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Punishment turns to fetish by CharlieBrown

It was an extremely hot summer day. The temperature was well above 100 degrees in Liam’s apartment even with the fan on. The heat would make any person frustrated even those who are usually happy; however, Liam had financial troubles which he was already frustrated about and on top of all his financial troubles the apartment was agonizingly hot. Liam’s financial troubles started 3 months ago when his sexy Pakistani boyfriend; Zayn, lost his job as a chef at the local Denny’s restaurant since his hair kept getting on the customer’s food and he refused to wear a hair net as it would mess up his hair. Liam has been really struggling to pay rent and make ends meet and as much as he loved Zayn he was get very agitated with how care free and selfish Zayn has been acting. It was as though Zayn had no worries at all; not giving a rat’s ass that he lost his job over three months ago. Zayn barley even tried to find a new job he was too busy fondling with his mane and living a care free life as Liam desperately tried to make ends meet. Liam laid on his sweaty bed without any clothes besides his undies which was soggy and damp from all his ass sweat Liam grew more bitter and frustrated.
"Where the f*** is Zayn?" Liam mumbled
10 minutes later Zayn entered the apartment. "Yellow!" Zayn chirped bringing in a bag full of stuff.

Liam eyes darted at the bag; "What is all this s**t?"

Zayn replied as he ran his hand through his long raven black hair tinged with green highlights, "Oh it’s just some cool hair products I bought. My hair is gonna look even better than it already is!"

Zayn emptied the bag as about 5 different fancy hair products plopped out of the bag including the receipt.
Liam’s eyes widened as he grabbed the receipt and shouted out the money that was spent; "200 f***ing dollars!!! Zayn how did you pay for all this??"

Zayn replied nonchalantly, "Oh I just used your debut card. I took it out of your wallet when you were taking a nap."

Liam’s nostrils flared as he angrily told Zayn, "The damn rent is due in three f***ing days Zayn!"

Zayn shrugged as he flatly replied, "Pay rent with your credit card."

Liam filled with rage got up and yelled, "That’s it you’re getting what you deserve!" Liam grabbed Zayn’s hair and pulled him into the bathroom
Zayn yelped as he was dragged into the bathroom, "Ouch Liam what the f*** is wrong with you?"

Liam pointed at the plastic stool in the bathroom and pointed, "Sit!"

Zayn was scared; he never heard Liam use that tone of voice to him or ever saw Liam so angry with him before. Zayn obediently sat on the stool.
Liam assertively told Zayn, "Turn around; I don’t want you facing the mirror."
Zayn again obediently did what he was told.

Liam shouted another order, "Don’t turn around!" As Liam opened the cabinet drawer.
Zayn still facing the other direction not knowing what Liam was pulling out. Zayn nervously told Liam, "Li come on I’m s….."

But before Zayn could finish the sentence Zayn heard a loud buzzing noise as he felt something being placed in the front of his hairline as it slowly pushed back.
Zayn looked up and he felt numb in shock and fear as he saw Liam holding a pair of clippers with his right hand and a handful of raven black hair on the other hand.
Liam unloosened his left hand as the raven black hair fell in front of Zayn’s face.

Zayn was in utter shock. Absolute disbelief. His head still looking up above seeing Liam’s wicked smile as the loud clippers dived into his scalp once more shearing off another heaping handful of shiny health raven colored hair.

Zayn stuttered in disbelief, "L… Li… Liam… are you shaving my f***ing head????"

Liam replied coldly, "I sure am babe. I’m shaving your head down to the skin. This is for your own good."
Liam grabbed Zayn’s head and shoved it down as the clippers drove up Zayn’s neck and the hair once again fell in front of Zayn’s perfect face.
Liam sighed, "Z you know I love you but you lost your job for not wearing a hair net and now you’re spending hundreds of dollars on hair products. I’m shaving you because I care and I don’t want to break up with you."

Zayn sat there in disbelief. His pride was being shaven off. He didn’t know what had less mercy; the powerful clippers as it continuously shaved every last bit of his once glorious mane into mere stubble or Liam; the man that he considered the love of his life; always caring for him; making him feel better when he’s down; now doing the exact opposite. Liam was hurting him emotionally; inner pain that Zayn never felt before; a sense of deep fiery betrayal; but ironically his still loved Liam.
Zayn sat on the stool with his head down in shame as he began to cry silently. His tears were falling with his hair.

Liam savoring every second of the shave as he continuously tilted Zayn’s head side to side observing the clippers as they removed Zayn’s luscious locks and turned them into rough microscopic stubble.

Liam noticed Zayn crying and tried to cheer him up; but instead it sounded a bit condescending as Liam told Zayn, "Don’t cry. You look so handsome with a shaved head. You’re like my baby Pakistani sheep getting a good shearing."

After what felt like eternity Liam finally turned off the clippers off and told Zayn, "Your haircut is done. Turn around."

