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Damn Craigslist Part 2 by Chris

Part 1 just to refresh your memory. If not needed just scroll down to part 2

There are two things I have always wanted to do. One was to give a nice clean and healthy guy a blowjob and the other was to have my head shaved. I have had a buzzcut a few times but have always let it grow right back out to its normal length. I wear it around 5-6" long all over covering my ears and just touching my collar. Pretty nice hair, dark brown, thick and straight and with a nice sheen. Even though I love cutting it I really enjoy playing with it and running my fingers through it when it is longer.

As most of you probably know the urge to cut your hair varies from a slight urge to a raging desire. This is usually when a buzzcut is in the cards soon. I have never had the balls to shave it though. Peer pressure being the deciding factor. Why I care I don't know, I just do.

Same holds true for giving a bj. I just never got up the nerve. Well...thanks to Craigslist both things happened.

The following is totally true with no embellishment intended.

I really enjoy reading the personal ads in Craigslist and love to imagine hooking up with some of those guys. I seldom write anyone though and when I do I always seem to find an excuse for not meeting up. Occasionally there would be a posting by someone into haircutting and shaving. Those are my favorite.

One early Saturday morning one of the postings really got me aroused. The title was "haircut and manscaping". I could not resist the urge to write him. I described myself and my hair along with my desire to shave my head. I sent him a response and went about my reading of other posts. It was not long before I received a response from him. He described himself 5'11, 170, bald, easy on the eyes were his words and 8" cut and shaved. He said his name was Greg. He went into a bit of detail regarding his fetish for haircutting and shaving and his enjoyment of mutual oral. I wrote back asking him if he had ever done it with anyone before, where he was from and could he host. He responded quickly and went into detail of two experiences he had. They were so hot I was ready to blow just reading them. Also he could host and was only a few towns away. I wrote back and told him how much I loved his description of his experiences and wished it was me. As usual I told him I was not sure when I could get away to meet him and would let him know if I was free sometime. That usually gets me off the hook. He responded that he understood but asked if I would like to call him so we could get to know each other a bit. He even gave me his number. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of actually talking to someone about it, something I had never done before. After about 15 minutes of thinking about it I hit *69 blocking my number and punched his number into my cellphone. I sat there stroking my cock thinking about him with my finger on the dial button. I finally could not resist any longer and hit dial figuring he probably would not answer because of the blocked number. The phone rang around 4-5 times and just when I figured he was not going to answer he picked up. Hello he said. After a moment I said Hi it's Chris. We were chatting about haircutting. In an ever so friendly tone he responded "great, I am so glad you called". We talked for quite a while. He asked me how long I have had these feelings to which I responded "since I was a child" which was true. He said it was the same for him and talked about how he always wanted to meet someone into it to share his feelings with. He said he liked having his head shaved but was more into shaving other guys heads and privates. I told him I have never shaved either one but always wanted to try it. His voice and manner were so reassuring and friendly that I felt like I knew him. He asked if I was into anything else and I told him how I have always wanted to try giving head. He told me he was bi and I said I figured I was too. We talked for quite a while and I was really enjoying our conversation. I could totally imagine something actually happening with us but was not ready to do anything yet. He asked if I would like to meet up some time. I said for sure but did not know when I would be up for being shaved. He said just come over and we can talk and get to know each other more. No pressure.

His sudden offer really caught me off guard. I naturally declined being that I had no intention of actually meeting up with anyone and told him that I was sorry but I was meeting up with friends in a bit. That's to bad he responded. It would have been nice to actually sit and just talk with someone that really shares these feelings. I was so tempted but again I declined. I wish I could I said but I already made plans. Soon I hope as I said as I said goodbye. I will call you. I hope you do I think we have a lot in common he said and then hung up.

My mind was whirling as I sat there thinking about or conversation. He sounded like a regular guy just like I always hoped to meet someday. It was so easy talking with him. I had a recurring boner all through our conversation and was getting hard again just thinking about meeting him. I was gently stroking my cock as thoughts of being with him raced through my brain. Why didn't I say yes I asked myself. He just wanted to meet. I did not have to have my hair cut. Maybe we would have got a little relaxed and turned on enough that he would have tried to initiate some physical contact. I kept stroking and playing out different fantasy's of how things could have been. Just do it I thought. Call him back and tell him your plans fell through. I thought about it and thought about it until I finally picked up the phone and brought up his number. I was so hard right then and almost ready to cum. I had to stop stroking before I did cum. If I was going to go over I wanted to stay as horned up as I was. I looked at his number for the longest time with my mind racing. Just do it I said to myself and then hit the call button. My heart was racing as his phone started to ring. I thought about hanging up but this time he answered on the second ring. Hi, it's me again I said. I was hoping that it was when I saw the blocked number so...what's up.

