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Just a Trim by P.J.

Just a trim?
John and I met during summer school in our junior-senior year .
I thought there was something different about him but wasn't sure, yet.

Back in 1975 being gay wasn't as well accepted as it is now. Homophobia was pretty rampant, and I was at a private all boys school. I was pretty sure I was gay but hadn't had that 1st experience with a guy yet to confirm my suspicions. I'd had several one way man crushes on a couple of class mates but my tentative overtures had garnered no response.

John and I became study buddies for make-up math. We both had wheels so we'd take turns studying at each other's houses. We both wanted to do well and not be held back in math for our senior year.
John usually sat in front of me in class, giving me ample time to gaze on and imagine what I could do with his thick, shoulder length, wavy, almost curly, dark brown hair. He had a great sense of humor , often ending a sentence with a quick laugh, causing his mane to shake. His mane had been on my radar screen for awhile, even before summer school, as something I'd like to be able to play with if ever given the chance. I not only thought I was gay but I had a serious, and I mean serious. guys hair fetish. I knew Mike hadn't even had a trim in at least a couple of months.

We got to know each other pretty well. On top of being tall dark and handsome, he played the drums, in a band, that played a number of small venues around town. They would also play for weddings and parties. Soon, I became a roadie for the band too. John loved having me tag along, help, and generally be a good buddy. One night , before a gig, he was getting ready and I could tell he was getting frustrated about something. I finally asked "what's up, you seem annoyed about something, not me I hope?" I'd noticed he was trying to assemble his drum set, and had to keep pushing or flicking his nose length bangs out of his eyes. "It's this hair, sometimes I'd just like to cut it all off, you know. My bangs are getting annoying." I looked at him standing there looking HOT, with bangs hanging in his face, my cock stirring, as my imagination ran wild. I came back to reality, looked at him and said, they just need to be trimmed if you still want them, or are you trying to grow them out" ? "I don't want to grow them out, they do need a trim, I just don't want to go to a barber and have to get all this cut too" he winced, as he ran his hands through his wavy curls, pushing his bang s back. I saw my opening and decided to chance it. I casually said" well, tomorrow after class, come over to my house, we'll see what we can do about these" I reached up and pushed a stray thick velvety soft lock back. " I'm pretty good at cutting mine". I flicked my chestnut brown chin length bangs back out of my eyes. I knew what he meant by being annoyed but I was loath to take the scissors to my own. I had a left side part at the moment and almost shoulder length hair myself, just straight and thick though not wavy like his.

I was shocked when he reached over and ran his hand through my bangs and hooked them behind my right ear. Literally shocked, it felt like an electric charge when he touched me. Oh Boy! I could tell from the suddenly strange expression on hi s face that he felt something too. He let his and linger in my mane for a moment , the tingling didn't subside though. He said" maybe we can do that tomorrow, I think your haircut is great, but you said you cut it yourself?" "Yes", I sheepishly admitted, "pathological fear of barbers, I'll explain it all sometime if you want to whole sordid tale"? We finished setting up, He played for the night, packed up and headed to his house to unload. The summer evening was hot and humid, a typical one for our region, Johns house had a huge built in pool out back. After we unloaded we were all hot and sweaty, John suggested a quick late night dip to cool off. All was quiet at his house, it was almost 2:00 in the morning. "I'd love to but I don't have my suit and towel with me. I quipped" "No problem, we'll skinny dip, I do it all the time, no one's around, and with the A.C. on in the house, no one will hear us out here if we're quiet.
Not quite thinking this out, I said sure, I was HOT and it sounded good. John took off for the back yard saying "last one ins a rotten egg". We both ran, stripping shirts , shoes and jeans off as we went. We paused on the patio long enough to get socks and skivvies off and both hit the water at the same time.

