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about women which keep your hubnad a short haircut..

Name: Kumuda
Date: 2009-10-11
Dear Nitin
You are saying about your girlfriend that she is strange. Not at all. Many women want the men in their lives to have very short hair or even no hair once in a while. Even my husband keeps his head a crew cut always - sides and back clippered close and top very short. A few months back he got his head shaved in Tirupati at my bidding. And I find him very attractive with his clippered hair cut.
So, there is nothing strange about your girlfriend's behaviour. Only, not all girls have the guts to do like she did.


I agree with Kumuda that sometimes I want my man to go with a very short haircut. Usually during summers, we go together to a family salon for a haircut. Even if my hubby hesitates to say to barber what type of cut he wants, I tell the barber to chop it off entirely for him and the son - no hair at sides and back and tell him to use trimmer( not sure of handclippers though) with no attachment at the sides and back. Sometimes I may watch them getting sheared or I will also go for a shorter haircut for the summer.


Name: Nitin
Subject: Re: Kumuda
Date: 2009-10-13
Thanks Kumuda for your message. May be I will share your message with my girlfriend. After the incident, I asked her in the evening why she came along with me. She said that she wanted me to see myself in such a hairstyle and wasn't sure if I would accept. Hence she took charge and was happy to see the final result. She said she was convinced only when the barber started using hand clippers and that's the reason she came with me and also watching me and I should accept I also liked when he used it. But I thought he used it very high in the back and sides since my girlfriend insisted on a very short haircut. May be barber knew the cut better. We were just fortunate that no one came to the shop for haircut when I got mine but many people who passed by the shop were surprised to see a girl and myself in the chair getting clippered bald totally. In fact, there was a brief pause when the barber went out and came back - there were some girls walking on the road and also laughing who saw me with the cape, clipped at the back and one side partially and there were some who saw me when the barber again started clippering. That was the demotivating factor... In my case, I feel it's going to take atleast 2 months for a good length of hair to grow to go for a next cut - Why your husband gets it cut every 4 to 5 weeks ?- may your husband also goes to a old shop to get it done using handclippers - Eager to know ... and hope your son also gets the same haircut then....


Name: Kumuda
Subject: Clippered cut
Date: 2009-10-12
Dear Nitin
My husband also gets similar cut - clippered bald on sides and back to about one and half inch above top of ear and hair on top of head cut to about half inch length. Only scalp is visible on back and sides after such a cut. I find this very attractive on him and he gets this cut once in 4 or 5 weeks for the past two and half years.
So far I have never gone to the barber shop with him. But he tells me that he gets the back and sides cut close to skin with hand operated clippers and he gets very good feeling during such cuts.
The only time I witnessed his hair cut was when he got his head tonsured in July. And as of now I have no intention of accompanying him to the barber shop to witness his hair cut.
However, some of my friends do visit barbershops to get haircuts for their little sons and daughters. So, I do not find it strange or surprising in these times if a young lass barges into a barbershop to witness the haircut of her husband or boyfriend.


Name: Nitin
Subject: Re:
Date: 2009-10-12

Thanks for the message. Your message seems to me that sometimes it's not strange at all. When I say very short haircut, the barber used handclippers at the sides and back such that it is entirely clippered, only scalp is visible. Your husband also gets such a cut ? In my case, she came to the barbershop and told him to cut it that way which I found strange. Do you go with your husband sometimes to the barbershop ? that's what is surprising me.


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