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The Mentor by P.J.

Sorry guys this got a bit long, had to make a separate part II. let me know if you want it.

Hi, my name is Stuart, Stu for short, I' a new hire at PlexCorp. I'm sitting in the new employee orientation training session. I'm fresh out of College, with only a week between graduation and starting here. Plex recruited me directly from Cal-Tech as a software engineer. That meant a coast to coast move to upstate New York. Plex gave me an offer I couldn't refuse, and I needed a change of scenery to sort out my life and get comfortable with being an adult instead of a college student. I also hadn't sorted out whether I was gay or bi. I left a relationship with a girl I'd dated all through college but just didn't see us going farther. I needed time away to sort myself out.

I was sitting, daydreaming, looking at the guy across the room from me. He was probably 6' tall if stood up, fit, trim, well dressed, in expensive business casual attire, with a well cut head of dark blonde hair, slicked back. I noticed the similarity in hair style first, it's a pet thing of mine. I love a good looking head of hair, longish, a bit shaggy, but not unruly. Mine is a bit longer than his at the moment and a dark, dark, auburn.

The HR director was droning on about a new mentor program that Plex was implementing with this group of new hires. They were pairing each new hire with someone else in their assigned work group to help them acclimate to the company and also acclimate to their new city. The Hr Director instructed that as she red off names the company employee would please stand, then the corresponding new hire name would be read and they would pair off for the plant tour and to get acquainted.

As I listened for my name I heard PJ Carter, the guy I'd been staring at stood, then incredulously I heard my name, Stuart Benson called. I stood, PJ walked across the room and held out his hand. My breath caught as I extended my hand in return. I looked up, he had startling blue eyes, and a disarming smile. Hi, I'm PJ, pleasure to meet you. HhhHi I stammered, nervous for the first time in I can't remember when. We walked off to join the tour, PJ giving a running dialog of what was going on around us while interjecting questions or answering the thousand that I suddenly had about him.
Turns out PJ was a also Cal-Tech grad, and had been with the company for 5 years, The minimum that was required by the new mentorship program. He was a runner, as was I, and also spent a good bit of time at the local gym keeping in shape, as I'd later find out. We were working on the same project as it turned out, improved military communications technology.

The first request I had of PJ was to show me where is shopped for cloths. I complimented him on his wardrobe, explained that I didn't have anything that fit the "business casual" style as I was a jeans and sneakers type college guy, and I had only bought a couple of suits for job interviews. He blushed a bit at the overt flirting compliment but said we'd go shopping after work. I had never flirted with a guy before and didn't know exactly what had come over me in that moment. PJ, true to his word, took me to a couple of men's shops and we soon had a week's worth of work outfits so I could fit in to the business casual realm at Plex. I was pleased to see that I didn't have to break my budget to look good either. Plex, as part of my job offer , had also arranged for me to have temporary housing for 2 months until I could find a place of my own. Next on my list was to get this out of the way.

I asked PJ where he lived, did he like it , and How did he come to pick that location? He wanted to be close to one of the YMCA facilities to be able to work out and swim, he said. He also wanted a safe neighborhood to run in when the weather was good. This sounded right up my alley, I said I desired the same thing. Would he object to showing me where he lived? He said sure, let's get something to eat then I'll take you by my place and the Local Y as my guest tomorrow after work. Pack a gym bag with you swim stuff too he quipped.

I'd noticed while working together that PJ liked to play with his hair when he was deep in thought. Though slicked back, he'd pull a lock of his long forelock away, and twirl it in his fingers , the n smooth it back in . I found this very distracting, and a bit arousing at the same time. Part of me wanted to snip the extra long lock off at his hairline, and part of me wanted to be the one twirling it in my fingers. Hmm.
We stopped at a Panara and had a quick soup and sandwich before heading to the Y. I was noticing many similarities in our tastes and habits. He, like me, like to eat healthy. We toured the Y facility, I was impressed, the facility was only a few years old, not far from work, and as I'd find out, also not far from PJ's apartment. We changed in the locker room, and as I suspected, PJ was ripped, the classic 6 pack abs, well muscled over all without looking like a body builder, and hung like a horse. I had some serious catching up to do to if I wanted to look like that, ever. I wasn't fat but there wasn't even a 2 pack of abs on me at the moment.