Coming up, we swam for the side of the pool. I couldn't help but notice that now wet, Johns hair just brushed his shoulder blades in the back. Wow. We both leaned on the side of the pool, elbows back to keep us from sliding under and took a pause. I noticed up close that his mane was almost as thick wet as it was dry. He slipped off, ducked under, and came up with his head back, keeping his hair back, and ran his hand back over it. "You know, I think I'd like to have you trim me up tomorrow if you want, this is getting a bit long, even for me". Oh Boy, my cock jumped to attention, and here I was naked in his pool. He swam by me, brushing against it, and grabbed the side of the pool again. No overt sign that he knew what he'd brushed against, but he had to know...didn't he. I certainly felt him. I said "sure, I'm game if you are". He smiled "Maybe you can show me how to trim yours if you want." That took care of my erection, suddenly limp. The thought of someone else cutting MY hair was foreign. Hmm. It was late, we'd cooled off, I borrowed a towel, dried off, dressed and headed home. We'd see each other in class in the morning.
After class, getting to our cars I said, "still game to let me have a go at this?" as I ruffled his wavy mop with my hands. He gave me a crooked smile, and nodded "Yes, I think so. I have a couple of errands to do, then I'll be over, right after lunch, O.K.?" "Yes, sure, I'll be home."

I was ecstatic, was I really going to get an opportunity to cut someone else's hair? John's of all people? I was deep into a serious man crush on him by this time. I knew I'd be gentle and respectful. I knew how I felt about haircuts. But secretly I'd love to be able to take him down to a tight butch. Letting handfuls of those thick wavy locks slide off into his lap. OH Man!
I thought I could maybe have some fun though. I went and got the dreaded clippers my mom had tried unsuccessfully to use on me several years ago out. Put them on the counter in my bathroom. I got the cape she'd bought out too. I was aroused at even the thought of using them on Johns mane. I put my desk chair in the middle of the bathroom. I was ready, scissors, comb and squirt bottle of water laid out on the counter.(this wasn't my first rodeo at cutting hair, but it was at cutting someone else's.) I already knew I'd just trims his bangs unless he asked for something more. I was in love with that wavy mop and didn't really want to ruin it(or did I). I hadn't really even had much chance to run my hands through it, yet.
John showed up early afternoon, we were the only ones home so we wouldn't be disturbed.
As we walked up the stairs I said, "you might want to take you shirt off, pants too if you want, so we don't get hair all over them." He quickly shucked off his shirt and short, revealing his tighty whities, and the bulge underneath.

He enthusiastically said "O.K. let's do this" and plopped down on the chair. As I flipped the cape over him I noticed a bulge in his fruit of the looms again, was it bigger, hmm, was he getting as turned on as I was about this?
I snapped the cape on, and said, "O.K. what are we doing"? I picked up the comb and began combing his bushy mane down all the way around his head. He spied the clippers on the counter and said "I thought you were going to give me a trim, what are those for?
I smiled wickedly , ran my hand up through the massive shank of curls hanging off his nape, and said" I know I said trim, but I thought I'd give you a nice tight 1/2" butch, you'd be really cool for the rest of the summer, what do you say?"

