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Staffan and Nate - Haircut Buddies? by P.J.

Staffan and Nate - Haircut Buddies?

Staffen rolled into the parking lot of the townhouse complex and paused, looking for unit #7. Zeroing in on it he maneuvered the Hertz rental box truck so he could unload on the sidewalk and have the shortest route to the front door. The complex looked great. He still couldn't believe that he'd found something this nice, close to his new job and near so many amenities too. He was just glad to be out of the Twin Cities, far from the broken LTR with Nick. That was now officially history. New start in Arizona. No more cold winters, and no more relationship drama. He was a free man. He'd been on a lucky streak too. He'd found a job right away with a Major defense contractor as a software engineer. They'd done phone interviews and hired him on the spot. They had a hot new project starting soon and needed his skill set. Then lucking out with the new digs was luck too. He'd been able to take the 2 bedroom loft condo month to month with an option for long term rental. He'd sold the car back in Minnesota, he needed to replace it anyway. That was first on his list after moving in. He had all of next week to take care of details then the new job started.

He hopped out of the truck, walked up to the front door and used the keys the super had given him earlier when he'd signed the rental agreement. WOW, this place was every bit as good looking as the pics on line and then some. Freshly painted, ready for him.

He started carrying boxes in and realized two things simultaneously. 1. it was bloody hot! his phone weather app said it was 105 today. Yikes! Having shoulder length hair was suddenly going to be interesting . He was already sweating. and 2. He would need some help with a couple of big things to get them off the truck. He'd have to ask the super for help or see if he knew any kids wanting to earn a few bucks. As he was unloading a guy about his age parked at unit #8 next door, and walked up to the front door. He waved at Staffen and said hi. Staffen had an arm full so only nodded and said hello back. After a few more trips Staffen noticed the guy coming back out, he approached Staffen. Hi I'm Nate, I guess by the look of things we're going to be neighbors. I just rented unit #8 next door. Staffen smiled back, extended his hand to shake, sizing Nate up. Wow, all this and a HOT looking new neighbor too. Nate was probably late 20's, tall, at least 6', slim but well built, and topped with a thick pony tail of the most interesting shade of auburn hair Staffen had ever seen.

Nate shook Staffens hand, trying not to be obvious about checking him out. Wow, Staffen was about his height, fairly muscular but in a yummy sort of way and oh my, check out that mane of straw blonde hair blowing in the breeze, thick, straight, and at least touching his shoulder blades if Nate had to guess, wonder who had the pleasure of keeping that so properly cut.
Ah, so you're going to be moving in soon too I take it, Staffen offered? Yes, My trucks back at the rental office. I'm on my way to get it now. Hey, how about we give each other a hand moving the big stuff in Staffen suggested? Sure, I'll be back in 5 and we can get started.

They each made short work of the move in work, neither had an overly large quantity of stuff. Both of them were hot sweaty and tired after finishing up though. Hey, Staffen said, how about we get cleaned up and I buy you a beer at one of the local watering holes for helping me out ? Sounds good, meet you out front here in an hour was Nates reply. They both started settling in, showered and were out front at the appointed time. Well, your truck or mine said Nate, or shall we walk and explore?

It was Sunday evening , the dinner hour, but there had to be a bar open somewhere close. They wandered, found "Young's Tavern" and settled in at the bar. Several beers later they'd learned a fair amount about each other. They were both going to be working at the same company, likely on the same project as they were both software engineers and had been hired by the same person. They were both coming off of failed LTR's with guys. They both loved to exercise and were looking forward to not having to deal with cold weather any more. Nate was from Upstate New York. They both commented on each other's long hair too. What a set of coincidences. Nate mused that he hadn't thought much about how hot it was here. He didn't know about keeping the pony tail look in this heat. Staffen agreed but chirped Oh well that's one thing I'll miss, Nick and I used to cut each other's hair. He ran his hand through his plush blonde mane, flipping it back over his shoulder. It hasn't been that long but I'm going to have to find a barber before too much longer. Not sure what I'll find once we start the new job either. I hadn't discussed much about dress code over the phone. Neither did I said Nate, but...I might be able to help you out in the haircut department. Staffen raised his eyebrows in surprise. Oh, why is that? Well my partner and I used to cut each other's hair also. I'm pretty good at it too. O.K. Staffen quipped, we both have basically shoulder length mops, a slight trim thru the back to keep them even is about all we need. It isn't that hard right? Well yes, with the 2 of us that's true, but my partner like to experiment with different styles so I got pretty good with the clipper too, How about your Nick? Oh, he was a fuss budget, I could try things but never clipper work. He wore his in lots of different layered styles, some fairly short, you can get quite short with just scissor s and comb you know. Well, maybe before we start work, sometime next week we can have a haircut night asked Nate. Sure, what have we got to lose said Staffen , only a couple of inches of hair right?