We hit the pool, I dove in first and came up waiting on PJ. He dove in, came up in front of me, stood up, with his hair hanging straight down for a moment. Holy cow! Those bangs came down just about to his mouth. Who Knew the slick back and gel hid that kind of mane. He quickly pushed the bangs aside and smiled. We swam laps for a half hour, having a couple of friendly races that of course he won. After we hit the showers, we were getting dressed and I saw PJ standing in front of the mirror, his hair wet but not yet combed and slicked like at work. I was eyeing him casually as he ran he comb through it. I joined him at he sinks combing mine back. He commented , going to have to get a cut in the next couple of weeks, getting a bit shaggy. I commented that I needed one too, with graduation, and quickly having to be packed up for the move out here I hadn't had time for one, I was a bit over due too. I was used to my college roommate doing it for me. He was the unofficial dorm barber. PJ laughed, we used to have one of those too. A great haircut for the price of a 6 pack of beer. PJ commented that he thought I looked good as is but would be happy to have me along to show me a place to get a cut if I wanted to.

We left the Y, me following PJ, he took me on a short tour of the neighborhood, ending at his apartment. Come on in, I'll show you my humble abode, and we can have a beer and chat. It's Friday night, I don't usually go out on Fridays, I prefer to unwind at home after a workout at the Y or a run, he said. Turns out he had a spacious 2 bedroom unit with a balcony, very private, overlooking a forever wild area. Before I could think, I quipped, do they have any other units available here? PJ smiled a strange sort of smirk/smile and said we can check on Monday when the office is open. I noticed without being slicked back, his huge forelock kept sliding down, requiring him to push it up , vainly attempting to keep it back by pushing it behind his ear. Mine was doing the same thing, I'd forgotten to throw my Matrix clay in my gym bag this morning. PJ watched me push mine back and commented, wow didn't realize your hair is as long as mine, you'd never guess it when it's all slicked back at work. I blushed a little , saying yes, I usually only keep it slicked at work, preferring to leave it to dry naturally when not at work. He said, yours is a bit wavy though, mines almost pin straight. I asked, Tell me about the place you get it cut, is it nearby?

Yes, I found it a couple of years ago, after a couple of not so good experiences, I'm quite happy with my barber. It's a somewhat traditional barbershop, catering to guys only. They will do most any type of cut, as illustrated my by tapered sides and mop top. I've seen him do everything from an old fashioned shag cut to guys getting scrapped bald. My guy cuts it exactly the way I want, though he usually suggests something shorter every time, like a bald fade, close taper, or other similar shaved side cut. I've resisted so far, he said as he ran his hand though the plush forelock once again, smiling. I like to have enough hair to play with while I'm thinking, it's an odd quirk I developed in college and haven't seemed to be able to break it.
We moved on to other topics, old roommates, old relationships, I learned he wasn't currently in one. He was also taking a break to sort things out.

I was happily able to find an apartment in his complex, after asking if he was comfortable having me that close. I didn't want to smother him. I was grateful for all the help both at work and outside work. Stating that he'd been more then generous with his free time to spend so much with me. He explained that even though he'd been here 5 years, he hadn't really made any good friends, there was no mentor program when I started he explained. You're the closest friend I've had since I've been here. It feels great. I hope I'm not embarrassing you? Absolutely not. I'm quite happy with the friendship we've developed. We seem to be kindred spirits. PJ relaxed a bit and smiled that charming self depreciating smile.

