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Colin's Cucumber Head Look by Manny

I glanced into Dillan’s classroom and saw him pouring over scads of loose papers that looked like a semester’s worth of homework assignments and exams. His tense, nervous fingers plied the lionesque mane of wavy blond hair giving him an even a wild, virile look.

"Working on your grades?" I asked in a cheerful, smug tone. Mine were already done and turned into Mr. Peebles, the high school principal.

"I’m trying to get organized. I haven’t even started...and Peebles has already been around reminding me they are due in two hours," he replied in an exasperated tone.

"You mean in two days," I replied.

"No, I mean two hours. Last year, when I didn’t have them in on time, he told me mine would be due two days in advance," Dillan remarked ruefully. "He’s got it in for me. Piled on and told me I needed to professionalize my classroom management. Then the jerk took the opportunity to comment on my hair. AGAIN! ‘You should get a professional haircut at the barber shop I use....’ he told me. Can you believe he thinks I should shuffle into Dave’s Barber Shop for a standard short back ‘n sides haircut?"

Mr. Peebles and I were definitely on the same wavelength. What I wouldn't give to see Dillan's precious locks falling to a barber's cape! Those lovely soft waves of blond hair falling in torrents to a pristine white cape.....

Then Dillan shifted from an angry to a preoccupied tone. "Has Peebles renewed your contract for next year yet, Colin?"

I fudged on the answer to heighten the stress and tension handsome Dillan, with the beautiful wavy hair, was feeling. "Yep. Haven’t returned it yet, though. What about you?"

"No! And I need this contract renewed. I have some financial obligations, and if I'm unemployed..... I’m sure he’s waiting to see if I screw up on my grades again," spouted Dillan.

I entered the classroom and strode over to the stressed-out Dillan. "I’m sure you’re right about that," I commented casually. Boy, was it ever fun to pile on and ratchet up his anxiety! "You better get the grades done, pronto! My guess is that Peebles is also waiting to see whether you visit Dave’s Barber Shop or not," I said, casually, as I playfully smoothed Dillan’s lush locks. The feel of his silken tresses was divine.

Dillan had his hair styled at a trendy salon in an almost womanly bob — long and carefree on the top and sides, but clipped short at the nape. If he weren’t so ruggedly handsome, the feminine cut would have made him look like a patsy.

As my fingers lingered in his hair, I asked, "Want some help organizing this mess on your desk and averaging your grades? Mine are all finished and already turned into Mr. Peebles."

He looked up with a huge smile and look of gratitude. "Sure! You’re a real pal, Colin! Can you help me get organized? I need you to guide me through a bit of a professionalization process....."

We switched places and I got quickly to work separating the homework assignments from the exams, having Dillan place them in alphabetical order by student and then calling out the grades while I recorded them. It was an administrative labor, but I was happy to do it.

Just as we were approaching the 4 pm deadline, I announced, "Finished! The list is ready for your to turn into Mr. Peebles. We can’t linger, though, if we’re going to make it to Dave’s before the shop closes."

"Dave’s?" Dillan stammered, confused.

"Dave’s Barber Shop. The haircut, Dillan. We settled the grades. Your hair is next. Haircut at the barbershop. I can guarantee the contract will be in your hands before you’ve adjusted to seeing yourself with a tidy, professional look!"

"I’m not...." he began to protest.

I quickly stood and exerted control of the situation by grasping the lionesque mane and simulating a clippers. "Once these flowing locks have been tapered short around the ears and up the back, you’ll look like a true educational professional, Dillan! Let’s go — it’s 3:58 p.m."

Dillan gathered the papers reluctantly and worked on smoothing down his hair as best as he could while we scurried to the principal’s office.

"Ah, the Messiuers Rolph and Tate! To what do I owe the pleasure?" Mr. Peebles asked, peering over the thick black plastic frame glasses.

"My grades, sir!" Dillan announced with a proud tone. "Right on time!"

Then, I quickly added, "And, our next stop is Dave’s Barber Shop! You will not recognized Dillan when you see him tomorrow, sir!"