He started to get up and pull the cape off, "Nuh uh, nothin' doin" he said, wide eyed. I pushed on his shoulders, "sit" I told him, "I'm only kidding. I love this mane." I promise, the clippers are only for cleaning up your neck, it looks kind of furry. I'd caught a glimpse of him as he tried to pull the cape off and noticed he was fully erect, as was I of course. He settled down in the chair again still wild eyed, breathing heavily. "Don't do that, ever again man. I thought I could trust you." "O.K., I promise, I'll only do exactly what you tell me to do," as I patted the top of his head. I was standing in front of him, making full eye contact, my shorts couldn't hide my raging boner. He glanced away, looking down, I know he saw my crotch, but didn't acknowledge it. I got the comb out again, and recombed his mane down. pulling the back waves down they did indeed reach his shoulder blades, oh my, that would be a lode of hair in the clipper blades for a butch cut. Coming back to reality again, I was loving every minute, running my fingers ahead of the comb. He gave a soft moan, "wow, that feels so good, like a private head massage, by my own special masseuse." ???Special??? HMM. "Yes it does , doesn't it." So, again, what do you want me to do?" "Well, let's trim my bangs a bit O.K.?" I knew the best way to not screw this up , from personal experience , was to trim this part dry, not wet. I needed to get him to trust me. I pulled the comb through them, they were indeed down to his nose, he looked completely hot sitting there all vulnerable under the cape.(boy would I like to have my way with him, in more ways than one!) "O.K. do you want them cut to the bottom of your eyes, top of your eyes , where do you want 'em?" "Let's start at the bottom of my eyes, you can always take more off, you can't put it back on." I pulled them down, thick and lush, and snip, snip, 1 1/2" of thick dark hair slid down off his face, onto the cape. My cock jumped with each snip. I had a mirror propped up on the vanity so he could see what I was doing. "Well? what do you think?" "Hmm" he shook his head a couple of times, nope, they covered my eyes before, now they're right in them. " "try just at the top of my eyes ro just a bit lower,this time". "O.K. , stay still" I was directly in front of him, kneeling slightly, between his legs. OMG. My thigh and knee could feel is hard erection. I snip snipped again, his gorgeous blue eyes appeared, and his look said he knew that I knew he had a hard on. no words spoken. This was intense. I stepped off to his side, said "stay still" and ran my hands into this bangs, pulling part of them out away from his head, I saw the lower hair, defining the length I'd just cut , and took a couple of quick snips at an angle away from the lower length. He yelped "Hey, what're you doing?" I said "Shhh, I'm just fixing them so you don't look like the little Dutch boy, you'll see what I mean in a sec" I worked my way across his bangs, giving them a little definition, a bit of layering, not any shorter over-all than the top of his eyes. "There, shake your head again a couple of times. Well, what do you think?" He shook and then took a long look in the mirror, wow, they look great, you really do know what you're doing." he ran his hands through his long sides and back, lost in thought for a minute. "Could you, I mean would you be able to, well, I wondered if you could trim a little off the sides and back too?" I smiled, He was a mind reader for sure, " well yes, of course' I 'd do anything he wanted ( I meant that literally of course)" "the question is, how much do you want me to cut? Your sides are resting on your shoulders, the back, if I pull it down is on your shoulder blades. naturally hanging, it's a couple of inches above them." He stared at his reflection in the mirror, turning his head every which way, and said, "well, how about just off the shoulders on the sides, and a couple of inches off the back? That'll keep the back considerably longer than the sides, right? I don't want it to look like a girlie bob cut." "O.K. sure, I can do that I think. Are you sure you don't want me to take the clippers and carve out around your ears, run them up the back, and give you a nice tight taper?" "STOP IT, you're creeping me out" His eyes blazed at me as he said this. "Kidding, kidding" I purred as my hands disappeared into the thick shank on his nape again.( A guy can dream can't he) My cock jumped at the thought. Maybe someday, soon, just not today.

I proceeded to trim a good 2 inches off the sides and back. It looked a little to blunt though considering how incredibly thick his hair was. "How about that?' I murmured, as I ruffled the side s and back with my hand. He studied himself in the mirror for a minute. "I like how long it is but it looks a bit like a girlie bob cut." " I think so too, I can cut a few layers in it if you want, what do you think? want me to try it, or we can try side parting it, right now you don't really have any part, it kind of all hangs down " " O.K. yes, go for it, let's try a side part like yours. Yours looks so good." I quickly pulled the comb through the mop and made a left part, it took some effort to push the huge wavy pile off tot eh right. hmm. "You'd look really good like this but it would need to have a bit of layering on the left to balance it off, you have so much hair man. You look cool like this by the way , if you want to do it, check the mirror." He gazed at the reflection for a minute, "yeah, I see what you mean, I like it, but it seems that if I parted it, it should be shorter to look right, kind of like yours." I slid my fingers along the side under his ear, " I'd have to cut this much off to be about the same length as mine, is that what you what to do"? I'd be cutting at least 3 inches off, Wow. You've done an amazing job so far" "Let's do it, I like the side part too." I knelt in front of him for a minute accidently brushing his crotch , yep, still hard as a rock, wow, maybe I should get him a towel and tell him not to hold back, hmm. I wanted to check and make sure the sides were even with each other before I continued with the cutting. His look said he also knew what else I was checking on. I moved to his left side, slide the scissors in an inch or so below his ear lobe and Snip! of came 3 thick wavy inches of plush mane. OMG. I was going to pop. He pulled his left hand out from under the cape at that moment, brushing hard against my throbbing cock, seemingly accidently, and felt where I'd just cut. "Wow, that's hard, Oh, I mean a lot shorter.

