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Brotherly Love by Recruit

A couple months back, i was home alone with my 19 year old brother. I am 16 so we get along pretty well. Like most brothers, we have moments where we get on each others nerves, but who doesn't. Our parents were away for the weekend and he was in charge (which really isn't saying much). My brother has had almost a full time job since he was about 17, so i didn't see him as much as most brothers see each other.

Anyway, he got a call from work saying that he didnt have to go in. I had nothing to do that night and now neither did he. we watched a movie together and shot a game of pool. It was about 8:30 and he said, "Man i need a haircut." Normally, we don't really talk about this to each other. Occasionally i would buzz his hair for him, but other than that, i found it kind of odd.

Later that night his friend Jimmy came over. They stayed in his room and i stayed in mine. Eventually he came out and asked if i wanted dinner. Of course i did, i would never turn down food, so i said, "Sure!"

After dinner i was cleaning up when he said again, "Jimmy, do you think i need a haircut?"

Jimmy responded, "Ya, now that you say it your hair is kinda long. Mine is too. Its been a while since i got it cut."

My brother said, "Ya me too."

Both my brother had shortish hair and his friend Jimmy's was longer. My brother had a long crewcut and Jimmy's hair was about 5 inches on top and 2 1/2 on the back and sides.

Then my brother said, "Hey, i just remembered, we have a pair of clippers. If you want, i can cut your hair for you."

Jimmy said, "um id rather trust your brother than have you cut my hair."

My brother said, "well, it just so happens that he is really good using the clippers. Have a seat and he can give us both haircuts."

"Well i don't see why not if your getting one too. Sure I'm in!" said Jimmy.

Before this i had only cut my brothers hair 2 times, when he got a buzzcut, i really wasn't that good. My brother got the clippers and Jimmy sat on the chair.

"Hum, dude what should i get?" Jimmy said

"I don't care its up to you. i only have 8 guards and i don't know how to handcut the top. In other words, you have to get a buzzcut," i said.

"well i dont know if i want to do this anymore."

"Dont be a sissy!" my brother said

"Ok, i'll take the plunge, go for a number 1!" exclaimed Jimmy.

I clicked on the 1 attachment and flicked the switch. The look in his eyes was priceless. He looked so scared and he was trembling.

I put the clippers starting from his forehead so there was no going back once i started. slowly i pushed it through the top of his head when he yelled STOP! i continued and pushed it through the crown. I kept pushing pass after pass until he was finished. Next came my brother. Same was for him. a number 1 buzzcut coming up. He was a bald as his friend Jimmy. Once i was done i began sweeping. I unplugged the clippers ready to put them away when my brother grabbed me.

"What are you doing?'' i yelled.

"You didnt think you were getting away clean after shaving our heads did you?"

"Ya i did"

"Then you were sadly mistaken."

Jimmy and my brother tied me to a chair. i literally couldn't move. they plugged in the clippers again. I was so nervous. my hair has always been longer. It was about 5 inches and 2 on the sides, like jimmy's. Jimmy turned on the clippers and dug in. In the matter of minutes, i was as bald as the two of them.

Ever since then, i have been getting a buzz almost every 3 weeks!

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