon realized when I heard clippers buzz to a start. I knew if I struggled they’d be more rough with me. I didn’t resist as the shearer cupped my face and called me a sheep. He ran the clippers up and over my head. The clippers felt relaxing on my head and I was glad I didn’t struggle. The two others tightened there hold on me. They continued shaving me. I felt so helpless yet relaxed. The buzzing rang through my brain. The shears kept gliding thru my hair. After a few minutes I was sheared. They went back over a couple times to make sure I was fully balled. One of them picked me up on their shoulders and carried me out. For the first time I reached up and felt my scalp. All I felt was pure skin. I was fully bald. Zero hair. Not even a #0 Buzzcut.
They carried me to the other side of the building. Into a dorm room like mine. In there were the rest of the Bald alphas. There were 7 members. So 4 awaited us in the is room. They seemed to be talking blandly because when we showed up, they all lit up.
"well look who we have here," A member spoke up. "Is this another to Join the ranks"
"He’s one we shaved ourselves," The one who shaved me said.
"Forcefully?" The person asked
"Yes," He smiled grimly
"Good job Eric," He patted him on the back, "James, take care of our newbie"
A person, I assumed to be James took me to a side room. This had to be one of the only dorms with other rooms than a bedroom. James stripped me naked. He slapped me on my head. Not hard, but still I had to take a second. He placed me in the shower and began to run the water. The water was running. I wonder why they wouldn’t want me to shower on my own. The feeling of water on my bald head was blissful. I could’ve stayed in that moment forever. James quickly taking me back into the shower started to shave ALL the hair on my body. He didn’t stop until there was zero hair on my body. He took me out of the shower and dried me off. He dressed me in underwear and sweatpants. I didn’t even get a shirt. They placed me on a bed where I fell asleep.

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