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The wedding trim by P.J.

The wedding trim

It was Wednesday, the day after our last day of high school. Mike and I had made plans to take our half grown pups out for some field training in anticipation of bird hunting with them this fall. Mike had a sweet Irish Setter named Kelly, I had a Brittany Spaniel named Mandy.
We'd agreed I'd meet Mike at his house wed. at 9:00 sharp.
Mandy and I showed up, I let us in the back door ( I was allowed to enter at will, Mike didn't care if he knew I was coming.) Mike had a bedroom and bath to himself on the lower level, next to the family room.
As usual I found Mike just out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him in the bathroom. Trying to put a part in his handsome mop of platinum blonde hair. He was and still is the only guy I've known that actually had striking naturally platinum blonde hair, It was just off white in color. He'd been letting it grow ever since senior pictures, same as me. His was now over his collar, a bit below his ears, and just past his nose. Thick, dense and wavy. Mike had a touch of OCD, especially when parting his hair. It had to be just right or else. With it this long and thick it was a project. He sighed in frustration, turned to me, handed me the comb, and at the same time the towel slid to the floor. Wow was he ever glad to see me I guess! He said, I can't get it right, you try. I think it might be time soon for you to give me another trim if you want. This is getting a bit too long in the front.

We'd done this before and I always loved it. He sat down on the toilet seat so I could reach. He was a big guy, now almost 6 ft. tall as was I. I had to step between his legs so I could play. His damp hair felt like velvet. I made a big deal out of combing it and parting several times, really just so I could play with it. Finally I declared it good. I had to push the huge forelock back on his head. He liked it combed back. The best part of this was that the long top at the end of the part, when combed back created a long rooster tail down the back. My favorite part. He was rock hard still. He glanced down , then up and me and gave a small grin, grabbed the towel off the floor, slapped my ass and headed to his room to get dressed. We'd been playing with each other's hair all year this year after we discovered we liked it so much.
Just as we were ready to leave, His oldest sister Barb, who was home for his other sister Lori's wedding this weekend, yelled down that she would be taking Mike to the barber shop this morning for a cleanup haircut for the wedding. Mikes mom chimed in that she wouldn't have time to take him and Barb needed the car for teh day so he couldn't go by himself. Mike froze. PJ and I have plans, it'll have to be another day he yelled back. Nope, mom said "today", Barb said" I need the car so I'll take you now". There was no arguing with Barb, she was 8 years older than Mike and acted like a pseudo mom more than a sister most of the time. Be ready to leave in 10, she said. Mike said what about PJ? "He can come too. does he need a haircut too"? "Nope"! I quickly yelled back," but I'll ride along". I knew Mike could use the moral support and I wanted to see what kind of cut the poor bugger would get out of this.
They argued on the way to the barbershop, Mike would get a trim to neaten it up. NO, Mom wants a cleaned up respectable haircut for the wedding pics.
Barb dropped us off, saying she'd be in as soon as she found a place to park the car.

Mike and I walked in, we'd both been here before. It was a small, neat, 2 chair shop, run by a father and son. It was actually pretty cool. It still had the old fashioned read leather , white base and chrome chairs with the side levers to recline them. The back wall had a full wall mirror, reflecting the comb jars with the blue sanitizer, assorted aftershaves, shaving creams, and the usual array of scissors. The clippers each hung off individual hooks under the shelf. I always liked the black and white checked tile floor. Our sneakers squeaked on it as we came in. Since it was Wed. morning , only the son, Chad was there, no one waiting either. Chad had a brown tunic on that matched the capes they used. He looked great, having a stylish blonde haircut, not too long but neatly trimmed. He greeted Mike and patted the chair, asking "whose first"? I quickly clarified that I was only along for moral support and observation. He wasn't going to have the pleasure of divesting me today.

Mike walked over and sat down sighing heavily. He told Chad he needed a trim for his sister's wedding this weekend. Chad nodded O.K. and taped and caped Mike up with a dark brown cape. This was going to show off every blonde lock nicely. He grabbed a comb from the jar and began to run it through Mikes plush mane of blonde waves. "Wow, you've been growing this out a bit 'eh". Mike said yes and he wanted to keep it that way. Chad went to work combing all the thick locks down to see what he was working with. Mikes eyes and upper face disappeared as the comb pulled his thick forelock straight down. Wow, that's a lot of hair Chad exclaimed. It's really thick too. Let's see what we can do. Just as Mike started explaining what he wanted, Barb stepped into the shop. She said hello to Chad and said, "now clean him up good and short , Mom wants him to look sharp for the wedding this weekend. No more shaggy mop"! MIke protested, "NO!...he was getting just a trim". Barb said very authoritatively, "no, take it up- short and neat please". Chad said "will do", with that Barb said she'd be next door in the coffee shop, come over when we were finished.

