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My first headshave by Ritxi

I'm a 15 years old boy. My mother had been taking me to the hairdress to have a haircut six times per year before becoming 14. That was really annoying for me, mainly for two reasons:
- I hate the comments that every people give to me every time they notice my haircut.
- I hate the fact of not being able to grow my hair longer, while most girls aren't forced to cut their hair so often.
Therefore, due to my mother didn't take me to the hairdresser since I was 14, I haven't had any haircut after that. My hair is wavy and it's long to my neck because I haven't had a haircut for 1 year and a half.
I have never kissed a girl. I have met a girl who is attractive for me, seems to be attracted to me, we have been walking together four times and I love the way she makes me feel, but we haven't kissed ourselves yet. Her name's Eva, she has very long hair, waist length and, due to my hair is neck length, it makes me think that my hair could have been as long as hers if my mother hadn't forced me to have haircuts so often and short. Eva has told me that I should have a haircut, but I have acted like I haven't heart it . I'm surprised of finding another woman so worry about my hair cut like my mother, especially knowing the fact that she is attracted to me.
Eva says that next Saturday she will be alone at home and she wants me to be with her. I accept and I go to her house, where I haven't been before. When I arrive her house, it is about two o'clock in the afternoon and she is on the sofa watching a T.V. program. I seat next to her and watch the T.V. with her. The program mainly provides information about cinema and celebrities. The program ends with a clip that is similar to a musical clip, but the main musical theme isn't a well known one, and I think it's isn't an official one. In that clip, there are two girls whose hair is mid back length and a guy, whose hair is as long as mine, to the neck. The girls lead the guy to sit on a barber chair and suddenly, one of these girls take a razor and shave him bald. I'm really dissapointed seeing it, because she has accomplished that his hair length is much shorter than hers before that haircut. She shaves his head until she make him totally bald. Immediately after that, she begins to kiss him, then he stands up and they are kissing very passionately. I'm not dissapointed at that time, I'm really horny.
I can't avoid to look at my side to see what's Eva's facial expression like, but she isn't here, she hasn't gone away and I hadn't notice it. I call her name and she comes back to the living room, she stands opposite to me, put a razor two inches from my hair and says: "You're next". I'm so horny that I can't say anything. She shaves my hair, laughing while she does it and saying "You're going to become really handsome". Then she shows me a mirror, where I can notice I'm bald, she sits on the sofa and puts her legs over me. She says: "I love your new looking", while she rubs my head. Then, she kisses me. We are kissing during an hour. I'm bewildered about it. I have never thought that I had had my first kiss because of sacrificing my hair for a girl.
When I leave Eva's house, we plan to meet for having a walk together tomorrow. While walking home no people look at me surprised by my haircut, so I feel more confortable about it. I come into my house and my mother is so surprised with my hair cut. She says: "What the f***? You were more than one year without having a haircut and suddlenly you get your head shaved?! Isn't there anything in between?" I told her: "You need to assume that I wear my hair like I want".
Now is Sunday and I have an appointment with Eva, so I'm walking to her house for meeting her. I ring her and she was ready to go, so she kiss me and walk with me. She tell me that she has always had very long hair, but she wants her man to have no hair. And she kiss me again. This is a wonderful second date, we are walking through a wonderful park and kissing a lot of times. And I'm turned on knowing that despite I won't be able to have long hair while I'm dating Eva, I'm so satisfied to be dating her and I rather getting a haircut for being attractive to her than doing it for my mother's requirements.
Sunday ends and on Monday I need to go to classroom again. I'm so nervous about what people are going to say about my haircut. When I come into the classroom, most people there ask me: "What happened with your hair?" I just give an answer using body language. Along the day, two girls rub my head. Having comments on your haircut isn't so horrible went you have the advantage of starting dating a wonderful girl.

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