Look, my plans fell through I said and I was wondering if you would still like to get together? Oh yeah, for sure, that would be great he said. When would you like to come over?

I could probably be there in an hour I said. I just want to jump in the shower first, I'm a mess. Cool, I was just about to do the same when you called.

We talked a bit more and then he gave me his address. See you soon I said as I hung up.

Was I scared and nervous? For sure. I even thought about calling back and cancelling but the little head between my legs led me to the shower. I was clean and dressed in no time. Even though it was only 10:30 in the morning I felt that a small glass of wine would calm my nerves. One led to two and then I headed out. I actually did calm down and felt fairly relaxed by the end of the 20 minute drive to his home. It was a large but cozy looking home set back on a heavily wooded lot. Very private which I liked because I was hoping to keep this as discreet as possible. I scanned the house as I got out of my car looking to see if he was peaking out looking, watching my approach. I saw nothing as I walked towards the front door. Again my heart was racing as I looked at the door knocker, no doorbell in sight. I grabbed the knocker and held it for a few seconds before I got up the nerve to put it to use. I listened to hear if anyone was coming. I was a little early so I waited a bit and then knocked again this time a little harder. I heard footsteps approaching at a quick pace. The door opened and there with only a towel wrapped around his waist was one of the most attractive bald guy's I have ever seen. His well defined and masculine body was still damp and the smell of soap wafted through the air. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights as I just stood there wordless. Hi he said...Chris? That's me I stammered as I shook his hand. Sorry I am early it did not take as long to get here as I thought it would. Not a problem he said flashing a smile showing a beautiful set of teeth. I am sorry I was not ready. A friend called right after you hung up and I could not get rid of him, he chuckled. C'mon in he said. Taking a deep breath I walked past him into the house and he closed the door behind us. A knot formed in my stomach. You know, he said, I did not think you would really show up. I am so glad you did. Me too I said as he led me towards the living room. Have a seat. he said as he pointed towards the corner of the couch. Give me a minute to go throw something on and I will be right back. I sat on the couch looking around at my surroundings, I still could not believe I got up the nerve to come here. He walked back in wearing a short white terrycloth bathrobe. It was like a scene from a movie. He looked so attractive. My cock started to stir as thoughts raced through my head of where this could lead. He sat next to me on the couch and after a bit of chit chat he turned the conversation to my hair. His hand raised and he slid his fingers into the hair on the back of my head. I wear I almost purred like a kitten as he slid his fingers through my hair. You have such great hair he exclaimed as he fondled my hair. How do you keep from cutting it if haircuts are such a turn on. I have always wanted to just have it all buzzed off I said but thinking about how I would look and what people would say always keep me from doing it. With that he grabbed a handful of my hair and gave my head a slight shake and said, maybe someday you will be ready. I hope I get to be the one to do it. You will I said. Someday for sure. He smiled and commented on how nervous I looked. I told him I never do things like this and have never actually met up with a guy before. But you said you were bi he said. I know I said. I only date girls but have a lot of thoughts about guys. I figured that makes me bi, I just never acted on it. I remember those feelings he said as he laughed, I was nervous as hell my first time.

