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Just a Trim Part II by P.J.

Just a Trim - Part II
John and I had finished summer school and settled into a sleepy day routine so he could play the drums in the band at night. Most nights I got to sit out front and watch the show, unless it was a wedding or private party.
Sitting , watching, most nights I was mesmerized. John was always very animated while playing, that wavy mane of his was in perpetual motion, shaking and bobbing to the beat. I hoped no one picked up on the lovers stare he laid on me every once in awhile. I couldn't believe we were partners. I was smitten.

After unpacking one night we did the skinny dipping routine again. Only this time we openly acknowledged our attraction in the pool. Nothing like kiss and play, naked , in the water to get the juices flowing. By now he knew just what pushed my buttons to get started. It had been 2 and 1/2 months since I had given him his first "trim" at my house. What I'd cut had grown back in and then some. He dove under, then came straight up in front of me, letting that dripping wet mane hang shamelessly down straight, bangs now past his nose, sides on the shoulders again and back well into this sexy shoulder blades.(everything about him was sexy in my book). I pushed the thick locks in the front off to the side, God what a mop, and we did a little playful face sucking. "that's getting harder to do with this mop," he exclaimed as be broke apart. Yes, but its just getting to the point where your side part is going to look good" I teased. "I don't know about this, it's getting to be ALOT of hair you know". Yes, I did know, my hands spent as much time as possible in it. Half the time loving the thick, velvety softness, the other half fantasizing about what it was going to be like to watch it all fall to the floor or the lap of the cape as I pushed #4 blade up through it with the Osters. OMG that was going to be one hot night. I wanted to get him as long as possible, thinking that with the heat not waning this fall he'll be begging for that buzz eventually. He commented that mine was getting a bit shaggy too. Mine had finally reached my shoulders and was just curling a bit resting on them. I wasn't used to it this long but John liked it longer and I liked it when he gave me a head massage and played with it.

I'd joke occasionally about taking the clippers to him, He'd play horror stricken for a few minutes, and then, while stroking through my shag would tease" well, maybe it's time for that 1/2" buzz right?" Lately he'd also added, maybe we can buzz each other." That was usually a "buzz" kill for me, any raging hard on I had usually shrivels instantaneously after that comment. He knew he could get me with that little adder. I usually got "just kidding, you know I love this mop, but someday maybe you'' get to do mine". Yes babe, someday, patience P.J., patience I'd say to myself. Half the fun is the anticipation and the imagination. We got out, dried off and headed inside for some quiet hair combing. I wanted to try out a side part on him again, he tended to just wear his hair with no part if allowed. Parting it frustrated him, he never knew where to start the part. That was O.K. it gave me more hang time fooling around with it. I announced that tomorrow was trim time again at my house, you're getting a bit fuzzy underneath and I want to catch the split ends. "just a light trim though " he reminded me. "Yes, O.K."He ruffled my damp locks after combing them out and said "hmm maybe I can trim yours this time too?" Strangely this sort of aroused me instead of being a buzz kill this time. wow.
He showed up mid afternoon, we got the toys out, we both stripped to our skivvies, and I set to work.

As you might imagine we were both hard as a rock before we even really started. I'd made a determined effort to get him through the obnoxious bangs phase as they grew out enough to tuck behind his ear. No small feat considering the sheer bulk of his unthinned mane. I proceeded to tip shear the sides and back, snipping off a scant 1/4" and trying to contain myself and hold it together until I finished. Johns playful groping didn't help one bit. The only thing that settled him down was my reminder that if I slipped with the sheers, he might be getting a tight butch sooner than he expected. ( I had an ah hah moment, that's the first fragment of a plan, I was determined that while he might be open to a buzz, the timing of it was going to be all mine.)

We got comfortable with each other through the fall and winter, me giving him one more Christmas "Trim". That gave him a gradual angled swoop from just below his chin to his shoulder blades, He loved it. He had the type of hair that he could look down, let it all fall forward, bring his hand up under it, and flip it back to one side, and look totally model hot.(at least to me). He knew it drove me mad when he did it. It was one of his overt actions he did when we were in class together that only he and I shared. We never acted like more than good friends at school. No one knew about "Us".
Easter time came and we both needed cleaning up. He'd been pestering me for awhile now to let him trim mine. He'd watched me do his enough that I should please let him try. I finally consented to let him trim my hair.(Yup, 'ol P.J. was actually going to trust someone else with the scissors, and a whole lot of very specific instructions of course.)