Zayn wiped the tears off his face and brushed off the hair fallen onto his lap as he slowly turned around. Zayn was extremely nervous; he didn’t want to see the outcome of the forced shearing but he was really curious in finding out how he looks now.
Zayn turned and gasped in horror; his mouth wide open as he uncontrollably started crying, "Liam I’m f***ing bald; and it’s kind of patchy!"

Zayn sobbed as his hands began to tremble when he placed them on his shorn head. The once glorious mane that he used to fondle with; touch, caress, and twirl with his finger is now mere stubble. Zayn’s head was white with the exception of the rough microscopic stubble that was patchy and uneven. His luscious mane was shaved down to the roots exposing his white scalp. The soft thick hair now transformed into sandpaper.

Liam massaged Zayn’s shoulders as he whispered into his ear, "You look so damn hot with a shaved head."

Liam placed his lips on the back of Zayn’s shaven head and gave him a big wet sloppy kiss leaving a bit of saliva on the back of Zayn’s shorn head. Zayn tried not to giggle but he couldn’t help it. He actually like the feeling of Liam’s rough wet kisses on his head.
Liam noticed Zayn’s little giggles which made Liam smile.
Liam flirtatiously told Zayn; "You like that huh? You like it when I kiss your bald f***ing head? What if I licked it…. would you like that."
Zayn closed his eyes as he began to rub his boner. Zayn breathed heavily as he begged Liam, "Yes Li; kiss my bald f***ing head and make sure it’s sloppy. Lick my head; f***ing spit on it too; my head is yours…"

Liam couldn’t believe his ears. He was getting so turned on by what Zayn was telling him to do.
Liam closed his eyes and smelled Zayn’s head as he moaned, "F***! You’re turning me on you filthy bald bastard!"

Liam grabbed Zayn’s head and roughly rubbed it; feeling the rough patchy stubble on Zayn’s head. The sound of Zayn’s head being rubbed turned Liam on. As Liam rubbed Zayn’s head it sounded like someone was dragging their feet on tile. Swoosh swoosh was the sound of Zayn’s shorn head being rubbed vigorously. Liam loved Zayn’s prickly head scratching his hands. Then Liam began to lick the back of Zayn’s neck as his tongue slowly licked up to the top of Zayn’s head.

Liam sat on Zayn’s lap and licked the front of Zayn’s head side to side as he licked the shaved hairline and Zayn’s forehead all at once savoring the different textures of the roughness of Zayn’s shorn hairline and the smoothness of Zayn’s forehead. Liam also loved the way Zayn tasted like curry mixed with tobacco since he was a smoker.

Liam in the middle of an orgasm told Zayn as he roughly grabbed the back of his shaved head, "You taste like a Pakistani…"
"Liam.." Zayn moaned; "Lick me clean…"

Liam did what he was told as he licked Zayn’s hairline all the way to the back of his scalp while roughly kissing it. Each sloppy kiss Liam gave he noticed his drool sticking to Zayn’s wet white head.

Zayn trembling as he tried to catch his breath finally murmured, "I want your fluids on my shaved head."

Liam pulled his wet sweaty undies off exposing his massive boaner. Liam’s dick was throbbing as he assertively told Zayn to get on his knees.
Zayn obediently got off the stool and dropped to his knees looking up at Liam with his beautiful puppy dog eyes.

Liam grunted, "So you want my fluids on your shaved head huh?"

Zayn smiled as Liam grabbed the back of Zayn’s head and placed his dick right over Zayn’s scalp as he began to jerk off. Liam moaned and moaned until jizz shot out of his dick and landed on Zayn’s shaved head. Zayn’s scalp was covered with Liam’s baby batter. Then Liam began to spit on Zayn’s bald head.

Liam told Zayn while laughing, "Now you don’t need any hair conditioner. All you need is my spit and jizz all over your bald f***ing head."
Zayn’s head was dripping with spit and jizz until Zayn told Liam, "I want you to rub that s**t all over my head.."

Liam smiled as he began to mix the jizz and spit concoxion together onto Zayn’s head. Massaging all his fluids onto Zayn’s wet pale head.
Liam looked at Zayn in lust as he told him; "You look so handsome with that pale shaved head contrasting with your caramel tan skin."

Zayn blushed and smiled as he told Liam, "I know this sounds weird but; thanks for shaving my f***ing head. This was really hot; I guess we both have hair fetish."
Liam and Zayn both laughed together.

Liam smiled and told Zayn; "Alright get up; it’s time for you to return all of these hair products. You won’t be needing them for a while."

Zayn smiled as he rubbed his sticky bald head wet from spit and jizz as he took the bag of hair products and left.
That evening Zayn came back home and handed Liam 200 dollars. "Here’s the money I took from you. Oh and I got a new job as the chef of Taco Bell. My new boss told me I don’t have to wear hair nets."
Liam congratulated Zayn as he passionately kissed the top of his bald head.

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