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Staffen and Nate - Staffen Commits by P.J.

Staffen and Nate - Staffen Commits
Please read part I for the lead in to this story
As it turned out Staffen and Nate were indeed on the same project team. As they went through the day meeting the various team members and getting an understanding of the project and how they fit into it Staffen kept checking out the guys he encountered. Nobody had long hair, not even over their collars or ears. This was bad, very bad. Bald fades, some pompadours, and generally just very short cuts were the norm. He and Nate stood out like lighthouses in the fog. He had to figure out how to get something respectable looking and still leave as much hair as possible. He couldn't stand the thought of Nate taking the clippers to him. He wasn't keen on using them on Nate either. He also didn't relish the thought of having to use some sort of product in his hair to keep it in place like most of the guys he saw here. To many steps, too fussy. Pony tails were easy , gather and go.

Nate was pleased with what he observed while getting acquainted with the team and learning how he would fit into the project team. He was also observing that nobody had long hair here, nobody. He'd already begun to think about what it was going to be like to take the clippers to Staffens thick pony tail. He'd been waiting for that. He was a bit conflicted, he loved running his hands through the plush locks when they sat and watched a movie or talked. They were getting quite comfortable with each other but were both reluctant to take things further, yet. Now he only had to convince Staffen how good he'd look with a bald fade or something equally as short. He'd love clipping him down short.

Staffen hit the internet when they got home that night. He knew he had to get a cut that took it off his ears and off his neck for the most part. He wanted it as long as possible on top and in front. Googling around he finally found something that he thought would look good , with a few modifications, if Nate was willing to try it on him. He'd have to trust Nate and see if it could be accomplished without clippers. Hmm.
Nate had already pretty much decided on how he wanted his hair cut. He 'd have to do some smooth talking with Staffen and see if he could convince the guy to use the clippers on him. He'd been able to pick up the skill after a few attempts with his last partner. He wondered what the underlying cause of Staffens anxiety was with the clippers.

At lunch the next day Staffen and Nate discussed the dilemma with their pony tails. Nate knew Staffen was very anxious about chopping his off and going short. Staffen showed Nate a couple of YouTube videos and discussed the modifications he wanted so that clippers didn't have to be used. Nate was skeptical about not using the clippers, he didn't think the cut would look right without using them. If Nate didn't think he could do it, Staffen would find a barber who could...no clippers were going to be used on his mane.

Nate explained how he wanted his cut, Staffen clearly being disappointed when hearing that it was a cut with a lot of clipper work, and very short. Staffen loved Nates plush auburn mane, cutting is short would be a huge bummer. Nate wanted to coach him through using the clippers, claiming that it was easy and he'd get the hang of it. If it didn't turn out good, he could always go to a barber and get a #1 butch, or have Staffen give him one, That cut was really hard to screw up. Staffen was now having anxiety over both getting his hair cut off , and having to use the clippers on Nate if he was going to be able to be the one to cut his hair. They'd agreed that they would put in the week with pony tails and have another Saturday haircut night.

By Friday Staffen had to admit, he was ready to get a haircut. He hated the idea of it but at the same time knew it had to happen, it was just too hot here, and he wanted a better "fit" with his team. He'd noticed the sideways looks when he'd played with his tail and flipped it from front to back. The team lead in particular usually frowned when he'd been caught doing it. He clearly disapproved.
Nate couldn't wait to get his cut tomorrow and hoped he'd be able to coach Staffen, He really didn't want to go to a barber. They got together at Nates that evening and discussed what was to come. Nate was determined to find out the clipper fear Staffen had. Turns out that Staffen had had a VERY bad experience with a former partner who while agreeing to trim his hair had taken the clippers to him under the auspices of just giving him a slight taper on his neck, and proceeding to shave his head with a #2. Staffen was totally humiliated, they broke up the same night, and it took almost 3 years for his blond mane to grow back out to its former length. He even got teary eyed now talking about it.

Nate tried to console his buddy, he was way too into this guy to ever pull a stunt like that, even though that was clearly a fantasy for him, he'd never act on it. He really wanted to take this budding relationship to the next level. Staffen, he felt was the reluctant one, but seemed to be slowly coming around. Nate tried to assure Staffen that he'd never do anything that Staffen didn't want too, with his hair, or anything else for that matter. They discussed the cut, Nate saying he'd try it without the clippers and they'd take it from there. Nate also said he'd REALLY like Staffen to try the clippers on him, he REALLY wanted Staffen to be the one who took him from long to short, not some stranger barber. Staffen reluctantly agreed to try.