Hey look, he said. I like giving massages also. Maybe I could help you relax a bit. No pressure, we can stop anytime you feel uncomfortable ok? I must have flinched as he put his hand on my shoulder and gave a slight squeeze. He said, don't worry, I don't bite and smiled. I was waiting for the usual following line of "unless you want me to" but it never came". He was so laid back and friendly (and attractive) that I could not resist the offer. Ok I guess, I said, but no promises ok? None expected he said. C'mon, follow me. I will show you my room. I followed him as he led me up a flight of stairs. I could not stop staring at his hairless legs and my cock was starting to stir just looking at him. We walked down a hallway and into his room. The room was only lit by the light coming in through a large picture window. The massage table was right in front of the window looking out on a wooded rolling hillside. The room was again like a scene out of a movie. He closed the door and said, well, what do you think? Very nice I said but don't you worry about people looking in? No one out there for miles, he said, and I am not sure what kind of glass it is but you cannot see in from the outside....cool huh? Very, I said. He walked over to a closet and took out a stack of towels and placed them on the small table next to the massage table. You can probably take that jacket off now, he said with a grin. I guess so, I said as I smiled back. I took it off and he reached out and took it and placed it on the back of a chair. He walked back over and began to unbutton my shirt. Is this making you uncomfortable?, he asked as he looked into my eyes. I'm ok I said as he continued. My cock was getting so hard I knew it was going to be obvious if my pants came off. He pulled my shirt up and out from inside my pants, finished unbuttoning it and walked behind me. He reached around and slid my shirt back off of my shoulders and slid it down my arms. He tossed it over onto the chair and then I felt his hands on my shoulders. You so tense he said as he began to gently massage my shoulders. I could feel his warm breath on my neck as he leaned in closer and whispered...just relax. I could somehow feel the tension draining from my body as I let out a long breath and let myself just give in to what I was feeling. I could not believe how comfortable I felt with this man, a total stranger. It was as if we had known each other forever. He paused for a moment and out of the corner of my eye I saw his bathrobe sail through the air and land on the chair with my shirt. I wanted to see him naked so badly but before I could turn he was behind me again rubbing my neck and shoulders. Does that feel good he asked? Yes, very good was all I could muster as I felt the fingers of his left hand slide up through my hair. I instinctively tilted my head back savoring the feeling of this beautiful man running his fingers through my hair. He reached around and grabbed a handful of my bangs and gently pulled my head back. I felt his warm breath on my neck just before feeling his lips kissing right where your neck joins your shoulder. That spot always drives me wild. How did he know I thought. is hands slid down my arms and underneath them. He brought them around and began caressing my chest and stomach as he continued kissing my neck. Instead of turning around and devouring this man which is what I wanted to do I stood there frozen savoring every touch. His hands went to my belt buckle and he undid it with ease. He began to unbutton my jeans which had a button fly. I was so hard right now and grew harder with each button he unfastened. There would be no hiding it when my pants came off. As he undid the last button I felt him press against me feeling his hairless chest on my back. His hands went to my nipples and he gently squeezed them both as he kissed my neck some more. I was in a trance as I felt his hands slide down and clutch the waistband of my jeans. He strongly worked them past my hips and slid them down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and he kicked them away. He began caressing my back and shoulders again and then the fingers of both hands slid up into my hair. My cock was throbbing at that point and killing me as I wear BVD's and I was really crammed. I had no choice but to reach down and adjust myself while he continued to run his fingers through my hair. It was such a relief to free my cock. It felt so good holding it but I could not bring myself to start stroking it in front of this total stranger. His right hand came down out of my hair and slid under my arm and he began caressing my stomach. I knew where he was heading as his hand worked its way lower and lower. I could not wait for his touch. His fingers slid into the hair on the back of my head and he grabbed ahold pulling my head back just as his right hand found my cock. Mmmmmmm he said, someone is really enjoying this I see. I meekly replied that I was in heaven. He walked to my side and while still clutching my hair he pulled my head towards his and gently brought his lips to mine. This was my first time kissing a guy and the feeling of his slight 5 o'clock shadow combined with his soft lips felt so foreign but so erotic at the same time that my mind was filled with emotions I had never experienced before. His lips slowly parted as he pressed them more firmly against mind and he started stroking my cock. I almost felt like I was going to pass out so much so that my knees got weak. I was literally melting into this mans arms as his tongue slipped into my mouth. I felt his erect penis brushing againts my leg and reached down an took ahold of it just as my tongue searched out his. This was another first as I had never touched another mans cock before. I was so into this man and the moment that it just felt natural. He let out a slight moan as I began to stroke him and he kissed me harder as he reached down with his other hand and cupped my balls and started stroking my quickly. Me knees got weak again as I began to thrust my hips to his stroking and he noticed. Perhaps you should come lay down on the table before you end up on the floor he said with a grin as he looked into my eyes. He reached down and took my hand from his cock and led me over to the table. I was totally helpless at this point. I would have followed him