Dillan gave me a rather sick look. Now, he’d been ensnared. He would have to go along with my agenda. My cock stirred at the thought of his glimmering leonine mane falling to the barber’s cape.

Mr. Peebles smiled broadly. "Well, I welcome all positive changes. And a haircut for Dillan certainly would be in that category. You’ve surprised me today, Dillan."

"Doesn’t Mr. Peebles have a very smart haircut, Dillan? It’s not a standard short back ‘n sides," I noted.

Mr. Peebles beamed. "I didn't leave my military haircut behind when I returned to civilian life. I feel like this tight crewcut projects more authority. When I’m disciplining those high school boys, they know I’m not someone to mess with!"

Mr. Peebles ran his hand up the back of his head against the grain of his tight crewcut.

"Dillan, I dare say you will be asking Dave the barber to cut your hair just like Mr. Peebles," I remarked. He looked at me in disbelief, but remained silent.

"You both would look good with crewcuts," Mr. Peebles quipped in a confident tone. "You’re an aspiring school principal, aren’t you, Colin?" My stomach lurched. That had not been part of the plan! I was quite particular about my longish businesscut with the floppy bangs. "I will phone Dave and let him know the two of you are on your way, not to close early. A crewcut, or perhaps even shorter. Let’s say, a #2 on top and a #1 on the sides? Or how about standard butch cuts for summer? Yes, a #1 all over. Baldy cuts on young male teachers supervising summer school will be quite to my liking! I saw you both have signed up to teach summer school."

Baldy cuts?! The situation had definitely spiraled out of control. But I was determined to see Dillan’s mane fall....and I would find a way to weasel out of my turn under the cape.

"Let’s go, Dillan! Haircut time!" I announced. He complied meekly...lead like a lamb to the shearers as we exited the principal's office.

Dillan manipulated his leonine mane throughout the ride over to Dave’s Barber Shop. "You know, I’m sort of looking forward to the baldy cut....be free of all this for a change."

What?! Looking forward to it?! I had assumed Dillan was very attached to his beautiful, long hair.

"Ever had a butch, Colin?" Dillan asked, eyeing my longish businesscut.

"When I was a boy," I replied. "What about you?"

"Same — beginning of summer....all our hair came off in the garage. My father would give the boys butch cuts. Then my mom would buzz him too; not as short as us, but it was a big change from his standard business cut."

Dave’s Barber Shop was empty when we arrived, except for the barber tidying up the counter. "You the two Fred Peebles called about?"

"Yep, here for butch cuts," Dillan said almost eagerly. I did not share his enthusiasm.

Then, to my surprise and total chagrin, Dillan announced, "He’s first!"

"Okay, sir, hop up here into this chair. I can’t remember if Peebles said to give you a #1 or a #2 all over," Dave said.

"A #2, please," I said forcefully as I slowly climbed into the oversized barber chair. I did my best to safe a bit of my glossy hair. My legs felt wobbly and my stomach lurched. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. My only consolation was that Dillan’s mane would be next. He had a lot more hair to lose. Only about three inches would come off my top. He would easily lose twice that amount.

Cape, metal clip, chair pumped up, clippers snapped on...it all went very quickly.

I sat facing away from the mirror, watching Dillan fiddle with his iPhone.

"Ready?" Dave announced as the clippers were brought up past my anguished eyes.

"Not really," I murmured.

It was to no avail. The clippers plowed into and through my thick, brown hair, sending the first chunks to the cape. The vibration on my scalp sent a shiver down my spine.

Then I noticed Dillan was filming my makeover. My humiliation in the chair for posterity.....

"How’s it looking?" I asked nervously.

"Like a lot of fun. Oh, my, I can't believe you're getting a real baldy cut," he laughed.

Then he paused. "Hey, a text from Peebles’ business manager entitled ‘contracts’ just was sent out to all staff." Dillan stopped filming my haircut to read it. "What? I’m confused. You said you already got your contract, but this is what the message says: Sorry for the delay in getting the contracts out. I expect to have them in your mailboxes by OOB tomorrow. The good news is that there’s a 4% increased in salaries across the board."