Mike was furious. Chad said "well you heard the lady". Instead of reaching for the scissors, he grabbed the Oster 76's and flicked them on. Mike flinched at the sound. Chad sank his hand into the dense mane on top of Mikes head and gently urged his head down. Mike, yelped, "NO more off than absolutely necessary"! Chad was already transfixed on the plush mane before him, no doubt imagining and #2 crew cut or something equally as hideous. Don't worry Mike, "we'll have you fixed up smart in no time at all".

With that Chad wiggled the clippers under the longest part of the long hank of locks hanging down in the back and started to push up. The pitch of the clipper whine changed as the bit into the heavy mane.
I had a bird's eye view of this and was both loving it and feeling sorry for Mike at the same time. I was rock hard in anticipation of what was no doubt going to be brutal shearing of my best friend. Oh Boy!

As Chad drive the Osters higher up through Mike plush thatch, the locks started to fall. They slid gently down, over his shoulder, and into his lap. Large dense handfuls of platinum blonde waves. Settling gently in Mikes lap, hank after hank slid off. This clippers poked out up near his crown. Wow, this was going to be a very short cut. Not what Mike wanted at all. Chad was moving as if in a trance, slow even clipper strokes and the back of Mike head gradually appeared from under the plush mane. I couldn't tell for sure but it looked like a #4 guard was what he was starting with. Mike had a dense layer of stubby fur remaining on his head in the back. Mike was crying softly at this point. He loved his hair and never wanted to get it cut, it was always a battle, when his mom brought him, usually they compromised. Not so with good old Barb though. This was going to be one to remember.

Chad moved around to the left side and kept up the slow steady march of the Osters. This time almost to the part line. Just lifting them a bit near the part to leave a little ridge of hair for now near the part. Mikes left ear appeared as Chad carved out around it. Several handfuls of soft blonde waves slid down his face and into the pile in his lap. I was dying to find out if Mike had his own power struggle going on below the waist or had this brutal clipper shearing caused things to retract up to his navel in fear? I'd have to ask later.

The left side now devoid of its plush waves, Chad moved to the right. He'd already roughly combed the top straight down so he could move up to the top line on the right almost as if it was a part. The clippers kept moving gently separating handful after handful of that amazing blonde mane from Mikes head to softly slide off. Mikes cheeks below his bangs were wet now. He was definitely crying. He didn't dare move a muscle though, probably in fear of causing Chad to do worse damage that he was already inflicting.

I could tell Chad was thoroughly enjoying himself too. I'm sure it isn't every day s that he's presented with a gift like Mikes mane and told to basically get rid of it.
Chad finished the first onslaught with the Osters and put them down for a minute. He got a brush off of a nearby hook and proceeded to push any remaining hair off mikes shoulder so it also fell into this lap and joined the blond mound in his lap. Chad paused, smiled and winked at me and reached into Mikes lap and grabbed a fist full of the shorn locks. I think he mainly wanted to find out if Mike was as aroused and he and I undoubtedly were. By the grin on his face he'd found out what he wanted. He let the hair fall back. "Almost there Mike" he said as he gently fondled the huge forelock. "Won't be but a few more minutes and you'll look ship shape". This brought fresh tears from Mike. Chad changed guards on the Osters I think to a #1, and proceeded to give Mike some fiendishly high white walls around his ears. He then brought the back up to match the white walls, good god, with Mikes almost white hair it now looked like the lower half of his head was shaved bald. He was going to have a stroke when he saw it. I couldn't decide yet if he was going to end up looking hot or like a dork. I couldn't wait to rub my hands on those white walls though.
He was sitting there looking for all the world like a partially clipped Shetland sheep dog. His cute ears now prominently on display, he has a handsome shaped head, or at least I've always thought so. And this huge soft hank of thick blonde locks starting at his crown and extending all the way to his nose, still hiding what were now no doubt red tear stained eyes. Chad had taken a pause now too to assess the damage and determine his next move. Mike had a white walled very short back and sides at this point.

Only a small amount of longish stubble along the part lines. I wished I'd been able to be the one wielding the clippers to get to this point but Mike had only allowed me once, in an OCD moment to give him the slightest of trims. I'd been happy to oblige and loathe to take advantage of the friendship for a more severe chopping.