anywhere. Hop up he said as he turned me so my back was to the table. The table was fairly low so it was easy to slide my butt up and onto it. Just lay back he said as he reached around clutching my shoulder and easing me down onto the table. I have never felt so naked or vulnerable in my life as I did just then laying there on a table with my cock almost straight up in the air. He must have sensed this so he reached over and took a towel from the stack and draped it over my waist covering my cock. Better? he asked as he reached down and grabbed the head of my cock through the towel. My hips thrust up off the table in response to his touch. His right hand got a full grip on my cock through the towel as I felt the fingers of his left hand sliding through my hair from front to back and then grabbing ahold of it again. I gazed into his eyes as he bent over and brought his face closer to mine. He gently squeezed my cock as his lips found mine again. I could not believe how pleasurable the taste of his tongue and saliva were as our tongues danced in each others mouths. I wanted to devour him. His hand left my cock and he stood up. He stepped closer to my head and he began running the fingers of both hands through my hair. I moaned with pleasure as he played with my hair. His right hand reached around and he slid his fingers up the nape of my neck. Every hair on my head was alive right then as if they were sexual organs in their own right. My head instinctively turned to the right to allow him better access to my nape. Due to the low height of the table his cock was now right in my face. My only thought at that moment was how attractive his erect cock was and how much I wanted it in my mouth. For some reason I could not bring myself to ask him to guide it into my mouth but I was hoping that this would be his next move. He continued to caress my head and run his fingers through my hair. God you have such nice hair he said. So soft and silky. I moaned in pleasure as he continued to play with my hair. I have to be honest he said, I can't help but think about how much I want to buzz it all off. His cock came closer to my face for a moment but before I could open my mouth he pulled my head back, leaned in and kissed me again. His kisses went from my mouth to my cheek to my neck then down to my nipple which he took into his mouth and gently sucked. I never ever imagined I could feel this good or be so turned on as I was at that moment. His mouth left my nipple and he began kissing his way down my stomach. As he approached the towel his hand slid it down exposing my penis which was throbbing at this point. His left hand found my nipple which was hard as a rock from his sucking and he gently pinched it as his right hand took hold of my cock. He slowly stroke it and a small drop of pre cum appeared at the tip. He used his thumb and spread the precum all over the head of my cock. The sensation caused me to convulse and I felt like I was going to pass out. His head moved closer to my cock. I could not see it but I felt my cock sliding into his mouth. He licked and sucked the head of my cock a few times and then took me deep into his mouth. My hips rose up off the table to meet his motions. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming. I did not want to cum as I wanted this to last forever. I tried to take my mind off the sensation but it was to no avail. As if he could sense my closeness to cumming he suddenly stopped. He kept a firm grip on my cock but did not stroke it as he looked at me and asked...you like that? I gazed into his eyes and barely managed to get out God yes....that was so nice. I am glad you liked it man, you have such a nice cock, I could do that all day. I wouldn't stop you I said with a grin. He then covered my cock with the towel again. I must have had a look of disappointment on my face because he quickly said, don't worry, I am not done with you yet. The reassuring look on his face put me at ease and my gaze again went to his cock. I reached out to touch it again and he pulled back. I was puzzled by this and then he said...so, were you being honest when you said you never sucked a cock or even touched another guy. Yes, totally I said. I thought about it a lot but just never met anyone I wanted to do that with. After a brief pause he said, this is when your suppose to say until I met you and he laughed. I looked into his eyes, smiled and said....until I met you. I was hoping you would say that , he said. He leaned down and kissed me passionately for a few moments then reached down and grabbed my cock through the towel again. Our lips parted and with his face close to mine he said...I'll tell you what, I will let you suck my cock but on one condition. What's that I asked? I had a feeling what was coming next but was not sure. He stood up and walked over to the stack of towels. He took the top towel off the stack and laying there was a pair of cordless clippers and two plastic attachments. Knowing clippers I knew that one was a 1/2" guard and the other was a 1/4" guard. He picked up the clippers and snapped on the 1/2" attachment. He had this planned all along. If I really wanted to do this I could not think of any other way I would rather have it happen than with this man and the way it was going right now. I wanted him to shear me so bad but as usual was not ready to lose all my hair. Greg, I don't think I can do this I said with an obvious look of fear on my face. He came closer again and ran his fingers through my hair. I know how much you want to and I can relate to your fear of doing it. It is such a big change. You worry about how you will look, what everyone will say, you imagine that everyone will know you did it because it is such a turn on. I went through the same feelings for years every time I would let it grow out and then get the urge to shave it again. The worry was all for nothing. No one really cares. After the first time seeing you no one gives it a second thought. As far as knowing why you did it, why on earth would the ever suspect that? No more that you seeing a guy buy a pair of shoes and figuring he has a foot fetish. Also, I doubt you will be in any big rush to grow it out. I am hoping you will be back for a few touch ups, he said with a grin. I don't know Greg, I just don't think I can right now. I want to but...