I'd just had my first real "customer meeting" on our project with our Military customer today. PJ and I were having a beer at my new place, going over the events of the day. We'd just come from the gym. wet shaggy mops and all. I've never seen so many high and tights, crew cuts, and flat tops in one room at the same time I mused. Me either said PJ. I think we were the only two "Long hairs" in the room. He laughed and ran his hands through his bangs. Yup, I know what you mean, reminds me I need to get this mop cut. We were sitting side by side on my new couch, practically the only piece of furniture in the room. He looked at me and said, I've often thought the last few years, being around all the jarheads, what would I look like with a flat top, or a high and tight? Without warning, I slid my hand up through his long forelock, pulling it straight back on his head. I'm not sure I can picture you with a flat top, I ran my other hand along the side, "having all this shaved off". I realized what I'd done and started to pull my hands away. He reached up and stopped the hand that was tangled in his bangs. Don't be embarrassed, he murmured. I've wanted to do that to you since the first day of employee orientation. I was so happy that I was partnered with you . Go ahead, I said, He somewhat tentatively ran his hand through my wavy forelock, pushing it straight back. OH MY God! Was all he could manage. I can't imagine you getting this all buzzed off, that would be so HOT! He suddenly realized what he'd blurted out and quickly removed his hand. I'm so sorry, that just slipped out. I don't know why. I smiled and said, don't be sorry, I know why, I feel the same way about yours. You do? yes, I love it, especially now that I know how it feels, but a part of me would love to see you in the chair, caped up, vulnerable, ready for a barbers choice shearing, or my choice maybe. Would you submit?

Wow, what had I done, I'd shared my innermost thoughts with my new friend. and he 'd had the same thoughts about me. We both sat for awhile, now playing with each other s hair, unabashedly, trying to determine what the other would look like with it all sheared off. I wondered if PJ had noticed that I could barely contain my growing erection. I know he was having trouble himself in that department. Neither of us acknowledged the others arousal though.

The next week brought much speculation about impending haircuts. We'd made plans to go Saturday morning, to PJ's barber, bright and early. We'd spent most evenings that week playing around in front of the mirror, trying to decide on a trim, or something much more radical. The anticipation ( and a bit of dread)building with each passing day.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, it was a warm summer day in upstate New York. PJ picked me up at 9 to head to the barbers. My heart was pounding. What would I decide to do. What would he decide to do. We'd toyed with each deciding for the other, a whispered consult with the barber, and each not knowing what the other was going to get...until it was too late to turn back. We'd of course discussed all manner of cuts during the past week, shaved side high and tight, recon, flat top w/a landing strip, short back and sides, butch, all types of fade combos. During these discussions I'd stated that I'd be willing to get a short back and sides, but left long on top, no shaved white walls though, to 50's for me. Nothing shorter than a #2 on the sides and back. That's about as big a change as I could stand. I hadn't had clippers in my hair since I was 10 years old. If we decided to each pick our own cut, I knew I wouldn't be having any clipper work then either. A clippered cut would mean chopping my 9" bangs brutally short, for me, and loosing the thick bushy back over the collar and shag half covering my ears. I supposes I could live with the back and sides being taken down, but loosing the bangs was another matter. I loved them. The longer the better, and PJ Loved playing with them.

I knew PJ wasn't as willing to lose the bangs, he needed something to play with in order to think straight. He didn't care much about the rest either, it was hair, it would grow back. We both knew that work didn't care how we looked as long as it was neat and not outrageous.
We pulled in to the parking lot at the shop. PJ shut the car off and turned to me. O.K. what are we doing? I'm up for each deciding for the other if you are. He reached out and massaged my shoulder. I think I know you well enough, and we've talked about this enough, that you wouldn't pick something to far out for me. I gave him a wicked grin, recon it is then! O.K. changed my mind PJ quickly said, each decides their own cut. I'm only kidding I said as I ran my hand through his huge shank of bangs, possibly for the last time. I think I can recommend something to your barber that you'll be O.K. with. What about you, PJ said. Do you trust me? Yes, like you said, its hair, it'll grow back. Besides, if you screw me over, I know where you live, I can always sneak in, and shave your head in the middle of the night.

