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Packton High swim team shave by danshave

The year is 1985 and Brad is beginning the school year as a sophomore at Packton High School. Brad had medium-long brown hair that draped over his ears and sometimes got in the way of his eyes. He had grown out his hair during 7th grade from a 4 guard buzz cut, and has maintained the long hair ever since. Brad played basketball during Freshman year of high school, but he had an injury and the doctors told him that he should try out for the swim team instead. Brad was well known in the school from being one of the stars of the basketball team, and he had a few girls interested in him. Today is the day that he tries out for the swim team.

Brad stands on a line with five other swimmers by his side. Jacob, who Brad has known since 3rd grade, is trying out today. Brad knows Blake fairly well and does not know the other two trying out. All of them are waiting, in swim caps and speedos, and the buzz rings. Brad ends up in second place! He has proven his performance and he gets a spot in the swim team of 20 boys along with Jacob and Blake and the two other boys.

"Alright, now listen up!" says Coach Mathis. Coach Mathis is one of the best swim coaches in Pennsylvania and he has a #2 buzz cut. "Swimming is a sport that needs to be taken just as seriously as the football and basketball players at this school. We are the best in the county and we need to prove it again this year!". Packton High School is known for their sports and everybody takes it seriously.

"Now, let me ask all of you. Are all of you serious about this?" Coach Mathis asks. "Yes sir" replies everyone. "And to what length are you all willing to prove that?" he asks again. "I will require a few things of the men on this team this year. First of all, you will need to come to practice every Wednesday and Friday. No absences are allowed. The second thing is, this year, all of the boys will be required to shave their heads bald".

Brad was shocked when Coach Mathis said that. The swim team didn't have to shave their heads in the past! Why would it be required this year? "Having a completely smooth head increases your ability to be faster at swimming. Swim caps just don't do the trick. It will also help you focus on swimming rather as your main goal" said Mathis. "Now, if any of you have a problem with that, you can leave now".

There were whispers between the boys, but nobody left. They respected what they had to do now that they got on the swim team. "All right, we will meet again in two days during our first practice on Wednesday! Remember, there are no exceptions to the head shaving rule". The team left and got dressed in the locker room. There were some complaints about the fact that they had to shave their heads. Brad thought that he would look ugly bald. Blake said that the military camp made them shave their heads this summer and that he wouldn't have cared. Jacob wasn't too fond of the idea either. Brad thought that it would be interesting to see an entire swim team with bald heads!

Brad went back home and told his parents what Coach Mathis had said. They were proud of Brad for getting in the swim team! Brad's dad, Samuel, said "I remember when I had to shave my head back for boot camp in Vietnam. It felt nice, but I grew it back to a flat top in no time. I think you'll get used to being a baldie". Brad looked in the mirror and thought about what he would look like completely shaven. Two days passed by, and it was the day they would get their heads shaven.

When they got to the meet, one boy had already shaven his head on his own! In the locker room, five different clippers were set up for shaving. The boys would buzz each others hair. Coach Mathis started one of the clippers. "Whose first?" he said. One of the swimmers said "You need to go first!". "Well, there's no objecting to that" said Coach Mathis. One of the boys shaved the coach's hair and showed a demonstration. The coach's hair fell right off onto the ground. He lathered up with shaving cream and shaved all of it off right there. Brad was impressed and couldn't wait to go next.

Everyone was in speedos, and Brad had Jacob shave his head in front of a mirror. The cool metal from the clipper glazed right off of his long brown hair and onto his shoulders. Brad watched the transformation and was impressed at what was happening. He looked so different! When he had a full buzz cut, it was time for him to shave Jacob's head. Jacob had light brown hair and the clipper made it fell right off. Brad went over and took a razor, spread the shaving cream all over his head and crown, and started shaving. To Brad's surprise, the razor had a sound when it glazed over what hair was left. It was satisfying to shave everything off. When Brad was done, he got into the group showers and washed the shaving cream off. Brad was a "Baldie" at once.

Coach Mathis was right, and being bald really made a difference when he was swimming. He also didn't have to dry off so much hair when he was done swimming! Brad thought he looked cool, and after the practice, a girl named Donna talked to him. They decided they would go on a date to the movies later. This bald thing was really working out for him.

He went home and his parents said that they liked the transformation. When he went to sleep that day, he put his bald head on his pillow and thought "maybe I can get used to being on the swim team".

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