Look, I would never do anything you did not want to do. Her is what I had in mind. You really want to try giving head right? Yes I said. Ok he said. Here is the deal. I will let you stroke my cock and lick the head all you want but you can't take me in your mouth ok? I looked at his cock, it was beautiful. I wanted to touch it again and taste it so bad. Ok I said but why can't I take it in my mouth? I did not say you couldn't I said I would let you lick it. Now, if you do take me into your mouth I get to buzz all this pretty hair off the top of your head he said as he grabbed a handful of the hair on the top . Sound ok he said as his eyes widened and his hand found my cock again. I wanted to taste his cock so badly right now I would have almost agreed to anything. He slowly stroked my cock as he awaited my response. Ok I said but you won't just buzz it right? Promise, not unless you decide to take me into your mouth he said. Ok I said figuring I could resist the urge to take him into my mouth. Wait, there is more he said as he stroked me again. If you do give in you have to keep on sucking ok. Ok I said. Good he said but then, I am going to snap on the 1/4" attachment and if I feel you bite down on my cock and I have a feeling you will want to, I am going to buzz it again while you keep sucking. Thinking it would never get to that point I again said ok. Good good he said. Now, just one more thing. I am going to take the guard off and the second you make me cum in your mouth I am running the bare clippers right up the middle of your head. Don't worry. I will let you know if I am getting close. Once again feeling brave and wanting his cock on my lips I agreed to this little well thought out game of his. That's great he said. Let me see that cock of yours again. He slid the towel back, bent over and took my cock which was now oozing precum into his mouth. Again he knew just when to stop. He kissed his way up my body pausing at my nipples again and then his lips found mine. He was literally drooling and I was drinking up every drop. My head was spinning as he pulled away and asked, are you ready? I was more than ready. I wanted to taste his cock so bad I know I was drooling to. He stood up wand positioned himself so that his cock was level with my face. He reached behind my head, grabbed my hair and pulled my face close to the edge of the table. I turned slightly on my side, reached out and took his cock in my hand. The tip was glistening with precum and remembering what he did to me I worked it around the head with my thumb. He softly moaned as I began to stroke him. He moved in closer to the table. His cock was inches from my mouth. He placed the clippers on the table right in front of my stomach, reach over and took my cock in his hand. I inched my head closer to the edge of the table and he thrust forward bringing his cock right to my lips. I paused for a moment and then rubbed his cock across my lips. I cold feel the wetness of his precum on my lips. I licked my lips and for the first time tasted another man. It was salty and sweet at the same time. Not a bad taste at all. I began stroking and licking the head of his cock wanting more. He cupped my balls in his hand using his thumb and index finger to hold my cock. He swiftly shook my cock back and forth. It was so hard it felt like it could snap off. He so knew what he was doing. I never dreamed I could feel like this. I licked and licked his cock as he continued to moan. Oh yes he said, lick it, lick it. I licked it harder and faster taking the head almost into my mouth. I was so aroused. I mind was a whirl. He started running his fingers through my hair again commenting on it's softness, begging me to let him shear me, to please suck his cock. The thoughts of this happening were growing stronger and stronger as he stroked and talked to me, my lips parted more and more, I remembered what he said about all the worrying being for nothing. No one cared, we could see each other again and again. His hand went to the back of my head again. The head of his cock was right against my lips as I felt him apply a slight pressure to the back of my head. C'mon please, suck my cock, you know you want to. My lips parted a bit more almost taking the entire head into my mouth. I was not sure how much I could take into my mouth before he considered me to be sucking his cock. I let just the rim of the head slip into my mouth a few times and nothing happened. I was testing the waters, bringing myself closer and closer to losing my hair. I knew this. I also wanted it to happen, I just could not take the plunge. The next thing I knew he turned on the clippers. Greg I said. You promised. Don't worry, I won't he said. I just thought you might like to hear them and feel them on your forehead. I moaned with pleasure as I went back to licking the head of his cock. My eyes were closed as I savored the taste of his cock and I heard the clippers drawing closer to my head. The thought of them being run right down the middle of my head was racing through my mind. The image of my hair falling onto the massage table. The pleasure it would bring this wonderful new friend of mine to see me being shorn by his own hand. Please he begged, please, take me into your mouth, you know you want to. I felt like I was ready to explode, I was licking the head of his cock in a frenzy, the vibration of the clippers on my forehead was somehow finding its way to my cock. My lips parted a bit again and I almost took him into my mouth. I felt him push the clippers a little bit closer to my hairline. Please Chris, please, suck my cock, let me buzz this beautiful head of yours. I was panting now I was licking so quickly, I could taste precum again, he was moaning, I had images again of my hair being shorn, the path right up the middle the clippers would leave. Please he moaned again. It was all to much, This beautiful sneaky man had Won. I had no choice. I gave in to both of our pleasure. My lips opened wide and sensing this he guided his beautiful cock into my mouth. I closed my lips around it and started sliding them up and down as much of his cock as I could fit in my mouth. I had no sooner realized that I was sucking his cock when I felt the clippers go right up the middle of my head all the way to the back. I cannot possibly describe the sensation as he made pass after pass over the top of my head. He softly moaned oh Chris, oh Chris a few times as he watched my long brown hair being buzzed from my head. He caressed the top of my head a few times and I could tell he was enjoying himself. Again I did not want this to end. I wanted to feel the clippers on my head forever, have his cock in my mouth until he exploded. I kept sucking his cock as he turned off the clippers. He took off the 1/2" guard and snapped on the 1/4" attachment then set them down on the table again. His hands went to my head again. The feel of the long bristles felt so soft as he ran his hands across them and then through the longer hair on the sides and back. Oh Chris he said. You have no idea how good you are making me feel. He echoed my sentiments when he said he never wanted it to end. His hand found my cock again. It was soaked in precum which he worked all over my cock. He continued to stroke me as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He bent down and took me into his mouth, cupping my balls, stroking and sucking my cock. Again he knew just when to stop. He brought his cock to my lips and picked up the clippers again. My mouth opened and he slid into my mouth again. His hand cupped the back of my head and he thrust deep into my mouth. I let out a slight gag and he backed off a bit. Knowing his limit he never thrust any deeper again. It was perfect. I again tasted his precum. Please Chris, don't stop he said. I did not know if he meant sucking his cock or if he wanted me to take the haircut to the next stage. His cock slid in and out of my mouth as images of my hair as it looked now and what it would look like shorter played in my mind. I started stroking his cock while I was sucking it. Oh Chris he moaned, oh man what your doing to me. I was so glad to hear how much pleasure I was giving him. I wanted to give him more, I wanted to be his, to give myself to him. Crazy I know but that is how I truly felt at the moment. I paused sucking him for a moment toying with the idea of gently biting down on his pretty cock and feeling the clippers once more gliding across the top of my head. He some how sensed where he had me and again and turned on the clippers. Oh Chris he said again as he placed the clippers on my forehead. I again took him deeply into my mouth and stroked his cock. He moaned with pleasure again, I felt a shudder course through his body as I worked his cock with my tongue. Oh Chris, oh Chris I heard again. Just hearing him moan my name brought me to new heights. I was really to explode myself. I paused briefly again. I kept thinking I wanted this, I needed this, it will make him so happy...

