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HeadShaves & Cigars by BaldBob formerly just Bob

this story is a true account with only names and actual location are changed This was a huge surprise at the time it first happened. I am a retired football coach and I recently moved to San Diego California and have settled in nicely.While visiting a friend in near by Palm Springs I asked him if he knew a barber that he would recommend and he told me he was in need of a trim and would take me to his barber.I am a big smart ass and since my friend has very little hair on his head with a smirk on my face I said "barber not a bowling ball polisher" and began to laugh and I went with him to the shop. The shop was a traditional style with a couple of big leather barber chairs and in one of the chairs was the barber taking a nap with the news paper.As we entered he woke from the sound of the bell on the door and sat up with a big smile and welcomed my friend and I with a big smile.The friend I was with introduced the barber as Walt and I shook his hand telling him my name was Bob.Walt asked Tim if he was here for his usual and adjusted the chair and snapped the cape in place smiling as i sat in a waiting chair the barber asked what i was smiling about? I said nothing and Tim chimed in with a he has a problem with bald men. I replied to that saying I had nothing against bald guys i just didn't understand why he would call it a haircut when it was obviously going to be shaved.Walt smiled and said that's a good point and proceeded to brush lather all over my friends head telling me that if I wanted a shave that he could do mine next.I told him i was only here to get a the deck flattened out and a moustache trim and he replied I know what that is and said he would be happy to do that for me. flattened out means to tighten up a flat top While Walt finished up lathering Bills head I could not stop watching for some reason and would pretend to be reading not noticing that Walt saw me the whole time."Are you a cigar man,Bob"asked Walt causing me to jump a little not noticing that he now had a big cigar in his mouth that looked like the cigar Fidel Castros cigars big brother.With the cigar in his mouth he asked again as I sat there caught off guard I said Yes.Now I had only smoked a cigar 1 or 2 times in my 60 years of life and have no idea why I said yes but Tim heard me answer and said that he had never seen me smoke a cigar,followed by "you are not man enough".They both laughed and Walt began to pull the straight razor over bills lather covered head while i sat back in my seat feeling a little embarrassed.I found it hard to not watch this mans man of a barber shave my friends head bald while he held this huge cigar in his mouth looking towards me and winking a couple of times.I had never been attracted to my friend but I was starting to get an erection watching this whole thing take place and hoped that Walt would take his time so it would go down before anyone noticed.No,Tims head was almost cleared of all lather and was being cleaned up with a hot towel.What I saw next almost sent me to orgasm because after the towel Walt took what looked like past wax on Tims head and completely covering his now hairless head.When I saw that Walt was holding what I thought was a massager turned out to be a buffer with a spinning head like a car polisher that was now being slowly moved around Tims head and after each pass showing more and more of his smooth,polished bald head.I was not going to be able to hide the boner and turned bright red like a school kid giving even more reason for them to look my way but fortunately Tim didn't see my boner but i knew Walt did and he was grinning from ear to ear.While Tim got out of the chair Walt stood behind shaking out the cape and nodding for me to come to the chair.When I sat down I knew that this was going to be a different from all others and that was quickly confirmed when Walt asked bill to turn the sign on the door and lock the dead bolt.Closing time he barked while putting the cape and tissue strip,securing it in place as he did he leaned in to my ear and said I know what you really need. I was hoping he was talking about a cigar but I would have still been only half right. part 2 coming soon

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