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Barbars choice by Max Stein

I always found it very exciting getting haircuts. Especially short ones really got me. The shorter the better. Anyway, the other day I decided to get a new haircut since my hair was really a mess (it's been a few months since my last haircut)
In our small village there is this hairdresser that particularly men like to go to. I tried it this time.
After having called the shopkeeper if they had any time for cutting my hair I went there. Men were always welcome, I should not worry, he said.
As I walked in I put out my jacked and put in in the wardrobe. I sat down reading some magazine. Immeadeately a women asked me to take a seat in one of the chairs. I did an was put on a cape. Being prepared for a cut, she left me alone.
Then another woman came. She should cut my hair. The shopkeeper himself was busy cutting another customers hair.
She seemed quite nice - the woman must have been about 40 years old, or even older.
Initially she asked me, what haircut I'd like to get. I completely trusted her and said:`What do you recommend?'
She put her fingers through my long brown hair and replied:' I'd cut the sides pretty short... Your last haircut was obviously a long time ago... the top should also be a lot shorter. '
I was very excited and her plan seemed to be good.
' Yes, yes, yes!' I kept saying happily.
So she started to cut. In the end I had a pretty short haircut she styled with some gel. My hair was cut short on the sides about 2 centimeters long. On top she' d left it a little longer.
It was a pretty big change for me. I am looking forward to go there again. My hair is starting to become a little messy again. Hopefully this time, the Barbar will cut it!

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