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The School Headshave by Etham

I got into one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Seoul. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I even learned Korean for this. It’s not like I wouldn’t return home. Not many people do go here for the policy. On the first day to start your school life they shave the heads of every student Military style to show discipline and humility amongst students. This is on the school’s website so everyone knows what they signed up for. I don’t have a problem with this. If everyone has the same hair. I can’t get teased for it. The school is for 7-9 grade. I am entering seventh grade and this school.
I arrived to Seoul at around 12pm. You only had to be there at 1pm for orientation which was the first day. it was only a thirty minute drive to the school. I entered the main building and they directed me down a side hallway. Down this side hallway were the barber shops. There were two lines to the two barber shops. One for the 7th grade, the other for 8th & 9th grade. Each barber shop had two chairs. The line moved at a mild pace. Each haircut averaging maybe 2 minutes. I got there pretty late so I was near the end. fifteen minutes went by before I got into the barber shop. There were two waiting chairs. I peeked at the pair getting shaved. The clippers murdered there hair in quick and efficient fashion. It was the most satisfying thing ever. The the clippers go over leaving zero hairs behind. These were those pairs that sucked the hair into a hose so there were no hairs on the ground. Soon enough I was next
I got up from my chair and sat down in the barbers chair. The barber wrapped a cape around me. I was fully trapped in his cape for shearing. His hand lifted my bangs up and he placed his clipper on my forehead. In one swift movement he moved the clippers to the back of my head. The clippers ripped thru my hair leaving nothing but scalp behind. the continued this for the top of my head. For the sides he moved the clippers back and forth moving my hair back progressively each time. The back of my head he ran the clippers up. Then he moved them down and ran them up until the back of my head was bald. He did the process two more times, and then he pronounced me done.
I jumped up from the chair and went out of the other side. There was a hallway leading back to the main area. In the main area they had a information desk that gave me my room key. I would be sharing with three other boys in room 214. I quickly went of to my room to unpack and introduce myself. When I opened my room I found my roommates sitting on there beds. Each one of them with their shaved heads. I kinda enjoyed seeing all these shaved heads around. We all said our greeting, and I unpacked. They helped me with my unpacking and we made basic smalltalk during it. We all went to shower. Of course we took turns doing it. Shaved heads in the shower feels so nice. I got conflicted on how to wash my hair. I finally decided on using a bar of soap. This felt strangely amazing. I was loving the shaved head as I came out. One of my room mates came to ask me if I wanted to eat with the rest of them. I agreed and we all set out for a local barbecue place. We all joked around and rubbed each other’s heads. I had fun, and we returned to our dorms. We all went to bed shortly after that

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