We agreed to each decide the others fate and headed into the shop. I didn't know it but PJ had called ahead and booked out his guy for 2 cuts and face shaves, his treat. PJ introduced me to his barber, Mike, resplendent in a crisp royal blue tunic. The classic barber. Mike had a hot looking fresh blonde pompadour, not too long, with fairly tight sides, maybe a #2 or #3 tapered to 0 at the nape and around the ears. That was a bit short for me but wow, what a look. Mike shook my hand , said PJ told him he was bringing a friend, and any friend of PJ's was a friend of his. Don't worry, you're in good hands. I see you have a great head of hair, we'll have you looking irresistible in no time.

The shop was clean and kind of modern feeling, but with a lot of old fashioned touches. The barber chairs were classic old style, red leather and chrome, fully tilting, and I guessed they had head rests for shaves to if you wanted. The only nod to truly modern was the sinks behind the chairs. This was a full service shop. The smell took me back to my childhood. Was that Brylcream I detected? Wow, Haven't smelled that in years. It had the requisite mirrors behind the sinks along the walls. Clippers hanging from hooks under a continuous shelf. The shelf lined with the mandatory jar of blue sterilization liquid, full of combs, and assorted scissor, and the dreaded thinning shears. I was pleasantly surprised I wasn't nervous. With PJ, I was completely at ease. The shop also had a more private area, towards the back for more private consultations and cuts, the same type of station set up , just sectioned off from the rest of the line of chairs. Happily Mike led us back there. PJ explained our plan, we were each going to pick the others cut, discussing it only with Mike, the other not knowing his fate until it was over. I was already getting hard, thinking about PJ's magnificent mane hitting the cape and floor.

We flipped a coin to see who'd go first. I was getting a bit nervous, I'd lost the flip, I had to go first. As Mike taped and caped me, the royal blue capes matching the tunics I noticed. Mike stepped out of earshot for the consult with PJ. I reminded PJ that since I was first, if it turned out badly for me it would turn out worse for him. He smiled and ran his hand through his unslicked shank of now chin length bangs.

Mike came back, smiling, and said he was sure I'd be happy with his work. First we wash, he stated, dropping me back and shampooing and double conditioning my hair. O.K. I figured, If I was going to have it all shaved off he wouldn't spend this much effort on it would he, this boded well I thought.

He dried me down, tipped me back up and said, now, let's see, what have we got to work with. Meanwhile, PJ had taken a waiting room chair and pulled it up front and center right in front of me. He had a wicked grin on his face , arms crossed. Who's looking vulnerable under the cape now he stated flatly. I gulped. Mike put a reassuring hand on my shoulder, said relax, this will be great, and combed my hair out. My bangs were a bit past my mouth too , near as I could tell. sides, just past the center of my ears, and back a bit over the top of the cape. Mike, I could tell, was into this , he did a bit of Hmming, and Uh huhing as he combed . I could tell looking at PJ, that he could barely contain himself, both of us only having worn gym clothes over here, planning on hitting the Y after we were done. His gym shorts didn't hide his amusement at all.

O.K. Stu, here we go. Ready? I grabbed the arms of the chair tightly, Yes, I guess, O.K. He grabbed the biggest pair of clippers hanging under the shelf, I saw him at least clip a guard on, that was a bit reassuring, and flicked them on. Mike smiled, ever had these used on you before? Not since I was 10 I managed to eek out, suddenly dry mouthed. Just follow my instructions and nobody gets hurt, Mike laughed. I gave a panicked look at PJ, I wanted to run and never come back. What had I gotten myself into? Before I could bolt I felt Mikes viselike grip on the top of my head, pushing it straight down. The hair on the back of my head was probably at least 3" long. I felt the hungry clippers slide under the curls at my nape and slowly advance up the back of my head. The vibration was soothing and a bit nauseating at the same time. I suddenly realized PJ had at least picked a cut that was going to be clipped , now I had to wait to see... how short? I felt the clippers stop at my occipital bone on the back of my head. Whew, good, this was probably not going to be a buzz cut at least. What looked like an impossibly large mound of dark auburn hair slid down from my shoulder to my lap. O.K. so far, Mike asked. Not really, I guess, well, yeah maybe, I blurted out. PJ had a s**t eating grin on his face. I said wait till you're in the chair buddy. The grin vanished.
Mike proceeded to peel off all the hair from an inch or so above my ears, all the way around my head. Each pass of the clippers removing a huge mound of my precious auburn mane, gradually adding to the growing pile in my lap. Holy S**t!. It would take months to grow this out again I lamented. Feeling more naked with each pass of the hungry clippers. I was ware now of the cooling breeze of the paddle fans in the shop on the back of my neck. A new feeling for me to say the least.

