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Daniel's new shave by danshave

It was the beginning of summer 2018, and it was hot in Connecticut. At 17, Daniel was excited to start the summer before his senior year of high school although he was working five days per week. It was Tuesday the second week he was working for Randy's Hamburger shack, and his boss told him that he could go home four hours early because they were not busy. Daniel was excited to go home early and drove back to his empty house.

Daniel had medium length brown hair and he was one of the guys that all the girls flocked to. He was 5'11 and was fit, and he played tennis. He was watching TV and was watching a military movie. Most of the guys had shaved heads and Daniel thought that it looked badass. He had been tired of his hairstyle for a while and was thinking about changing it next time he went to the barber's. But, Daniel got an idea that he didn't have to wait two more weeks to get a haircut. He had a different idea and it could happen today.

Nobody was home, and it would be the perfect time to do something different. He thought, he would just shave the sides to see how it looked and he would go from there. Daniel went in front of the living room mirror with the military movie still playing in the background. He had clippers from his dad's cabinet and was ready to start the haircut. He took his shirt off and only had shorts on. With a #3 attachment, Daniel slid the button on the clipper and started with the right side. He carefully only did the sides on either side. "It looks weird" Daniel thought. The only part left to go was the back, but he didn't know how he would get to it. During a split second decision, Daniel took off the guard put the clippers on the top of his head and pushed back. The cool metal felt amazing going down the middle of his hair, and his hair fell to the ground. "There's no going back now", he thought, and slowly continued to shave off the rest of his hair.

When he was done buzzing off all his hair, he put his hands and felt how prickly his hair now felt. He loved the feeling of lightness and it was liberating, but he thought it looked bad. He got a broom and swept up the hair off the floor, and then went to the bathroom to take a shower. Before Daniel got in the shower, he had an idea. If he already had a buzz cut, why not go all the way bald and shave it?

In only his white briefs, Daniel got a new razor, spread the shaving cream all over his head and face, and got to business. The razor slid down each part of his head easily. As he kept shaving, he liked the way it looked more. "I could do this every day", he thought. Each time the razor pulled though more of the hair he liked it more. When he was done, Daniel took off his briefs and got in the shower. The warm water in the shower fell down on his bald head and it felt like nothing he had felt before. It was amazing. When he was done, he got out and grabbed a towel. "It's so much easier to dry off when you don't have hair!" he thought. Just one slide of the towel and his head was all dry. Daniel put some moisturizer on his new shiny head and went back downstairs to finish his military movie.

While Daniel was sitting on the couch, he kept feeling his new hair. It was a tacky but smooth surface. He finally liked it, and it was easier than his previous hairstyle. He texted a picture to his girlfriend, and she said "I think it looks sexy. I love a man who has the confidence to be bald". When his parents came home, they were in shock, but they understood that it was his choice and he liked being bald. "I used to have a bald head when I was on the swim team in high school", Daniel's dad, Brad, said. "I wish I had the courage to do it again". Daniel said "You should do it, it looks badass and feels great!". Brad said "Maybe I will then."

When he Daniel went to work the next day, a few of his co-workers teased him but the reception was mostly positive. He felt like he connected with the other bald guys who came and ordered from him. A few of the other guys seemed jealous. He was getting even more attention from girls than before. Daniel felt like he made a good decision, and he stayed smooth bald for the rest of the summer.

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