I reached down and brushed his crotch through the cape. I don't know what possessed me in the moment but I blurted out "Is that because I'm cutting your hair, or is it because I'm here. He smiled a shy little smile, "both", he eked out. "John, at the risk of a good friendship, I feel the same way" I confessed. "I couldn't help but notice, I'm not sure about you yet, but no friendship is at risk on my part" he whispered. "The thing is, I've had it bad for you for awhile now" I whispered back. "don't think I haven't noticed" said John. I'd stood up in front of him, not wanting to move any further. He reached for my shorts, "I see the feelings mutual" I said, "full disclosure here, this is as much for my cutting your hair as having the hots for you, for me it's a double whammy at the moment." I ran my hand through the sides of his hair, seeing what he might look like with it tucked behind his ears, he looked hot. I needed something to break the moment. "unh, he said, when you do that my cock jumps. "Mine too". Where do we go from here?" I asked. "Finish cutting first, then we'll figure it out." He gave my crotch a quick rub. I said, careful or I'm going to need a towel." He smirked, "then get 2, cause I'll need one too."

I did a great job, cutting just a couple of layers in on the left side, and snipping a good 3" off the right side. He still could tuck behind the ears if he wanted to. Not sure I liked this look on him though. To make it fall right, I'd have to thin it out, a lot, didn't want to reduce the overall thickness of it, I loved that about it. We'd leave it as it is for now. I was already feeling quite possessive of him , and his hot looking mane. I moved to the back and whacked off about 2 inches, gave the last inch or so a quick feathering , and called it done. I was now his barber, perfect! He was ecstatic, I treated him to a bit of a head massage, (just so I could keep my fingers in that mane for a few more minutes!) I picked up the clippers, brushed his wavy shank to the side off his nape, clicked them on, pushed his head down, and said "ready!" He barked, "you do anything but shave my neck with those, and we're though before we even get started!" I gave his ahead a quick hug, cock throbbing at head level, and said, "never happen! trust me, and sit still!". I proceeded to shave the fuzzies that grow below the hairline off to give him a neat tidy appearance, even though that was hidden most of the time by his long waves. I eyeballed his sideburns and evened them up just above the bottom of his ears, and left 'em nice and bushy. I pronounced him done took off the cape and said "well how'd I do?" He stood, looked at himself in the larger vanity mirror now, turning back and forth. " It looks perfect!"He suddenly grabbed me, pulled me in, and planted his lips on mine for a long kiss. I almost swooned. I ran my hands up into his fresh curt mop, not wanting to let go. He finally broke off, he gave me a huge grin "that, if you feel the same way, is where we go from here".
I needed a minute to collect myself. wow. He patted the back of the chair. "how bout it? want me to trim yours?" "Not just yet" I smiled. "I need to know you a bit better first? I need to work up to having a haircut buddy." He picked up the clippers smiled at me, ran his hand through his long sides and said, "hmm, 1/2" butch you say, he raked his mane flat on the top of his head for a minute and looked in the mirror? Maybe, one of these days, but only with you." We locked hands in each other's hair, pulling heads close, "This is so cool" he whispered, as he planted another long one on me.
Yikes. "you're sure about this? we'll have to be really careful in public , at least for me. But I'm game if you are. This is my first time." "Mine too" he said. If it's right, its right, if not I know we'll have had fun, lets agree right now to remain friend , no matter what happens. O.K.?" I ran my hand through the waves on his nape and said how knows there might be a butch cut here yet" We'll see he retorted, running his hands into my thatch, maybe we'll each be getting one."
The afternoon didn't end here. We adjourned to the bedroom, after all nobody was home. We needed a bit of stress relief.

Should there be a continuation, or a part 2? Butch buddies? Thoughts Guys?

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