I gently bit down on his cock and I heard him moan as the clippers slowly glided up the middle of my head........

This is really a lot of writing for me. I only got this much done because reliving the experience in this way has been pretty intense to say the least. I don't think I have stayed this hard for this long since my teens....lol.

I am going to send a copy of this to Greg. I am going to ask him if he could complete it from his perspective. I hope he does. If not, if you all enjoyed it so far I will at least finish this wonderful episode of my experience with Greg.

Thanks Craigslist....lol.

Ok, here goes.

Part 2

Try as I may I could not get Greg to write the remainder of this experience. Not a good writer and far to busy he said. Like I have nothing better to do....lol. Thanks Greg.

So....without further adieu.....

I did not know what was getting me more excited, sucking this beautiful cock or feeling the clippers being run all over the top of my head. I was so lost in the sensations. Oh Chris, it's all coming off now Greg said as he continued to shear me. He ran his hand over the top of my head and I could feel such a difference between the first buzz and how short it was now. I was not freaking out or anything as I have had my hair this short before and resigned myself to being buzzed. He was so aroused. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and gazed at it for a moment. It was such a nice cock, the kind I always thought about sucking in my fantasy's. It was glistening from the combination of his pre cum and my saliva. I felt the clippers glide up the right side of my head as I took him into my mouth again. The clippers made a much different sound as they encountered the longer hair on the sides. I was in heaven and started sucking him quicker. As he finished the sides and began to buzz as much as he could reach at the back I started stroking his cock. He was moaning again and I stroked him quicker. Oh God I heard him moan as I could tell a large portion of hair just fell to the clippers and landed on the sheet. I started working my lips up and down on his cock savoring every moment. There was no way he could continue buzzing due to the motion of my head while I was sucking him. He started running his hands all over the buzzed sections which drove me wild. I was stroking and sucking him so quickly now, I could feel his hips thrusting. Looking back I know I was in some sort of frenzy. Over and over he moaned as he rubbed my head. I was literally jerking him off into my mouth I felt. I could not bring myself to stop. I wanted to have him cum in my mouth so badly at that moment. All thoughts of the clippers left my head as I savored sucking this beautiful cock. I stroked him even faster and I watched his hairless balls swinging as I stroked him. I knew how uncomfortable this can be sometimes so I cupped his balls with my left hand and continued to stroke him as fast as I could. It was the right move because now he started thrusting his hips like someone was poking him in the butt from behind. I could sense his body tensing as I took him as deeply into my throat as I could. Oh Chris, oh Chris he moaned as he pulled out of my mouth. I could tell he was trying to hold off cumming. I pulled his cock to my lips again and took the head into my mouth. I started jerking his cock again and sensed his body tensing. Faster and faster I stroked him and then he seemed to go into a spasm as he let out a loud moan. As strange as it seems I did not feel him cum in my mouth but I could suddenly taste it. Oh my God, he came in my mouth I thought. I could feel my mouth filling as he continued thrusting and moaning. Not wanting to ruin it I suppressed a gag and kept sucking him and then swallowed his cum. I could not believe I just did that but the odd thing is I wanted to taste more. I pulled his cock out and looked at the tip. There was a small pearl of cum oozing out of his cock and I took it back into my mouth and savored the taste. Much stronger taste than the pre cum, kind of bitter but not all that bad. It is really strange how you can not be crazy about the taste but tasting it on your tongue can be such a turn on. He was panting and sweating as he pulled out of my mouth. I figured his next move would be to take the guard off the clippers and buzz me bald. I was so turned on there is no way I would have stopped him. Instead he rolled me onto my back again and brought his lips to mine. His tongue darted into my mouth exploring every inch as if looking for traces of his own cum. His hand found my cock as we kissed and his other hand caressed my head. Our lips parted, I was so aroused I was feeling like I was going to pass out again. He slowly worked his was down my body and again I felt him take me into his mouth. I could not see what he was doing but it felt incredible. He gently squeezed my balls as he took me deep into his mouth. No gagging for him, he took every bit of my 7" cock like it was nothing. Now it was my turn to moan. Oh Greg, God that feels so good. He started working my cock faster now jerking and sucking just as I was a few moments ago. I felt myself drawing closer and closer to cumming and figured he would stop any moment. Instead he started moaning himself and seemed to go all crazy on my cock. My hips were thrusting up off the table as he worked my cock. I looked down and gazed at his glistening bald head. It looked so erotic. I reached down and caressed it as well a I could. It was so smooth. The thoughts of my head being that smooth were racing through my head. If I could have held out longer I know I would have been begging him to shave me. There was no way I could ask him to stop what he was doing. I could feel the cum building in my loins. ( Oh my God, I should write porn...lol) His moans only