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Truth or Dare : what it led to. by Dare

"So are you choosing Truth or Dare" asked my band mate and friend Louis.
As I replied that I was taking dare, I saw Louis and Zayn winking at each other. I guess they already have something in mind for me and that game or truth or Dare is part of their plans.
"Great, that's what I wanted! Or more like what zayn wanted haha. You're gonna spend 24 straight hours with Zayn. If he does something you have to do it right?" Louis told me. I said that I was in as I lost the game which initiated the truth or Dare.
I asked when it started and I was told it started the next day at 8pm.

I woke up at 7:15 to get ready to meet Zayn, I was just out of the shower when I heard the door bell ringing and went opening the door. Zayn was standing there with two coffees and a bag of pastries.

Before I had time to explain my what I was welcoming him only with a towel around my waist he laughed and said "good think I'm getting  my chest waxed today, you certainly need some waxing too".

What did I do? That's the question that popped up to my mind. I knew he wouldn't go easy on me. But shaving my body hair is making me uncomfortable, especially with my current girlfriend loving it.
I asked what was the plan for today and he gave me a sports short and a tank top saying we would be off to the gym right after breakfast. This is part of my daily routine so that's nice.
ter 1h of workout we headed to the changing room and Zayn started to get undressed and he told me we'll shower here to be fresh and ready for the day. I usually never shower there as I don't like to be naked in front of other people since I got a boner after swimming in high school and every guys mocked me and threaten to tell my crush at the time that I was playing with her and that I was gay.
Zayn called me hurry up Liam get out of your Boxers and come shower we have a tight schedule. I went there and I could feel zayn checking me out ready to comment something. He didn't say anything probably because the shower room was full of people. We left the gym and as we got in his car he told me "you are really ripped now, congrats bro you look very fine. But I think all that hair everywhere is hiding all the hard work you put on at the gym.". He smiled and added "and that crotch too needs to get a trim too, maybe if I do if you'll get it too".

I instantly felt this was going to be a very bad day for me.

Zayn and I stopped to buy clothes then, he needed new tee-shirts and underwears.
The whole time he was shopping I was making fun of what he was choosing, saying that what he picked would reveal he was gay. Indeed, we knew he was gay since the beginning but our fans and even our families didn't know. He said he didn't care and that he wouldn't be the only one then.

OMG. I forgot it. I need to do - and therefore buy and wear- everything he does for the remaining 21, 5hours.

I asked what he picked as I didn't pay attention to everything he tried on. There were two black tank top with huge dropped armhole, one white almost see through v neck t-shirt, 2 white jock straps and 1 dressed black shirt that I actually liked. But the rest was a complete no for me. No way I would wear that in public. But I was wrong.

I started to argue that I respect him and love him but I have a girlfriend and would never wear that. He came close to me, grabbed my by the neck and told me, while looking in my eyes, "you're gonna do everything I want until the time is over, and If I want you to walk butt-naked in public or shave your head I will, so calm down". He told me to put on on jockstrap and black tank top with my jeans before we left the shop.

He drove for 30lins before stopping in front of a shop saying "men : haircut, beard, waxing, tattoos, piercing, all fir gentlemen".
" It's time to get you out of this bear body mate" said Zayn while indicating me the door. I entered and we were immediately greeted by tow young gentlemen probably in the end of their twenties. "welcome gentlemen, Zayn it's always a pleasure to have you here". They showed us the way to a two-bed (you know the massage table) room and told us to get in our boxers. I took of my tank top and unbuttoned my jeans and realized I was wearing the jockstrap I had to buy earlier. I felt ashamed that people would see me in this. "look the nice butt liam has" whispered zayn to them but I heard it. What the hell was going on.
They made us lay on the table. I was naked and afraid.
Zayn instructed them to was us from head to toes, leaving just your eyebrows and a small patch public hair. I immediately refused and he told me "remember you are for me for the next 20 hours, be sure I will enjoy since I will never fully have your for myself once again." I stayed still and Pedro, the guy working on me, started to wax my body. I closed my eyes the whole time, with tears in my eyes ready to drop at any time since I was completely against what was happening.

After more than an hour, Pedro told me he would shave my balls and not wax because its very painful. He started to rub foam and then shaved my balls.