I went first, I didn't want him taking revenge on me in case I could enact my accidental slip and buzz cut plan this time around. John was very nervous at first, he knew the significance of my allowing him to do this and I'd already clearly threatened to shave him bald if he screwed it up.(no pressure there!).

I wanted mine more than trimmed actually, I was sick of it on my shoulders. It was starting to get warm out again. He caped me up, and sprayed me down with water . I directed him on combing it out, and down all around. Good God my mop was long. He slid the scissors in along my chin line on the right side, angling slightly down towards the back and gave a tentative snip. My cock then gave a tentative little jump. hmm. 3 inches of my thick chestnut locks fell to my lap. OMG, this was so weird. My hot boyfriend was cutting MY hair. And I liked it. I instructed him to only make that cut till he was even with the back of my ear. We did the same thing on the left side. O.K. step one done. He was doing fine, and I hadn't bolted from the room yet. I was actually moderately aroused at this point, always a plus. My bangs were hanging down well past my chin at this point. I wanted to leave them till last, I wasn't sure what to do with them, yet. The back was now ridiculously long in relation to the sides. John hadn't said very much during this so far, the tent in his tighty whities said it all, I reached out from under the cape, gave him a quick rub, he moaned reflexively. "Now I know what it's like on the other side of the cape, this is such a turn on." I may have to stop and drag you to your bed and just jump your bones before we proceed. Hmm, a mid cut poke... could work. "Let's not get to distracted" I mused. I wanted to try something, I instructed him to make a cut from where he'd stopped on the side, angled more steeply down to just the top of my shoulders. Do this from each side, and make sure they meet evenly in the back. I tipped my head down slightly just in case he screwed this up we'd have a little extra for a second attempt. He did the left side, then the right, evening it up the back, A large 3" long shank fell on his bare feet. He moaned, "GOD this is so erotic, let's hit the bed!" I snapped my fingers and said, "steady boy, pace yourself, were not done yet" and ran my hands through the huge forelock hanging down to below my chin once again. I was pretty hard at this point, amazingly. But nowhere near ready for action yet. I still wasn't sure about the bangs, but had pretty much decided I at least enjoyed my HOT barber cutting my hair. He ran the comb down through the bangs and sighed. "wow, what are we going to do here?" I decided to get playful. 'Well, you're the barber, what do you think we should do?" "Huh, what, do you mean, you want me to decide?" He looked at me in shock. The tip of his head had poked up thru the elastic on his fruit of the looms.

I said, "yes, I'm your hot studly boyfriend, how do you want me to look?" I knew he liked it when my long forelock tickled his cock when I slid back and forth on it while giving him a blow job. Would he take that into consideration? It could still tickle with about 3" less if chose to chop. He combed straight down, no part, and started cutting from the right side, saying nothing about what he was going to do. I froze, I couldn't actually see what he was doing, I felt where the scissors were riding just above my chin line. I was afraid to move or say anything. I was also now rock hard. He snipped his way around to the left, coming across below my lip, about mid way to my chin. He then reached up and gave me a center part, flicking each side back. He stood in front of me , tipped my chin up with his hand, grinned and planted one hot kiss on me. "You Look HOT with a center part, I've never seen you with one". I stood up, played in front of the big vanity mirror for a couple of minutes, and said, wow, "not bad". I looked down, let it all fall forward, and then did his little trick of getting a hand under it and flicking it up and off to one side. That worked too. wow. "see now you can do it too " he said laughingly. Now I was almost ready to blow too. I said, come on let's finish, and sat back down again. "what do I have left ?" I'm not sure I can stand cutting much more" as he adjusted his skivvies, the tip still peeking out above the elastic. I showed him how to feather the ends so it didn't look like a blunt kitchen grandmas cut job. I thought he did a fantastic job. The I instructed him on how to shave the neck with the clippers. This was going to be the tough part for me. one slip and he could REALLY screw things up. I felt him move my thick locks off to one side, I'd shown him how to turn the clippers blades down so he couldn't do much damage unless he plunged in to high. Yikes. I could tell by feel that he was doing fine though. Wow, He uncaped me declared me done, and said "well, what do you think, did your new HOT barber do a great job or what?" I looked in the big vanity mirror, turning a few times. Gave m him a huge hug, and locked lips. When we separated, I said "I think I've found my new barber. This is perfect, I couldn't have done it better" He sighed and said, "good, cause I like it a lot too actually, and it's not as hard as I thought" Speaking of hard...I grabbed his crotch and headed for the bed. We took a break for a little stress relief.