brought me closer and I thrust up off the table and felt myself cumming in his mouth. He kept sucking until I was completely spent then stood up and looked at me. I gazed into his eyes as he brought his lips close to mine. My lips parted as his met mine and his tongue darted into my mouth. He had saved my cum and was now sharing it with me. I could not believe I was not repulsed but instead savored the taste. Then to my surprise he climbed up onto the table and lay on top of me. I had never imagined having a man on top of me like this. I have to be honest here and say that at first it made me feel a little feminine having him on top of me but it quickly passed as I rationalized that it is just what guy's do. We kissed for the longest time and then he started playing with my hair again. What a mess I made with your hair he laughed. We are going to have to do something about that don't you think. Um hmm I moaned as his lips met mine. I could feel his cock growing as it pressed against my pelvis and I am sure he could feel mine. Suddenly he hopped off of me and opened a drawer on the small table and took out a bottle of massage oil. He opened it and filled his cupped hand with the oil. He put the bottle down and brought his oil filled hand to my cock. He stroked and spread the oil all over my cock. It was so intense I was hard as a rock again. He reached down and stroked his own cock bring it to full attention also and then hopped back on top of me. He reached down and took hold of my cock and slipped it between his thighs. He brought his lips to mine again and then began thrusting his hips as if he were f***ing me. It felt so so good. I could not believe it. I truly never wanted this sensation to end. I do not know if it was having him on top of me or the feeling of my cock sliding between his thighs but this was even more intense than the blowjob. I never know I could feel this good. My eyes were closed as we kissed and I was enjoying the sensation but then I could sense him reaching out for something. I wanted to open my eyes, perhaps to protest if he had picked up the clippers but for some reason I could not do it. It was as if I were in a trance. I knew what was coming next. I was going to end up totally bald. Something I have always wanted but never had the nerve to do. Thoughts of being bald and how I would explain it filled my head but they were quickly vanquished by the sensation of his thrusting hips and his caressing my head. I heard the familiar click and hum as the clippers came to life. I had no idea if he had taken the guard off or not. I did not want to know for some reason. I think it just made the moment that much more intense. Oh Chris he said as his lips found mine again. I could still taste my cum as our tongues danced in each others mouths. I heard the clippers approaching my head and again thought of opening my eyes but resisted. He slowly worked my cock with his thighs. I felt his hard cock rubbing against my pelvis as he thrusted. I hoped it felt as good for him as it did for me. I could sense that the clippers were just above my forehead and moaned in anticipation. Oh yes he said as I felt the cold metal of the bare blade touch my forehead. I knew it was all coming off now and that I was powerless to stop it. The clippers slowly glided right up the middle of my head. The image of what it looked like got me so aroused. I was thrusting up off the table. Again and again he ran the clippers over the top of my head. He kissed me again and then turned my head to the side. The sensation of the clippers running up the side of my head behind my ear and all the way to the top was incredible. He took the entire side and as much of the back off as he could and then turned my head the other way. I could feel the shaved section of the back of my hear rubbing against the sheets. I slight mode of panic set in but was quickly quelled by the sensation of the other side of my head being shorn. Having done all he could from this position he turned off the clippers and set them down. He kissed me again and then slid off me and stood up. He stroked my cock and I figured another blowjob was coming but instead he asked me to stand up. I did and he turned me to face the table. He walked around and picked up the massage oil again and walked back and stood behind me. I heard him open the bottle and then felt a stream of oil running down my butt crack. Greg, you can't. No way I am doing anal, I'm sorry. Don't worry Chris he said. I am not really into it either. Just relax and let me finish your haircut ok he said with a reassuring smile. Ok I said as I rested my hands on the table. He picked up the clippers, turned them on and then moved in close behind me. I felt him position his hard cock right on my butt crack. He slowly started thrusting and reached around and took hold of my cock with his oily hand .He slowly stroked me getting so hard it felt like it could snap off. He let go of my throbbing cock and I then felt the clippers at the base of my neck. He ran them all the way up the back and over the already buzzed top. I watched in wonder as a large clump of my hair fell to the table. He thrust his cock a few more times and then made another pass. Another clump fell to the table and he then reached around and stroked me again. The sensation was over the top. (pardon the pun...lol). There was much more hair there than I thought as I watched it pile up on the table. He began thrusting again as he ran the clippers all over my head. I was loving it. What a feeling. He put the clippers down and was slowly thrusting his cock along my butt crack and then reached around and began stroking me again. I was so hard and getting close to cumming again. I then felt his oily hand caressing my head. What a feeling. So rough. Not like his smooth head.