I was facing away from the mirror, looking at PJ, when I chose to, so the only indication of what was going on was the growing pile of my precious locks in my lap, the deep auburn color in stark contrast to the royal blue of the cape. All of this hid my growing pleasure from PJ's eyes. Mike stopped with the clippers for a minute. O.K. so far sport? He set them on their hook and picked up another much smaller set. Do I have any choice I answered? Nodding at the huge mound in my lap. I guess not, but I have to say it's shaping up nicely, was Mikes cheery reply. Mike went around the edges, I assumed tapering what little hair remained, down to give it a well barbered look. He got to the sideburns, I loved them, they were long and bushy, past the bottom of my ear a bit. I never trimmed them. What do you think PJ, remove them completely Mike asked. Clippers poised at the bottom of my right sideburn. PJ's grin vanished once again, I knew he loved his too. No Mike, let Stu decide that. I said, no shorter than half way up my ears Mike. Longer if you want. If you take 'em off, PJ's go too. Mike dug in with the clippers and pushed up halfway up my ear. So much for long sideburns I thought to myself. Mike finished up with the left one, turned the clippers off, and hung them up. Hmm what next I thought. All we heard was barbershop chatter from the adjacent chairs and waiting area. I was glad for the separation, not knowing how big a dork I might just be starting to look like.

Mike had sectioned off and clipped up my long hair on top and my bangs at the start of the cut. He reached up and removed the clip. My huge forelock slowly slid down over my face. The anticipation of what was coming next made me rock hard. Mike had a comb and scissors in his hands now. He combed the forelock straight down, almost chin length. Long even for me I thought, not for long though. What do you think PJ? Mike slid the scissors in at my hairline. Here about right? PJ replied, sure, then just finish him off with a #2 on the top and were done right, he said smiling wickedly. Yeah that'll work, Mike said and made as if to start snipping. My heart and breathing both stopped. Oh No, a buzz after all. Good God, visions of childhood buzzes flashed back in my head. I'd looked like a total dork back then after those brutal sheerings, not again as an adult! Mike! PJ! you wouldn't, I thought we were friends? Really? PJ jumped up and came to the chair, and grabbed Mikes scissor hand. He slid it down my face, slowly, stopping halfway down my forehead. Hmmm here, Nope, he continued to slide, I thought I was going to blow, I was so aroused, and horrified at the same time. Regardless of the outcome this was one haircut I'd never forget. Down the hand slid, past my eyes, stopping just below my nose, will this work for a start Mike, said PJ, peaking at my terrified eyes through the tangle of bangs. Well, I guess so PJ, if that's what you want. Up here would really be best though, Mike indicated my hairline again, clearly enjoying the total control he had over my future appearance, for months to come. Nope down here Mike, was PJ's final answer. Snip, snip, 4" of bangs slid down to join the huge pile in my lap. I groaned. That was mind blowing, I was gonna need my towel, before we left for the gym. PJ and Mike both laughed. Glad you are finally enjoying this Mike said. PJ only grinned again.