I was now a bit conflicted, could I give lover boy the big chop, after he'd just given me this hot looking cut, as his first attempt? I'd probably never be able to trust him again if I did pull off my little "accident scheme". I was lost in thought when he grabbed my arm and led me to the bathroom. "O.K. "he said and plopped down in the chair. "Now my turn".

Oh Boy. I'd pretty much decided at this point not to try the big chop this time. He'd done too good a job on mine and was so sincere about it. Besides, I loved locking my hands in it and having him tickle me too. I caped him and started spraying him down. He needed considerably more spraying than I did, having such thick wavy hair. " O.K. what are we doing?" His was pretty much one length all the way around, slightly longer in the back. I used a brush and pulled the top and sides back, letting it all fall in the back. He did occasionally wear it this way, his new moustache was pretty much the only thing differentiating him as a guy . I loved it like that, I could see his startling blue eyes better this way, and marvel at his perfect facial structure. Even his ears looked great. He had his hands outside the cape, reaching back to give me a playful grope or two while I was brushing him.

"What do you say I cut an inch or two off, straight across, then pull it down all the way around and check to make sure things are even." "Sure , go for it , we can always cut more off, God knows I've got enough right?" I made double sure everything was pulled back even all the way around. Now, standing behind him, using the scissors and comb, I combed down and slid the scissors in way up behind his right ear and playfully said "about here right?" John had chosen that exact moment to give me a playful grope, reaching behind the chair. I flinched, and reflexively closed the blades at the same time. OMG, what had I done! I stopped breathing. A large shank of his thick damp hair slid down and fell to my feet. "did you just do what I think you did?" he haltingly said. "S**t, s**t , s**t" I howled. "Why did you grab me like that?" "Why, did you really cut it?" "Yes, I did really cut it, s**t!" There was now an almost bald slice about 2 inches long, mid way up behind his right ear. I'd cut at least 10-12" of hair from both the side and back of his head because of the way I'd had it combed. "S**t", he muttered," get me the mirror so I can see". I was now in tears, I couldn't look him in the eye. I handed him the mirror. He wiggled it around, seeing himself in the vanity mirror reflectively. He brought his right hand back and pulled it through his hair behind his ear till he got to the spot that was bare. He was way to calm I told myself, he's going to kill me for this. If it had been me I'd have been shrieking by now, and swinging. He put the mirror down, pulled me around to face him, pulled me close and hugged me. OMG. "Look, I shouldn't have been screwing around while you had scissors in your hand, you couldn't help it I mumbled, 'It's as much my fault as it is yours, I shouldn't have had the scissors where I did." "He gave a half smile and said "O.K. mister HOT barber, what do you suggest we do now?"

I combed his damp mane straight down all the way around. Ugh. This was really bad. My chop had nicked part of his bangs they were now just chin length on one side, most of the hair on the right side of his head was chopped at a tight angle from the bare spot down to his chin, and the part of the back behind the ear was right down almost to the skin for a good ways . What the hell was I going to do with it. hmm. He said "I guess I'm going to be getting a much shorter cut than we anticipated?" "My suggestion is we get dressed, head to the barber shop, and see what they can do." "Nope, I'm not leaving the house looking like this. Keep thinking" he said as he picked up the clippers and turned them around in his hand. "how good are you with these things?" Oh Boy, was my wildest fantasy going to come true? Even though it started with an honest to goodness accident, not my knaiving plan. I was getting hard just contemplating what might be coming next. "John, I've never used these for anything more than fuzzy neck hair removal, on you or me. GOD knows I'd watched and had many a buzz cut at the barber shop over the years though. " I can try to give you a tight taper up to about the top of your ears in back, I'll have to taper around your ears too though to make it look half way decent and cover up the chopped spot. I can leave your bangs as long as possible but, John, this will be a VERY short haircut for you. And my first attempt at using clippers, you might end up looking like a new recruit. I grabbed the huge shank of shoulder length hair hanging in the back , shook it and said all of this will have to go." Having said that I was rock hard and tearing up all at the same time, wow. Look he said, try it, do the best you can, if it still doesn't look good, maybe it'll have to be the 1/2" buzz we've always talked about. " Lover, you are way to calm about this, I'm going to basically give you the same cut you probably had when you were 10 years old, are you sure?" He said," yes, I realize that, I'd rather you did it than some grumpy old barber though. I trust you to do your best" I had to pause to collect myself. I wondered if he knew just how horny this discussion was making me. My tip was peeking out above the elastic again, Yikes. He gave a lopsided smile, pulled up the cape for a minute, and said "I know, me too, maybe you should get a couple of towels before you start this one, just in case." I obliged and reached into the linen closet and got to bath towels, "hope these are big enough" I laughed.