I’d been trapped in a little white lie.... Watching torrents of hair falling to the cape reminded me I also got trapped in my own snare that had been set to see Dillan shorn of his beautiful hair. My eyes averted his gaze. I nervously slipped my hand out from under the cape and grasped a large chunk of my cut hair.

Then, Dillan came to my rescue, "I guess some people got their contracts, but it was easier to send the message out to the collective."

"Yes, probably the case," I muttered with some relief. "Maybe I was just told I was getting one....."

"Well, in any event, what’s important is that I no longer have to cut my hair to please Peebles!" Dillan stood and admired his hair in the mirror. He ran his fingers through his lush locks enjoying the sensation. Then he looked at my baldy cut, which was more than half way done and smirked, "Oh, but the butch is looking sweet on you, Colin. Are you sure you don’t want to go down shorter? A #2 will look shaggy in just a week or two!"

"Shaggy!" I exclaimed. "There’s only one member on the faculty who looks shaggy. And what will Peebles say when he sees me clipped but not you?!"

Dillan strode up to me and rubbed my clipped pate condescendingly. "He’ll make some remark....like I need to be more like Colin with his butch cut and grades always in on time."

"Do you want a #1?" Barber Dave asked. "I can take you down to the wood, in fact."

"Oh, do it, Colin!" Dillan exclaimed. "I mean, you've lost so much hair, another eighth of an inch wouldn't make a big difference."

"Should we both get #1s?" I asked, hoping he'd still consent to the cape and clippers.

"Nope! I love my hair!" he laughed, shaking his leonine mane and admiring it in the barbershop mirror.

I dreaded seeing the new my as the barber swiveled the chair around. And there I was, looking like a vulnerable pre-pubescent schoolboy with a baldy cut! The barber used his duster to whisk away stray hairs.

"Sure I can't persuade you to take a seat," the barber asked Dillan once I'd been released from my torment. "Fred Peebles said you both were coming for haircuts. And, of the two of you, you were definitely in the greatest need, young man."

"One baldy for today is enough," Dillan said smuggly as he rubbed my head playfully. "Maybe some other time, though. This feels wonderful!" As we left the shop, Dillan gave me a bit of a hug. "You're a good sport, Colin. And so cute with the baldy cut!" He fingered my short pelt and caressed my nape. It gave me shivers and I was sorry it ended.

We got in the car and I studied myself in the mirror. I was unrecognizable. No more business cut. Just a baldy! Dillan watched me intently.

"That wasn't fair of me," he said softly, in a penitent-sort of voice. "Bailing on our twin baldy cuts like that, was it?"

I turned the car key and the engine roared to life.

"You wanted to see me shorn of my hair, didn't you?" Dillan continued. He reached over and switched off the key. "Come on, there's some unfinished business at Dave's!"

"Are you serious?" I stammered.

"Lead me back in there and it'll be completely up to you to tell the barber how to cut my hair....down to the wood if you want! I owe you big time for helping me with my grades.....and I had been looking forward to feeling the clippers against my scalp."

His gesture was so touching. With my hand I grasped a mass of his lovely, wavy blond hair. The feel was divine. "You'd sacrifice all of this for me? Your cool, hip look?"

"All of it, if that's what you want. I'll even let you take a razor to the stubble and scrape me clean!" he laughed. Then Dillan unexpectedly leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

I blushed and shivered. He looked so handsome with that wonderful mane of hair....I couldn't trash his unique, sexy look. I reached for the key and revved up the engine. "Let's head over to my place. The only scalp that'll be feeling the razor is going to be mine....."

He kissed me again. "Let's go! I can't wait to take this off," he said as he stroked my closely clipped pelt. "I want to see that vulnerable look appear on your innocent face all over again. You should've seen yourself in the barber's chair when your new baldy look was first revealed! Oh, Colin, think about tomorrow, how you'll feel, as you walk into school tomorrow with your head as smooth as a cucumber! Everyone whispering and snickering....staring at your virgin chromedome! No more Mr. Everything is in Place and under control. No more fussy businesscut with hair carefully combed to the side. So innocent, so scared, so submissive."

I gulped and realized that's just how I wanted things to be....

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