Mike started in on some major scissor work on the top of my head. I could feel the hair on top of my head near the crown, being chopped off quite short judging from where I felt Mikes Hand and the length of the locks that slid into my lap, they were at least 8" long. OMG. As he progressed, I realized he was cutting it off on a bevel, angling up to the nose length in front. As he got closer to the front he combed the front up so he could blend it in to the rest of the bevel on top. He did some more cutting, texturing, I thought, and then put the scissors down. He combed everything on top straight back. I could feel I still had hair at least, a bit long in the front still too. He rubbed some heat protectant into my hair, I could tell I at least had some on top, not much on the sides and back though by the feel of it. I loved the massage feel as he worked the product in. Then he quickly blow dried what little hair I had. It only took a minute. Wow. This is a big change for me. Next he got out some type of gel and massaged it into the hair on top and upper sides and back. The smell was wonderful, musky. The final step was a lot of combing and fussing over getting the top combed just exactly how he wanted it. What do you think PJ? Good enough? Mike smirked at PJ. I don't know Mike, it's not very short, it doesn't look much like a recon to me either. My eye brows shot up, a recon! Really? I used to like you PJ. PJ said, let's turn him around and see what he says, I can always get the clippers back out and get rid of the rest of it if he's not happy. Mike slowly turned the chair towards the mirror. I was dying inside from anxiety. The moment of truth. Was I going to kill PJ , exact my revenge with his cut? Would I look like hte childhood dork I remembered well? I couldn't believe my eyes at first. Holy Crap. There was this guy staring back at me in the mirror. He had almost the exact same haircut as Mike the barber. I was stunned. What a dramatic difference. I almost didn't recognize myself. Mike walked out for a minute.
PJ came up to the chair behind me. He squeezed my shoulders. He had a serious expression on his face. You haven't said anything Stu. Are you mad? Do you hate me? Speak Stu, you're killing me here. I turned my head from side to side, brought my hands out from under the cape. I felt the short clipped sides starting at about a #2 I guessed at my nape and around my ears, tapering up to about an inch of hair at the part line. Kind of like a traditional short back and sides would look, then gently ran my hands over the most amazingly perfect pompadour on top, careful not to destroy it. I looked for the most part exactly like Mikes. Maybe a bit longer on the sides, thankfully though. Oh MY GOD! What Stu, What! PJ was ready to swoon. he was so concerned and anxious! I love it, I wasn't anticipating it, but I love it. I could kiss you PJ! How did you know? PJ said save that for later as he came around to the side of the chair, "you look so hot man". I was going to have Mike just give you a longish short back and sides, I still want some hair to run my hands though after all this, but when we walked in and I saw the look you had when I introduced you to Mike. You couldn't take your eyes off his hair, your expression said it all. I thought, well the hell, let's try the pompadour similar to Mikes, it would be longer than a short back and sides and if you didn't like it Mike could still do that for you afterwards. PJ reached into the pile of hair in my lap, touching my still erect cock, and said , I'm glad you finally relaxed and enjoyed it. I'm sure I will too.
Mike walked back over, smiled ran his hand over his pomp, and said, well, stay or go? Oh, stay, definitely stay, Mike, I can't believe it. You're a master! It looks soooo good! I just wish I'd been able to watch you comb it so I can duplicate it. Mike reached up, ruffled his hands through my hair, and completely destroyed the pomp.

My eyes bulged. Why did you do that I cried. Mike stood behind me, comb in hand. Here, watch and learn, Mike said. He proceeded to duplicate the pomp once again. Then he totally messed it up again. What did you do that for I yelped again. He handed me the comb and said, now you try. I did a reasonable job of duplicating it for Mike. This was going to be so cool. I'd need a lot of whatever stuff he'd used in order to pull it off. I could deal with that though. O.K. you passed, he said, as he removes the cape, the huge pile of my precious locks sliding to the floor as he did. I like my customers to be FULLY satisfied he said with a smirk as I stood up. The real question I was dying for an answer to was" O.K. PJ what do you think, since you're the one who ordered this cut. PJ had a wide grin on his face. Brother, I'll say it again, you look so HOT!

Mike slapped the seat, hop in PJ, while Stu and I have a little talk. Mike and I walked out of earshot of PJ, who nervously climbed into the chair.

Stay tuned for Part II - PJs perfect cut! A recon maybe?

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