Saturday rolled around, the guys agreed to meet after lunch at Staffens again. Staffen wanted to go first, sighing and saying he just wanted this to be over with. He brushed out his long hair for the last time, Nate took some pics on his phone for posterity and then he sat down. Nate said he'd rough out the cut first without getting Staffens heir wet. He brushed the plush blond mane back, gathering it one last time and putting a hair tie on it just at Staffens nape. Nate couldn't believe this was finally going to happen, He was going to remove this huge tail, he was a bit bummed out but also totally aroused by the prospect. Staffen was breathing shallowly, almost panting, his anxiety level was so high. Without a word Nate grabbed the shears and began cutting the tail off above the hair tie. Staffen stopped breathing, eyes glued to the huge master bedroom mirror. Nate seemed to take forever to cut through the huge tail. God this guys hair was thick! Finally he made the last snip, Staffens thick locks, set free of the hair band, slid forward around his face . God that looked so Hot thought Nate as he held up the tail and gauged Staffens reaction in the mirror. Staffen gave a huge sigh, Nate laid the tail on the counter. Nate massaged Staffens shoulders and said, how you doing buddy? The worst is over. Staffen said that no, this was ALL the worst, and it was only just starting. Nate set about sectioning off the huge pile of hair on top of Staffens head to begin the cut. He'd brought his bag of tricks with him again, and duck clipped the long locks out of the way. Now the hard part, he had to do a taper without clippers. Staffen wanted an explanation , step by step of what Nate was going to do, BEFPORE he did it, wow, this guy was really paranoid Nate thought. O.K. the cut you showed me calls for a taper all around. You then explained how you wanted it modified. That will require me to taper the sides and back from short to longer bottom to top, right? Yes Staffen said. But I want it to look like it's a couple of months old, not freshly cut. Right said Nate, so I'm going to start at about an inch at the bottom, gradually tapering up to about 2 inches near the section line, The section line drops way down in the back like we discussed.

Nate started removing the now dampened thick shoulder length locks, Some locks dropping on Staffens skivvies, most landing on the floor at Nates bare feet. Giving haircuts in skivvies was great Nate thought, although he could clearly see Staffen wasn't enjoying this one like he did the one last week. He hoped that would change. Nate finished the tapering, admitting that it looked quite good even without the clipper work. He could always talk Staffen into going shorter as time went on, if he liked the cut. As he released the top clips and the huge top mop cascaded down covering Staffens face, he realized this would likely be the last time , for awhile, that Staffen would have that much hair for Nate to play around with. This was a bit melancholy, and HOT at the same time. Staffen hadn't said a word up to now, only watching and nodding as Nate explained his way along. Staffen was clearly still having anxiety over the big chop. Now Nate started combing the long top locks straight back, Staffen wanted a version of the Executive Contour cut, without a part, just slicked straight back, but VERY long on top. Nate began snipping the long top locks and blending them into the he taper in back. He wished the taper was clippered high, or even faded tight, but he had to admit this was shaping up nicely, God this was a lot of hair. He was also cutting off a lot. As Staffen watched, in horror, as his long, long locks were chopped off, he had to admit, Nate was doing a great job, and he was being very sensitive to talking him through this. Hmm, was he falling for Nate? He was going to have short hair for the first time since one of his first lovers had sheared him practically bald. He had to admit that he really was quite comfortable with Nate doing this, so far. Could they be more than haircut buddies? Nate eventually finished the blending and cutting, He'd gone out and bought clay and gel to try since he knew Staffen hadn't ever used either on his hair, he'd have to teach him what to do. He ran is fingers through the finished cut, messing it up, pulling it down into Staffens face. See man, you still have long hair, Staffens bangs hung almost to his chin still. Nate noticed that for the first time, Staffen was relaxed, and even showed some sign of arousal, his skivvies showing a slight bulge, good he thought, maybe he trusts me now.

They had a bit of hair play, Staffen realizing he still had some hair, and Nate realizing too that he really liked having something to play around with still too. Nate showed Staffen how to slick it back, with and without a part line. God he looked HOT! He offered to thin it out to lay down flatter but Staffen steadfastly refused, preferring the thicker, taller feel and look. Nate was now clearly aroused by the finished product and the fact that Staffen showed his approval. Staffen stood up, brushed himself off as best he could, turned around and put his arms around Nates shoulders. You know how difficult that was for me, you didn't disappoint me though, even though its drastically shorter, for me, this looks great and we both know it. He planted a long slow kiss on Nate, taking him completely by surprise.

Now it was Nates turn in the chair.

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