O.K. where and how to start this project I mused, comb and clippers now in hand. I still couldn't believe I was about to plunge the clippers into his HOT mane and cut most of it, if not all of it off. "Let's try the taper in the back first. If I can't get that right, then it's pretty much buzz time I guess." John got VERY quiet. I slid the comb under his damp mane next to the chop I'd done, lifting a bit so I could get the clippers underneath at the nape. I had a # 6 guard on them, just in case, I could always come back and taper tighter after I'd cleared the bulk of his gorgeous wavy mane away. Oh God, here we go. I pushed the growling clippers in underneath, made skin contact with the guard, and pushed slowly, carefully, up to his occipital bon, gradually pulling up and out as I'd watched many barbers do countless times. Have mercy, a huge shank of foot long hair slid to my feet, and a large swath of newly shorn 3/4" stubs stared back at me. Oh, my! Hmm, this looked promising. I continued across the back, pile after pile of wavy curls slid onto my bare feet. Now I know why John moaned when it had happened to him with my hair, only this was piles of hair, not a 3" long chunk. He now had a very short back, from the nape up almost to the top of his ears in back, long sides, and bangs hanging well below his chin still in front. Still silence from John, only an occasional heavy sigh. Maybe I'd better try the taper around his ears. That would be the most challenging part. I nudged his head to the right side a bit. I started from the shorn back, moving the clippers up through the shoulder length side on the left. Holding his ear down I held the clippers sideways, at an angle tight to the ear at the bottom, out an inch or so at the top, and carved around his left ear. Sheaves of shoulder length damp locks slid off, down into his lap. God, this was HOT. In spite me doing this to my Romeo, I was not sure I was going to get through the whole thing without needing that towel. This was my wildest fantasy come true. I made a slightly low part on the left side, combed the side hair straight down, and made another pass around his ear to get the stragglers. This was showing promise. I moved around to the right side, tipping his head to the left. I was right handed so I was going to have to start this side at his cheek. HMM. I gave him a slightly low right side part, pulled the side hair straight down, now with an opening at his cheek, I pulled his ear down, with clippers angled, I carved around his left ear. All the uneven side hair slid down onto the cape. "Good god that's a lot of hair" John commented. I couldn't help but laugh "you think that's a lot you should see the pile behind you, holy crap babe". " How's it look so far?" he asked. " Well, it's showing potential" I'm not going to snap the #4 guard on and start buzzing just yet." " O.K. good" was all he said. I went up the sides, rocked the clippers up and out around the ears a bit higher, getting rid of some more of the bulk on the sides. This was going to be short that was for sure. I looked at the almost bare spot behind his ear. wow, I was going to have to taper using a #1 or #2 to cover that up! I snapped the #2 on and tapered around the right ear and started down the edge towards the back, blending into the 3/4" long stubs I'd created. I was amazed at how good a job I was doing. All those years watching the other barbers while I was getting buzzed were paying off. I continued around the back and up the left side, blending it into the 3/4" length stubs. John now had a taper that started with a #2 at the edges, blended reasonably well into the 3/4" length up to a bit above his ears, wow. "John, we might put off the 1/2" buzz buddy." I switched to scissors, and began chopping off the longer hair on the sides and back, blending and angling down to the 3/4" length. Handfuls of hair fell to the lap of the cape. John moaned "do I have any hair left on my head?" "Yes, buddy actually you do, and its shaping up reasonably well, if I do say so myself" I liked the transition from the clipped stubs into the longer hair up near the crown and part lines. It was probably thicker than the barber would have left it but hey, I was cutting , and I loved thick hair on the person I cared about. Besides, I didn't want to go looking for thinning shears. I hated them anyway.

