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An unusable customer by Franko

It was bitterly cold outside, -10 ° C and wind whistling through the cracks of my barbershop. I looked out the window and saw a hooded person in a parka fitted with a fur. He ran unsafely back and forth. His face was covered with a cloth to protect him from the sharp wind. I relaxed in one of my styling chairs and read the newspaper. It was just before closing time and I had no more appointment for the rest of the day. The doorbell was ringing and the masked person stepped into my shop. When he took off his cloth I noticed that a young man was hiding behind the cloth. He asked whether he could have haircut today. I said ok, because the shop was still open and I was curious about this customers. He tossed back his hood and opened the zipper of his jacket and a torrent of thick blond hair spilled over his left shoulder. He took off his jacket and shook his waist long center parted mane. I asked him for to take a seat for a moment in one of the waiting chairs and cleared up one of my barber chairs. I didn’t want to miss this sheep shearing. Ten minutes later I asked him to take a seat in the barber chair. When he stood up, I noticed that his wavy hair covered his whole back and reached his belt. It looked like a wavy carpet " wow! … and a pleasant shiver was running me over my back. He took a seat, pulled off his glasses and I clamped his hair on his head to fix a neck paper and cape around his neck. I removed the clamps and began slowly to comb out the mat with relish. The hair covered more than the half back of the barber chair. He told me that he needs a radical change. He wanted a crewcut, 3 cm long, collar and ears free. He got a job in the Ministry of Defense and would begin to work after the weekend. With tears in his eyes, he said that they accepted no long-haired coworkers. Job or long hair, this was the choice.
He decided to get his third haircut of his life.
The first time at the age of 6, he was dragged by his father to the barber before the school year started. The neighbours mislead him as a girl and teased him because he could nearly sit on his hair. The hairdresser gave him a crewcut and he was ashamed afterwards.
Until his 16th birthday he refused persistently to get a haircut and claimed to have a haircut phobia. In those days his frontal hair was reaching his thighs and covering his butt completely. His girlfriend and his father lured him with a list and persuaded him to trim his split hair ends. He finally agreed and went to the barber near his home. He was wearing his mane in a long braid and wanted to sacrifice only two or three centimeters. But the barbarette had previously received instructions from his girlfriend and father and cut off immediatly the long braid in the neck and gave him a crew cut. After this shock he left his girlfriend and home. He never wanted to get a haircut again.
He sighed and I asked him to close the eyes and began to divide his mane into sections, and cut off the first 80 cm long strands in the back of his head. I worked my way piece by piece through the wool until his hair was chin-long. The floor and his lap was covered over and over with sections of hair. I dumped his head with water and started the fine cut down to 3 cm on the top and shaved the sides and the back of the head with my hair clipper. I dried his head and styled his hair with gel.
I asked him to put on his glasses and he saw a new person in the mirror. He was surprised and noticed that the new hairstyle suited him well. I took off the cape and the neck paper and tons of hair pieces slipped to the floor. He stood up, turned around and was surprised that all of this mess on the ground came only from his head. He paid, thanked and was obviously glad that his first voluntary haircut was over
From this time on he was a regular customer.

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