Staffen set about getting things in order to start work. He found a car, finished getting the basics for the new condo, and settled in. Likewise for Nate. By the end of the week they both felt pretty good about their new situations. They were also becoming good friends in the process.

Nate said, hey how about Saturday night we make it a haircut night? Staffen said sure, want to come over to my place for it. Yup, fine, I'll bring my stuff. We can order Chinese in and make a night of it. Sounds good!

Saturday dinner time rolled around and Nate appeared at Staffens door with a mesh bag off stuff. I found a Chinese place that delivers, what sounds good? They agreed on, and ordered food , it would arrive in 45 min. Perfect said Nate, we can discuss what we want to do for haircuts while we wait, I don't want to be in the middle of a cut and have to stop to eat. O.K. sure said Staffen. Well, who goes first pondered Nate? Lets flip said Staffen, digging a quarter out of his pocket. I call tails quipped Nate. Staffen flipped, it was Heads. O.K. my choice, I'll go first, if you screw things up that way I can exact revenge. Wow, no pressure here observed Nate. Now, since your first Staffen, what am I doing with you, a tight #1 butch, all off? Staffens eyes blazed, Nate had never seen them get that blue before. Touch me with the clippers and you're a dead man Nate! Alrighty then, I guess just a trim? Staffen said Yes, let's start there, I think I want to wait till I get the lay of the land at work before I do something too drastic. I kind of like my mop the way it is really, despite the heat. Nate reached over and ran his hand through Staffens think mane, pushing it back behind his ear on the right side. Then he stood in front of Staffen and ran both hands through it, pushing it all straight back gathering it into a tail. He tipped Staffens face up and looked closely, still think you'd look HOT with a #1 butch though. NOT HAPPENING! Are you any good at layering or feathering the ends though. I don't want it to look like I just took the scissors and chopped away at it. WOW, give me a little credit Nate purred, you'll look just like you've been to a salon when I get through with you bud!

Food arrived, they ate and drank a bit. Then Staffen said , I'm going to wash my hair so we can get started. Nate jumped up, Oh, can I do it? I'm used to doing it from before. Sure ,I guess , follow me said Staffen. He let the way to the Jacuzzi in the master bath, stripped down to his skivvies and stepped in.

Nate couldn't take his eyes off of Staffens cute butt as he bent over to get his head wet under the spout. He noticed a slight bulge in the appropriate place too. Hmm How could anybody not like this guy he thought.

After a few manipulations, Nate soon had Staffen shampooed and double conditioned. Staffen dried off, slipped on a pair of running shorts, and plopped down on the chair he'd positioned in front of the huge vanity mirror. Nate got set up, brought the clippers out too. You won't be needing those bucco quipped Staffen, brushing out his damp locks. I'll still need them to shave the stray hairs on your neck, we run a class establishment here, you won't leave looking shabby on my watch.

Nate finally got his hands in Staffens Blonde mane. It was heaven to run the comb thru it. Staffen had brushed it out but Nate needed it combed to make sure it was all at maximum length for the cut. His hair was so thick, even damp, that the comb almost disappeared into it. This was going to be fun thought Nate.

O.K. what are we doing again Nate quipped reaching for the clippers. He snapped them on and Staffen jumped up. I SAID NO CLIPPERS! and started walking out of the room. OH Boy thought Nate. Come back here. Staffen was halfway across the bedroom by then saying "get out"! Nate turned the clippers off and trotted after Staffen. Stop barked Nate, can't you take a joke? Staffen turned around , crying, and said NO I CAN'T! Not when it come to clippers and my hair! " What don't you get" bawled Staffen? Nate had never seen a guy cry like this before. He sat on the bed and pated it for Staffen to sit too. Staffen hesitated, then ambled over and perched onthe edge of the bed. O.K. what gives asked Nate? Staffen sniffed and said, I'm sorry, I hate being like this but my ex, Nick, was always threatening to chop my hair off with the clippers whenever we did haircuts. I hated it then, and I still do now. I'm not going thru that anymore! Ah, said Nate quietly. I see, well, I'm truly sorry my friend, I was only joking around. He pushed Staffens damp bangs off his face and tucked them behi9nd his ear. I promise not to do that again, now that I know. Will you come back in here so we can do this before I have to wet you down all over again? He moved into the bathroom again and waited by the chair. Staffen hesitated, I mean it, I'm not putting up with this anymore!. O.K., O.K., just get in here and sit will ya. Staffen came in, sat down and allowed himself to be capped up. Nate said, we could just do this with shorts on, or...no clothes, and just shower up afterwards. hmmm Staffen thought for a minute, stood, took the cape off, and slid out of his running shorts. That'll do, he said quietly, sitting again. Nate resumed combing, pulling the plush locks down all the way around Staffens head. Wow, what a mop!. O.K. how about if I trim about an inch or inch and a half off all the way around to start. Yeah, fine, then I'll tell you what to do next offered Staffen. Snip, Snip, snip, and Nate had taken off a good inch and a half all around. Staffens hair was still long enough to reach his shoulder blades in the back. O.K. now part it on each side and even it up again, this way no matter how I sweep it back it will look even, and it gets rid of the blunt cut on the front and sides. Nate finished with that and said It looks great but what about the back, it still looks like my kid sister took a pair of shears to it. Staffen said, just feather the last inch or two to get rid of the bluntness. Nate obeyed, and the cut was done. NOW...he pulled all the hair to one side and said, I have to get the stray hairs on your neck. I can either clipper them, or lather you and straight razor you. Thoughts? Hmm. Staffen had never had the straight razor treatment, and he was still smarting from the clipper joke. Let's try the razor. Good choice, it gets closer, and I'm quite good at it. Nate pinned up the massive mane in the back, dabbed some lather on, and scrapped all the stray hairs away. He gave each sideburn a slight swipe, and wiped Staffens neck down with a towel. He unclipped his hair and let it fall, swishing his hand through it to fluff it a bit. Your done. Another fine job by Nate!

