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Haircut chronicles 2: THE BUBBLEGUM P2 by Alex D.

This is the second part of Haircut chronicles 2: THE BUBBLEGUM. i must tell you, the story takes a different way in this part, that's why I decided to divide the story in two.

Haircut chronicles 2: THE BUBBLEGUM PART TWO

...At that moment I was a little bit sorry for him because he was calm but I knew that inside his mind he was screwing the world up. When we arrive at home, we sneak out to my room then I took a pair of scissors and gave them to him.

-I need your help, I can’t cut it by my own.

So I took the scissors and I examined the problem, there was a huge bouquet of hair stocked with the gum, which was in the entrances of his forehead. I thought to cut more than just the bubblegum but when I cut half of the bouquet there was a huge spot on his head, so I decided to not be MORE evil to him and just cut only the bouquet. I felt hard cutting his hair, the nice sound of the scissors cutting the block of gum with hair was delectable and when I see the white hole in contast with his black brown hair I knew how it will ended up. When I had done, he had a huge bald spot that hasn’t possible to hide.

-Can you lend me a hat, I can’t arrived at home like that.
-What if you go at the hairdresser before arrive at home?
-No, I don’t have money
-And my parents aren’t at home to lend you money, sorry
-That’s okay, I’ll text you back when I arrive okay?

And this way, he went out to his home; once I realized what I had done, I start to freak out thinking that maybe his parents could ask with who Oscar was, and I start to imagine that his parents arrive at home to talk to my parents. I was totally shock thinking about my actions, it wasn’t fair for my best friend but my instincts leaded me.

A half an hour ago I received a text message:
I replied:
-Why what happened? 
-My mom was crazy when she saw the hole in my head
-And you cannot cover it?
-I went back from the hairdresser, I’m shaved

A part of me was regretted, because now he was shaved but another part of me was angry because I wanted to see the haircut, then I texted him:
-Really? Shaved? How short?
-REALLY bald, the hole was to deep so they cut me without guard

If the story was related in this time I could asked him for photos but it was in the time where color phone was a huge technology advance
-I need to see it, what if I go to your home now?
-No, I think my mom could kill anyone who come here. See you at school tomorrow
-Okay, but you can arrive to my home first and then we go to school, let’s have breakfast here.
-Okay, see you

Usually he was the one who likes to talk a lot, but this time i knew he wasn’t quite good and he didn’t want to talk that much.
At night, I was trying to figured out how he looked like, he texted "I’m shaved" but he usually liked to exaggerated things so I fall asleep realizing that maybe he wasn’t quite a shaved head, maybe the barber could fix the problem without compromised much hair.

When I woke up, I was really exciting (all meanings) about the new haircut that I forced, ok maybe it would not be quite short but at least, it was a new experience for me and for him and I wanted to see the final result. He arrived sooner as usually, I was brushing my teeth when the door belled, I run with my toothbrush in my mouth at the door for open it before someone else in my home. I opened the door and I saw him with our uniform and also were wearing a wool hat covering all of his head; he also looked grumpy and blue.

-Hey, good morning. I said.
-Hey, what’s up, sorry if I arrived soon as usual I wanted to talk to someone? He said it looking at the floor
-Yeah, sure, come in to my bedroom, we can talk there, are you hungry?
-Not much, I ate a biscuit with yogurt.

I knew something was wrong because he always was starving, also when I invited him for breakfast I must gave him part of my food.
So, when i closed my bedroom’s door, firstly I wanted to see his new haircut but also I was concern about his mood, it wasn’t common on him.

-So… what’s wrong? What would you like to talk about?

Then he sat in my bed and took off his hat showing his head completely white without any hair, it looked like a smooth zero buzzcut. His scalp was white in comparison with his face and ears, I must say it was shocking to see him like that but once you peered him more, it wasn’t that bad, he was really athletic so that look made him looked really interesting.

I wasn’t able to say anything more than "oh my god" then he just nooded and continued to look at the floor
-I feel bad- he said- I look like a prisioner
-Oh come on, is not that bad- then I sat next to him- you look different for sure but is not bad
-You only say that to make me feel better, but I know is not true… now all the school will laugh at me and I will be known as the ball head
-A handsome ball head " I said it before realizing what I really said, then instantly putted my hands on my mouth, I know It wasn’t a big deal to said him "handsome" but our friendship was always out of compliments and cuddles because he was always sober with his emotions.

Once I said that, and he thought but what I said, he turned his eyes straight to me, I was a little bit ashamed so I tried to fix it
-I mean… girls can always find you handsome- I said it with a poker face meme on my mind.

He smiled a little bit then he said:
-You always say things before to think them, your mind cheated you mate.
-Look…I’m sorry for that I only was trying to say something to help but I don’t know why I…

Then he pounced to me and suddenly kissed me, I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what was happening but he continued kissing and I just following and my hide desires, my instinct made me run out my hands over his head and when I felt the spiky scalp I got really hard, but it was only a few seconds because then he released me.

"wow" he only said that, then he stared at me and smile:
-Now I’m sure you wanted to make me feel better don’t you?- I was in other dimession when he said that but then I understood the game
-Yeah, off course, everything to make you feel better- I couldn’t avoided to clean my lips with my finger, it was like a movie scene- but it helped you right?
-Sure, I’m feeling a little bit better- then he looked again at the floor and his grumpy face returned
-Look, I know I can’t talk for the entire school but my opinion is that you look good, really manly " I ran up my hand through his head feeling the baldness- you can continue with this style and soon you’ll get used to that.

He stared at me again and barely smiled, then he standed up from my bed:
-I’ll think about, but now we’re turning up late, so move your feet, we must hurry.

We ate faster than ever and we ran to our school, people was shocked at first when they say him but the opinions were similar, he looked good that way, even though he preferred to kept the hat all the season till his hair came back, we didn’t talk about again about that weird moment in my room, he continued with his life, actually two weeks later he met a girl in a party and they became a couple the rest of the year.

While he had the short hair I always wanted to touch it or at least watched it but he were always wearing the hat everywhere so I wasn’t able to do it, however, I didn’t feel sad about it because when we drank on parties I used to took him at his house because he barely could walk and I was always the taking-him-at-home-safety friend so when we arrived at his house I usually stayed there to sleep, his parents knew that I always arrived there with him if he got too drunk; so when we were in the room approached the opportunity to took off his hat and slept next to him touching occasionally his growing hair.

The school is already over and he went to study at other city and suddenly we lost contact, I think he didn’t remember all about the bubblegum day and I never told him the completely true but it doesn’t matter, I kept the bouquet of hair with the gum and that’s a memory about the first time I kissed a boy but also the first time I forced someone to rip it off his hair… but he won’t be the last one.

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