Now, what to do about the thick wavy waterfall of bangs that started at his crown and flowed all the way down below his chin. "If this works, it will look somewhat unique but I think you might be O.k. with it. If not, there s always the buzz option." I want to leave your bangs long, I know you didn't like them cut mid eye, I'm going to start at your nose and we'll go from there." "O.K. you're the barber" he laughed. For my money, this was looking good, If a bit unconventional. So what, half the guys in our class looked like they had their mothers or girlfriends cut their hair anyways. I gave the bangs the big chop at his nose, a good 8" slid to his lap. He sighed again. "sorry bud" "I know", he sighed again, "I think reality is setting in, this is such a bummer. My head feels so light, it's weird. I'm glad you stopped with the clippers when you did, much more and I'd have needed the towel. I thought you haven't even seen weird yet. I was thoroughly enjoying myself by this time , lost in the thrill of the cut. I started at the crown, combing the center section of the long hair straight up. I started at about 2" long at the crown and angled it up as I went toward the front. I pulled up the very front hair to gage how much the angle should be and got relatively close. I'm sure not eh way they trained 'em to do it at Barber college either. Cutting on an angle , higher towards the front. I continued this across the top of his head. Again handfuls of long thick locks slid down past his eyes, into the huge pile in his lap. "Need the towel yet?" I quipped. He moaned "not yet but I'm getting close." "Me too, getting tough to hold out. I'm almost done though, at least for this first attempt, stay with me a few minutes more if you can." I blended the top into the shorter sides along the edge a bit, ruffled it a bit and liked it. He had long shaggy bangs but I thought they looked incredibly HOT. (I also wanted something longer than a couple of inches to run my hands through. If he decided he liked it at all.) I picked up the clippers again, sans guard, and cleaned up the neck line and gave him just a bit of a taper at the bottom of the back. The "bare" spot had now virtually disappeared. I was quite proud of myself, for a first clipper cut he looked HOT. I squared off his bushy side burns half way up his ear, clipped them back a bit and turned the clippers off.( boy this guys sure could grow hair) With more than a bit of trepidation, I unpinned the cape and removed it, he looked up at me anxiously. "Go ahead, take a look, check the back too with the other hand mirror. He stood up, looked at the huge piles of hair now on the floor, and almost swooned. I thought I'd have to catch him. "Oh my god! my hair, it's all on the floor now!" he started to tear up, so did I. I had just realized I'd had to chop off almost all of my partners gorgeous mane of hair, that always got me all horned up running my hands through. I prayed he liked this cut, I wanted something left to play with.

"Please turn around and look, the suspense is killing me" I sniffed. He turned and stared in the mirror. He turned every which way, getting all the angles, held the other mirror up and looked at the back. He brought his hand up and rubbed up through the short stubble, starting at the bottom of his nape, bringing it up through the short back and along the short sides. Then he ran it through the longer bangs, pushing them off to one side. Hmm. I wasn't wild about that look on him. I'd have to comb the bangs back and see how that looked, if we kept them at all. All the while he did this he said nothing. He felt the taper in the back again, moaning softly. "You hate it right? I sighed, sit down, I'll put the #4 guard on and we'll buzz it down. I'm so sorry bud." I was getting teary eyed again. Surprisingly I didn't want to give him the buzz cut I 'd always dreamed about, this was plenty short enough. He looked like a totally different person. All his features now popped, especially if I pulled his bangs back. We'd have to get him in the sun quick, his nape and ears were lily white compared to the rest of him. I suddenly realized, holy crap, what were the rest of the boys in the band going to say? They were all pretty much just as shaggy as John was. I decided this might not be the best time to bring this up though, I still didn't know what John thought.

He turned to me, wiped my tears, hugged me and gave me a sloppy kiss. "its shorter than I've had it since I was a little kid. You completely hid the bare spot though. I don't have a buzz cut... yet, and I think it looks terrific. " He kissed me again. "No way, really!" I ruffled the long bangs. " Yes" he said I think this'll do. I'm not sure about the bangs, they might be a bit too long still, but let's stop here. I grabbed the comb, made him sit for a minute, and quick combed the bangs almost straight back. They made a reasonable good looking type of pomp. Maybe a bit thick but that was fine with me. John checked it out and smiled. "Yes, stop here he declared, we can always cut more later." He dragged me out and pushed me onto the bed. "Now, about this" he quipped as he ruffled my still almost chin length fringe. Let's see if you can still tickle me. I think you might be able to tell how the rest of the afternoon played out.

Part III John still wants a buzz, maybe? thoughts?

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