Straffen stood and brushed all the clippings off. Nate noticed a definite bulge in Staffens tighty whities. Good, at least he relaxed and enjoyed the cut. He shook his head, turned both ways and studied himself in the mirror. He pulled his hair back into a low pony tail too. "Looks great" he declared, slapping Nate on the butt, let's do you now. Staffen noticed Nates bulge in the appropriate place too. Nate thought to himself, boy would I like him to "do" me!.

He hopped in the tub. doing his best to conceal his growing delight. Staffen finally got his hands into Nates long wavy mound of hair and gave him the same wash and conditioning treatment. Nate thought he'd died and gone to heaven. Staffen had such a great touch.

Nate, with just his skivvies on, plopped down in the chair. Staffen started pulling the brush through the dense wavy mane. He loved how the water had darkened the hair to almost a rich mahogany color. He then combed it down all around too. this was hard as Nates hair had a slight wave to it, and it was so thick. All down it was all even with his shoulder blades, all around. Wow, what fun this was going to be thought Staffen. O.K. what are we doing with you? Well with this heat, I'm inclined to have you buzz it down with a #2 or #3 all over. What? squeaked Staffen. You've got to be kidding he moaned as he ran his hands through the plush locks. You can't cut this all off! Not yet anyway! (Oops, he'd given himself away, he wanted play time with this mane still long, he might eventually buzz it but not yet) O.K. mister barber extraordinaire, what do you recommend? Well, let's keep it long enough to pull back into a low tail like mine for now. We can see this week how things are at work and maybe make adjustments next weekend. How that sound? O.K., that will still mean a significant amount off the front and sides so sure, go for it. Staffen pulled all the hair straight back, up and over the ears, and gathered it at Nates nape with his fingers. O.K., I can cut about 4 or 5 inches off if you really want me to said Staffen tentatively. You sound like you really don't want to cut any said Nate. Well... I'd like to just rim it to even it up if you must know. I really love it long like this. You have gorgeous hair man. Hmm, Nate thought for a minute. This guy is really into me, or at least my hair. Well, I want it a bit shorted in this heat, so let's compromise. Take two and a half inches off, nice and even, feather it a bit and we'll check it out. Staffen sighed and started cutting. Soon two and a half inches lay in Nates pup tented lap. Glad to see you enjoy this quipped Staffen. Oh, I always get this way at haircut time said Nate. the more you cut the harder I get. Wait till I finally get you to use those clippers on me. Staffen combed it straight down all around, trimmed the uneven ends, and then said, Hmm I' actually going to have to pick up those clippers to shave your neck. I'm no good with the straight razor. Staffen, tied Nates bushy waves up, and proceeded to clip all the stray hairs away. He then nipped each sideburn to even it up. That done, he untied Nates almost dry mane and gave it a scrunch with both hands, pulling it down in the back. God I love this hair, thought Staffen. How am I ever going to cut it short like he wants? Nate stood up, shook off the cut hair, and shook his mane. There, that's great, still too long but it looks much better.

Nate slapped Staffens cute touche and said, come on, think we can shower off together and conserve water? They both stepped out of their skivvies and into the huge shower. Neither able to now hide their arousal from the other. Sunday came and went, they both thought the other looked absolutely hot with the new cuts. Monday morning bright and early they both left for work together, hair tied back in low pony tails. Staffen was a bit anxious about what type of haircuts the guys had down here as they walked into the plant. Nate was pretty sure they would find nothing but Faux hawks, buzz cuts, and fades, all short, stylish, can comfortable for the Arizona heat. He mused to Staffen, maybe we can have another haircut night next saturday to make "adjustments".
What would the first day bring?
To be continued.

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