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The Mentor - conclusion by P.J.

The Mentor conclusion
PJ nervously slid into the big barber chair, instantly feeling small and insignificant despite his 6'-2" frame.
He ran his hand through the mane of dirty blonde hair, probably for the last time he thought. His huge forelock refused to stay back behind his ear, instead, sliding over his face once again. He was a bit excited, and very anxious. This was the acid test of their friendship. He hoped by now that Stu realized how important his hair was to his persona. A recon would just devastate him. It would in all likelihood end his burgeoning friendship with Stu too. He was dying to back out of the deal, beg for a trim, or just jump up and leave. He could see Stu and Mike talking and gesturing animatedly. Stu grabbing at the clipper short stubs on the sides and back of his head. What was he saying, was he complaining that is was way to short? Was he going to exact revenge on PJ? The calm side of PJ thought that Stu really liked him and would go gently, after all, they both enjoyed their frequent sessions of hair play. PJ hoped that could grow into something more intimate soon if given the chance. He sensed that Stu might want that too. Stu would still need something to play with too, if he wasn't too mad. He acted thrilled but that could just be a ruse too.

Stu strolled back over and plopped down in the waiting room chair and made sure he was as close as he could be and still stay out of Mikes way. Stu had an innocent, unreadable smile on his face. Mike, on the other hand, had an evil looking smirk on his. O.K. big guy, are you ready for the "Big Chop"?Mike said as he taped and caped PJ. PJ shuddered. Mike, I'm making one final plea, please do not shave me bald, please, please! PJ my boy, not to worry, we'll shine it up and you'll look great with it nice and smooth. NO! Please! Stu could see that PJ was on the verge of tears. O.K. Mike, we'll have to go with plan be then. Stu, you weren't going to actually go through with that were you, PJ asked incredulously. We'll never know now, will we PJ was all Stu would say.
Mike proceeded to spray and comb out PJs luxurious mane. Bangs pulled down , curling slightly over his chin. Sides a bit below his ears, and quite full. Back was gently brushing the cape, nice and thick and slightly wavy. All in desperate need of a good shearing. Wow, Mike exclaimed. I guess it has been awhile since I've had you under my cape 'eh. We'll I am a bit overdue for a trim PJ squeaked. And a TRIM you shall get my friend said Mike, looking mischievously at Stu.

Stu, on the spur of the moment, held up his hand, got his cell phone out, and snapped a few picks of PJ, hair hanging down in full glory. PJ gasped, WHAT did you just do Stu. Stu said, don't worry, I won't post these on Instagram, their just for you and I. He nodded at Mike that it was O.K. to continue now.

Hmmm where to start, where to start, Mike mused to himself. All the while, getting the clippers ready with a #2 guard. He decided on a side approach, PJ was turned to face Stu, and with the huge forelock hanging down was virtually blind to what was about to happen. Tipping PJs head a bit to the right, the clippers roared to life, touching down just behind PJ's left ear. Mike made a slow accent up and around the ear, making sure all the newly clipped hair slid to PJ's shoulder and into his lap. Gently, slowly , he carved a path around the ear and forward to the temple. The thick plush mane that once completely covered PJ's ear slid quietly down to land in his lap, his ear prominently displayed for the first time to Stu. PJ and Stu moaned simultaneously. GOD that feels like a lot of hair Mike. That's because it is, or was man. Relax and enjoy. Stu noticed the shorn pile of hair move ever so slightly in PJ's lap. He knew well what that meant.

Mike moved to the other side, tipped PJ's head to the left, and executed the same slow carving off of all the hair around PJ's left ear too. Stu, I'm getting really nervous, I'm sorry if you don't like the cut I picked for you , I thought you'd like it man. I don't want to get shaved, please! Will you relax PJ, Mike said , reaching and massaging PJ's shoulder a bit. This will be O.K., I promise you. If you hadn't waited so long and skipped your usual appointment , this wouldn't be so drastic. Stu sat stoically watching the proceedings.

Mike was a bit concerned given that he was moving around to the back, and would be plowing most of the hair back their off. He tipped PJ's head down to his chest and tucked the hungry clippers in under the mane covering his nape. He glanced at Stu with raised eyebrows and nodded at PJ. Stu nodded in the affirmative. The clippers began a slow ascent up the back of PJ's head, disappearing into the dirty blonde mane, the pitch of the machine increasing as it worked to remove the first swath. UP, and UP, they went, PJ gripped the arms of the barber chair as if he was going to rip them off. Arrgghh, PJ moaned loudly, GOD Mike! The clipper blades poked out above his occipital bone. Mike deftly flicked this huge shank of hair so it to slid off PJ's shoulder and into his lap. PJ, you've got to sit still, this is a very precision cut, you move any more, and I can assure you, you will wind up with a tight #1 butch.

Mike made several more slow deliberate passes up the back of PJ's head. each severing another huge shank of PJ's gorgeous dirty blonde hair and flicking it so it slid into the growing pile in PJ's lap. PJ had pretty much stopped breathing at this point. Stu was wide eyed, he couldn't see the back of PJ's head but good god, that was a lot of hair. He hoped Mike remembered his instructions, under no circumstances was anything on PJ's head to be clipped shorter than a #2. That was plenty short enough, given what we were starting with. After the last pass, PJ moaned again loudly, exhaling. Stu knew what that meant, PJ would need a towel too. Having the hair on the back of your head shaved off for the first time in years as an adult, was uncontrollably erotic. Stu ran his hand up the back of his freshly shaved nape and shuddered, OH MY, yes.