After that we were done, and Zayn led me to the mirror where we stood next to each other  I have to say we looked very attractive and I feel more muscled that way. I started to feel my penis grow so I went to get dressed as quickly as possible.
Pedro and Mike asked if we wanted a haircut. I said no before zayn had a chance to answer. He looked at me and said "why not shaving our heads bald, that could be fun". I guess the look on my face made him underdtand that it was a line not to crossed and told them "maybe not now... I would love Liam to get a nice skin fade but he doesn't want so I'm gonna be nice, but I think a trim couldn't hurt us as well as the shape up of our beards". I agreed. We went to the barbershop side of the building, and I was surprised no one was in there except for the two barbers. Two young folks, one black with a buzzcut named Dan and the other one had a very tight fade on the sides, a hardpart and long hair in a bun on top called Nick.
We sat in their chairs. Zayn sat in Dan's chair so I headed to Nick's.
What it's going to be for your friend asked Nick while looking at Zayn. Zayn replied that he might have an idea and discreetly showed him a photo in his phone. I was scared but he promised it would only be a trim.

"All right one short flattop coming up" said Nick while turning my chair away from the mirror. I started to shout "no way, come one zayn what the f*** are you doing". Everyone started laughing and I understood this was nothing but a joke.

After a shampoo, nick took his scissors and started working on the top of my hair. I could feel he was cutting very small length of hair so I was cool.
I was facing zayn the whole time. Zayn usually has a short haircut with a quiff but nothing too drastic. Dan started working on the quiff and then took clippers for the sides. He asked what guard he should choose, and Zayn asked for shorter than usual. He told Dan to impress him. Dan, surprised, asked if it was a barber choice and Zayn happily agreed. I was shocked. Zayn, the pretty boy of the band, always checking his hair was leaving it to a barber's decision. What a crazy day.

Dan started removing the bulk on the sides and he started what looked like a fade. But he wasn't getting anywhere close to the skin so it wasn't a big change. At one point, I saw him spreading a product on Zayn hair, especially on the sides. He took a straight razor out of his drawer. Zayn couldn't see what was happening but I was thrilled. Was he going to shave Zayn'd head? Zayn would be devastated.
Dan put the blade around the top of my mate's ear and scratched all the hair down. Zayn was speechless as he felt what was happening. He then asked what dan was doing and the barber showed him a picture saying that's today's barber choice. I chose this for you you'll look fine. The barber proceeded to give him a very tight skin fade and he reduced the top to a very short length compared to what he usually have.
Dan looked at me and said "yes or no" I had no idea what he was asking so I said yes. He immediately said one razored hardpart coming up zayn. I could see zayn was having mixed feelings. He was panicked at the idea that he was not in control and had no idea how he looked like - even if he looked very good - but je also seemed to enjoy it. I could actually see that he had a boner and he tried to hide it.

Pedro arrived as this moment, he looked at us saying "wow you look different". He then went to speak to Nick. Nick came back. He continued working on my hair, outlining the hairline with a straight razor. He asked me if I already came here. I told him that it was my first time and probably my last since I only came here because I lost a bet to Zayn and was sentenced to do everything like him for 24 hours. Nick started laughing and said " well then... I guess I have no choice".

And at the moment I felt the blade of the razor go down from the middle the back of my head.
"now you will look like zayn".

Zayn was shocked at what was happening, i guess he never thought it would happen. His haircut and beard were done. He looked very handsome, manly and I have to say quite attractive.

He came to me and made me rub his hair. Or the lack of it on half his head. It felt great. But oh boy I don't want this.

Pedro, who was watching me get sheared down, went and kissed Zayn on he lips and they started making out. Then he looked at me. "so you have to do everything zayn does right?" and came to me and started to kiss me. It felt weird. First time having a guy kissing me. But I could feel he was a good kisser. I replied to his kiss the way zayn did.

This plus the forced haircut was quite a turn on, especially as I could see zayn huge boner sitting right in front of me with his haircut.

We left the barbershop and Zayn told me he needed to workout to release the tension he had.

So we went again to his gym. The whole trip from the barbershop to the gym I touched my hair, the bristles excited me a bit.

We arrived at the gym, went into the changing room. I felt even more ashamed to get naked as I was hairless everywhere except on top of my penis and I was wearing nothing.

We worked our for a food 2h I would say and headed back to the locker room. Everyone had left except us, so I felt free to get naked. We headed to the showers, facing each other. He started shampooing his hair so I did it too. Then he rubbed his body with body wash cream. I emulated him once again. He smiled at me, and started to touch his dick and looking at me to check if I followed him time. I guess it was tome to play with him too. So I decided to jerk off too. It was quite exciting to see him doing it. He came close to me, put one hand behind my head and one on my dick. He started to make out while jerking me off.

First time a guy was touching my penis, and even more jerking it off. What a day. He then kneeled in front of him and started sucking me. I put both hands on the back of his hair and I kept rubbing the bald part of the fade again and again while looking at the new me in the mirror facing the showers. I was without hair on my body, sporting a brand new haircut, shorter than everything I ever had or thought to have one day, with a bald fade and a hard part and the best part was that my best friend was sucking me in the gym showers. I came in his mouth, he got up and kissed me and then whispered into my ear "so you do everything I do?"

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