How does it feel he asked. So strange I said as he started stroking me quicker. Your going to love it when I shave your head bald like mine he said. The words got me so excited my knees almost buckled again. He was humping my butt like crazy now and stroking me faster and faster. I started moaning and saying oh Greg, oh Greg over and over again. He felt me tense up and knew I was going to cum. He ran his oily hand over the head of my cock a few time and then went back to stroking. It was all I could take. He was moaning, I was moaning, the world was spinning out of control and I came Harder than I have ever cum in my life. I felt him thrust harder and could feel his warm cum running down my butt crack. We came together. What a glorious ending. Would I have let him f*** me if he tried. I doubt it but who knows. I was so turned on and will probably never be that aroused again so I will never know I guess.

We headed for the shower and he shaved my head for me. It was pretty uneventful. I guess we wore each other out. I did enjoy the sensation of being shaved but I think it was the process of getting there that was the major turn on.

We hung out for a while talking about what happened and many other things. We have a lot in common.

No, I do not keep my head shaved. I liked the feeling of being bald but hated when it was rough. My head would get stuck trying to pull on a tee shirt...lol. Greg keeps me buzzed for the most part. We settled on a 3/8" length with a little bumper in the front. Not a bad look people tell me. Yes it was uncomfortable meeting people and then having to tell them I bought a pair of clippers and tried to give myself a haircut and really messed it up so had to just shave it and start over. Best I could come up with. Yes, it was no big deal to them and I actually got some pity points...lol. No one really cared. No we did not move in together but we did become close friends. If I am not at his house he is at mine.

Yes, I do shave Greg. Mostly just his head. The whole body shaving thing is rather tedious but I do indulge him on occasion.

Well, that's about it. I hope you enjoyed it. We have discussed trying to find someone that would like to be shaved by a couple of nice friendly guy's. Should it ever happen perhaps I will do a tell all once again.
Again, I may have embellished a bit here and there but for the most part all fact, no fiction. How cool is that...lol?



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