PJ looked, to Stu, incredibly hot sitting there with this huge forelock hanging below his chin, and pretty much shaved sides and back. He wanted to push that mane to the side and plant a big wet one on PJ. Maybe he'd have the courage to do that later tonight, after the dust had settled on this incredible day.

Mike stopped to collect himself for a minute, PJ, I don't think I've ever cut that much hair off of you in one sitting, and we aren't done yet. Mike, PJ squeaked, I don't think I've ever had an orgasm in your chair before either so let's call it even. Mike began to comb all the hair on top of PJ's head to the back.

He carefully gathered it together at the crown, and tied it with an hair tie. Mike then took the edgers, and proceeded to go around PJ's ears and nape cleaning them up and tapering them ever so slightly. At this point Stu was ready to swoon. PJ Looked so HOT, he effectively had a tie back undercut, with a good amount of hair still hanging below the hair tie. Out came the cell phone again, click, click. Stu! I'm confiscating you phone after this! It's not fair, I didn't take any pic's of you. That's your loss pal, Stu said, as he slid the phone into front pocket of his shorts. You 'l have to come and get the phone.

Mike looked at Stu and said, well, what do you think, It's not a recon, but I think its just as unique, a totally different look for him that's for sure.
PJ was trying desperately to get a glimpse of himself in the mirror. The pony tail of the tie back bobbing furiously. Mike wasn't having any of it though. Stu got up, walked back behind PJ, picked up the scissors off the shelf, and walked over to PJ. he got a firm grasp on the pony tail below the hair tie, pulled PJ's head back, and planted the wet one directly on PJ's lips. He quickly sheared off the pony tail, leaving a stub below the hair tie. There I think that might be better Mike, what do you think? He dropped the pony tail into PJ's lap to join the huge pile . He nonchalantly went back and sat down.

PJ sat stunned, wide eyed. What did you just do? he asked Stu. What, me, I just trimmed up your pony tail a bit that's all. No, No, I mean the kiss, what, why? Because you are sooo HOT Babe, he smiled back at PJ. Mike jumped in and said yes, that was great Stu, much better, to break the moment. It was getting way to tense for him.
O.K. Mike, finish him off like we discussed Stu said. Mike pulled the hair tie out. He proceeded to craft a magnificent pompadour similar to his and Stu's for PJ. You know PJ, with this hair color, I'd like to but some lighter blonde highlights in . PJ raised his eyebrows, I don't think so Mike, not today. I haven't seen what I look like yet, without the highlights. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. He had just finished slicking the pomp into place after massaging in a generous measure of pomade to hold everything in place.

What do you think Stu, should we show him? Stu was up, out of the chair, pacing nervously. Sure, he's going to have to see it eventually, go ahead, turn him around. Mike spun the chair with a flourish. Stu came up behind the chair, looking over PJ's shoulder. PJ, wide eyed, saw for the first time his perfectly crafted Pompadour, tight #2 sides and back, and long top combed perfectly in to place. With the pomade, his hair was a couple of shades darker that he expected. He turned side to side, asked Mike to show him the back, Mike gave the mirror to Stu. Stu slid it around so PJ could see all the back. Then Stu took his hand and slowly brought it up the back of PJ's head, starting at the nape, feeling the soft stubbly bristles of the newly shorn hair. PJ and Stu both almost involuntarily moaned. Stu murmured, well buddy what do you think? You haven't said a word. PJ pulled Stu around in front of him and planted a wet one on Stu. I absolutely love it!
PJ and Stu stood on either side of the chair, all three staring into the big mirror. PJ said, even though we all have very similar cuts, each one is unique in its own right. I never would have picked this on my own. I don't even think I'd have let you talk me into something like this Mike. It's perfect.

He brought his hands out from under the cape, raised them to his head, and plunged them into the pomp, completely destroying it. Stu and Mike were speechless. What did you do that for they asked in unison? Now you have to show ME how to do it Mike, PJ said laughingly. He pulled a pomaded lock down in front. Ah, still long enough to play with while I think he murmured, or for someone else to play with too, he smiled at Stu. Mike gave him a lesson, messed it up and made PJ try it. Both guys would need a bit of practice to get it perfect. They'd have plenty of time to practice, maybe even on each other.

Stu relaxed a bit knowing PJ was at least O.K with the haircut, they'd sort out the other business later on. PJ made to get up and Mike pushed him back in the chair. Hey wait just a minute Bukko, you're only half finished here. PJ Looked up at Mike in alarm, what do you mean, you're not going to shave off this amazing pomp are you ? He glanced quickly at Stu with narrowed eyes. Hell no man, did you forget, you booked me for 2 haircuts, AND 2 shaves!, sit back and enjoy your shave , I'll do you first and then get Stu back in the chair, I didn't want you to bolt before the cut , that's why I waited on Stu's shave. Oh, yeah, I did forget PJ said. He settled back in the chair for the next round. Stu would just have to wait his turn.

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