Chad had decided to attack the forelock and top now. He knew by now that I was quite enjoying the show. He grabbed the Osters and a comb and came around in front of Mike but was careful not to block my view. He slid the comb under Mikes huge blonde forelock and lifted it away from his face. The comb was resting midway up his forehead though. He shot me a quick glance to make sure I was paying attention(how could I miss this part!). He slid the clipper blades against the comb and I watched transfixed again as Mikes huge forelock began to be severed above his eye brows. As the thick, heavy, wavy locks began their slide off his face onto the cape his eyes began to appear. Fresh tears again, as he realized his mane was disappearing before his very eyes. One eye was in plain view now , the clippers readying for the final pass to remove the rest of the huge forelock. I realized Chad was angling the remaining bangs sharply. Yikes! The Osters made their last pass slowly, removing a thick lock at a time, revealing the rest of Mikes sad face. He knew he'd been royally screwed. He could now clearly see he huge pile of shorn hair in his lap. As Chad began reducing this thick thatch of top locks down to about an inch or so, Mike gingerly reached a hand out from under the cape and ran it into the huge pile in his lap. He let out a long gasp. He caught a 6 or 7 inch long hank as it slid off the clipper on top of his head and fell into his hand. He held it for a couple of seconds then let it slip off into the pile. I was thankful we were still the only 3 in the shop. Chad looked at me as he finished reducing the top to choppy stubs. Well, what do you think? Should I stop here? Mike pleaded "Yes, no more off please". He now looked like he did when he was 12 and he used to get his summer clipping. He said, alright, I'll forgo the thinning if I can get it to lay O.K. with the Brylcream. Oh God, this was 1978, Brylcream, Yikes!

He proceeded to do a bit of blending of the top and sides, and suggested that he shave the white walls. Mike just about passed out. NO absolutely not!. At this point I got up and walked over to the chair, auspiciously to inspect the damage close up, what I really wanted was to run my hand through the mound in his lap to see the conditions below. Ah Hah, just as I suspected, we'd have to talk about it later though. That would be the last time too that I'd get to feel that velvet fur for awhile. most of it was now in his lap.
I said to Chad "with the platinum blonde color, I didn't think he'd need shaved sides, you couldn't see any hair there now anyway". ( I felt I should at least act like I was on his side) Even though I'd just seen a show that would keep me going for most of the summer.

Chad and I both looked at each other at the same time and realized Mike hadn't seen himself yet. Chad got the Brylcream in, gave Mike a hard left part that looked like it had been done with a laser, and combed him off. I had to admit I loved the look of the deep thatch on top with the brutally short sides. Chad brushed Mike off one last time and swung the chair around to the mirror. I'll never forget the next sound. It was a mournful howl from Mike. Kelly would have been proud. Chad reached up and undid the cape, carefully lifting on it to make sure all the shorn pile slid to the floor off to the side. Mike reached up and ran his hand up the almost nude back of his head. Oh my god. Chad what did you do? Shave me anyway? Did you have to cut it this short just to clean me up? "Well, I might have gotten a little carried away" he said and flashed me a quick smile and wink. Mike looked over at me with a quizzical expression. I couldn't say a thing, I just shook my head. Mike got up, turning his head this way and that in the mirror to see as much of his head as possible. Chad offered a hand mirror so he could get a good look at the back. Mike reached up and blurted "Jesus Christ, I might as well be bald"! He touched the greasy top and sighed, looking at Chad he said, "thanks for not shaving it all off entirely buddy"! I guess I won't be back for a year or so. Chad said he thought he looked great and could come back in a couple of weeks to freshen it up. Mike took out his wallet and paid him saying" that was never going to happen. It'll be a year , at least". Chad said well at least you'll look sharp for the wedding.

At this point Chad came over to me , ran a hand through my almost shoulder length dirty blonde mane and said, last chance, we can clean you up too if you want. His hand grazed my crotch as he brought it down, checking for my "interest level". "It would be my pleasure" he said. I said "I'm sure it would but no, I was happy the way I was for now". Mike chimed in and said "no please don't do it". I was a bit surprised at this, Mike usually didn't say much about my hair. I know he did love to play with mine while I played with his though.
We left, went next door to the coffee shop , gave Barb a good laugh at the site of the freshly sheared 12 year old looking Mike, and headed home. Barb commented that at least mom will be pleased. To which he replied, you're and a**h*** you know.

When we got back to his house, checked on the pups in the fenced back yard and finally got to his room he turned on me. Well, honestly, what do you think? What does it look like? I stroked the back of his velvety head with one hand, reaching for his crotch with the other. He reached in turn for my crotch. I said, well, I guess we'll just have to make it work now won't we. He ran his hand through my mane and said "I'm so glad we rescued you from the same fate. I love your hair like it is. I'm sorry about mine. He began to sniff a little. It'll be quite awhile before you'll have much to play with again, or to ever trim. He sat on the bed. I knelt in front of him and said maybe we can find other things to play with in the meantime?

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