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Unexpected Summer Buzz by Ryan

My name is Ryan. I’m 13 and in 8th grade. At school I’m pretty smart, but not in any advanced classes. I’m athletic, but not extremely. I’m just on the tennis team. I’m in the "popular crowd" and everyone knows my name.

It all started the last day of school

I had finished up my final tests of the year, and was ready to kick back. That day ended and my step-dad picked me up. He said he was going to stop at Pete’s Place to get a haircut. When we got there my friend Alex was there, and his dad was getting a haircut. We started talking and then he was called up to the chair. I was surprised because he had long blonde locks.

He got in the chair, the barber caped him up, and asked him what he wanted, his dad responded for him, but I didn’t catch what he said. The barber then grabbed the clippers, put on a #4 guard and stroked the clippers from the top of his head. After 2 minutes, his hair was gone. He then left silently.

After my step-dad finished getting his hair trimmed, he asked if I wanted my haircut here before he did his annual "summer cut". I,
Of course, said no. We then went home and celebrated no school. My step-brother drove me out to eat and then we went and saw a movie.

The next morning i woke up to the smell of bacon. I knew that summer had started. I went and played tennis with my friend Keith, and afterwards his dad picked us up and we went to his house. Since he had a pool, we swam and cooled off for a while. His dad called him in and told him he was going to get a haircut and he wanted Keith to come along. So, we dried off and got in the car.

Once we got there Keith’s dad called him up to the chair, and told the barber to give Keith a buzz. He obeyed, and buzzed his hair off. Keith really didn’t say anything, so it seemed like he was used to it. I felt his head and it felt like a tennis ball, and it was only a #3.

I was then dropped off at home, and my dad called me upstairs. He was in the bathroom, and told me he was giving me my summer cut. I normally get a crew cut, but he said, "You’re 13 now. I saw both Matt and Keith had buzz-cuts, so I’m going to give you one.

I was not thrilled. I assumed I’d get a #3 or #4 like they did, but he put on a #1.5. He then ran the clippers over my long blonde undercut, and the hair fell to the floor. I knew I’d feel like a tennis ball. After it was done, I didn’t actually hate it. It was pretty cool. Now when I play tennis my hair won’t be in my face.

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