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Sraffen and Nate - Nate Capitulates by P.J.

Staffen and Nate - Nate Capitulates
You should first read Staffen and Nate - Haircut Buddies, and Staffen Commits in order to follow events.

Nate broke the embrace, pleasantly stunned by what had just happened.

"Did you just do what I think you did" asked Nate? "Yes", Staffen sheepishly admitted, "and I'm not sorry about it, I've wanted to do that all week". "You taking your time with me today and being patient with my anxious behavior was the final push I needed. And the HOT looking haircut too". "The big question is, do you feel the same way Nate"? Nate wrapped his arms around the hairy, fur covered Staffen and reciprocated in kind.

They separated, Staffen giving himself a final brush off and grinning. Nate plopped on the chair and said "O.K. on with the show, your turn with me Staffen". Nates groin couldn't hide his excitement at what was coming.

Staffen was not looking forward to this. He'd never used clippers before, and really didn't want to use Nate as his guinea pig. Nate said "O.K. here's what were going to do. Section me the same as I did you to start". Staffen pulled the hair band out of Nates mane and let the thick auburn locks free for the last time. He sighed. "I'm not giving you a #1 buzz am I", lamented Staffen, as he began to brush out the thick heavy tresses. "It was bad enough what I took off last Saturday". Nate said, "no, no #1 buzz today anyway. Here, I'll show you about clipper guards, what the numbers for them mean etc.". He ran through the numbers, smaller the number , the shorter the cut, starting at #1 and up to #8 which cut about an inch long. Each number represented about 1/8" in length. "Let's put the #8 guard on to start. Don't worry , you can't screw this up at that length" cooed Nate. "You mean I'm going to be cutting off all but one inch of your hair", squeaked Staffen? "Not all over babe, just along the lower part, for starters. Just follow my instructions, relax, and we'll be fine".

Staffen sectioned Nates mane off, clipping the top up out of the way for now. "God, I love this hair" Nate lamented Staffen, "won't you reconsider"? "Look, I love it too, if we lived up north still this wouldn't be happening, but I'm not going around sweating all the time just so you can stay aroused O.K.? Now, feel the back of my head, feel the big bone that sticks out about half way up? The occipital bone"? Nate felt Staffens nervous fingers run up the back of his head and stop in the right spot. "Yup, got it" murmured Staffen. " O.K. don't clip any hair any higher than that for starters. Fire up those Osters and let's go! Find my nape, pull the hair up to get the clippers under it and gently start pushing up to where I told you. As you start to get to the O. Bone, pull up and out with the clippers". Staffen pulled up a big shank of Nates mane exposing his nape, the clippers clicked to life, Staffen shuddered! "Crap, I'm really going to do this Nate". "Yup, now start pushing up". The clippers made contact at Nate's nape, the handful of heavy locks started to come away from Nates head as the hungry Osters advanced up the back of his head. Staffen remembered to roll the clippers out at the appropriate spot, his hand coming away with a huge handful of hair. " Now that wasn't so bad was it", asked Nate. Staffen was staring at the huge handful and looked like he might swoon. "God this is awful" moaned Staffen. "Stay with me babe" cooed Nate again, "you're doing fine". "Now repeat that all the way along the back, over to my ears". By the time Staffen had completed this as requested, he felt he was getting the hang of the clippers. The floor was now littered with Nates thick shoulder length locks, a few landing in Nates lap too. The back of Nates head, from the O bone down was now only an inch long, his nape fully exposed for the first time in years. Nate felt the back. "Wow, that's good", Nate said. "O.K. now let's just fold my ear down and do the same thing on each side, but only a clipper width above my ear please, not all the way to the parting". Staffen obliged, getting more comfortable with the slippers as he went along. "O.K. feel that", Staffen murmured. Nate looked critically in the big vanity mirror, running his hands over the sides. "Excellent" Nate said. "Now for step two". Staffen moaned, "you're not going to ask me to do this on top too are you"? "No, not today anyway", Nate said. "Let's change to a #4 guard, go around the same way, only just go half as high as you cut the first time. We want to cut the bottom half shorter, and blend it in with the #8 guard cut that's up higher, make sense? Go slow and steady, smooth motion with the clippers, you'll see where you may have to blend it a bit more if you need to". Nate was relying on a hope that while Staffen didn't use clippers to cut hair he at least understood some of the basics for blending , layering etc. Staffen started on Nates nape again, taking the lower half shorter with each pass. "Good god this is getting short Nate, wow". "Only compared to what it was Babe", cooed Nate. ( he thought, wait till I ask you to razor shave the bottom edge.)
Nate looked at all angles of the cut in the big mirror once again. Hmm, this guy wasn't a half bad barber, so far. "Alright, now step three", Nate said. "Put the #2 guard on and now only go half way up what you just cut with the #4. See what's starting to happen? You're gradually tapering the back from what will be nothing up to the #8" Nothing? Staffen though holy crap this was going to be a big change. Staffen complied, now understanding what he was going for. It was tough going around the ears and he had to make several attempts, he only wanted a slight taper, not high carved arches. It didn't look half bad he thought as he stood back and critically observed his handy work. He had to focus on what Nate wanted, if he thought too much about what he'd just cut off he might cry. Nate saw the hesitation in Staffens face. He knew he had to keep Staffen focused. Staffen kept glancing down in Nates lap and on the floor, both containing a huge amount of Nates shorn locks. "O.K. now I want you to take the guard off the clippers and just bevel the bottom edge of the cut, back and sides. Think you can do that". Staffen said, "Yep, no problem". Not wanting to appear as mortified as he felt about taking bare clippers to his now more than just a fiends head. The clippers roared to life again and the beveling began. As Staffen finished up around the right side Nate rubbed his hand up his neck starting at the nape. Wow the boy did a passable job. It feels great.

"O.K. now, last part for the lower . Take the small peanut clipper over there on the counter. Start as low as you think my Tee shirt neck will be and gently clip up to where the hair on my true hairline at my nape starts". With my hair this short in back I don't want fuzzies showing below the nape and above my collar line. That would be bad form, really bad". Staffen saw how short the peanut clippers cut. Virtually nothing left in their path. Yikes, he went slow and carefully along the nape. "Geese, who knew you were so furry back here, there's lots of ginger fuzz coming off". "Tell me about it", Nate said. "Now you know why I had shoulder length hair, It covered all that". Staffen ran his hand up Nates denuded neck. "Wow that feels great". Staffen crooned. Nate stood for a moment and got close to the mirror and looked critically at all that had been done so far. "Hmmm looks good". He turned and slapped Staffens butt lightly, " good job so far babe".

Now for the top. Nate sat back down. "Alright", Nate said, "unclip the top and brush it all forward, then comb it all forward". The thick shank of top hair fall, covering Nates face. Staffen groaned. "God I can't stand it', he said rubbing his groin. "Can we stop here and take a pause" Just so I can play with this one last time before what I'm sure will be a big chop that you're going to direct me to do any minute". "I know" Nate murmured, I almost can't stand it either, but if we stop now to "play", I'll end up with a tie back under cut because you won't want to cut any of it later". "Yeah, you're probably right", sighed Staffen. They were both hard as a rock.

Staffen got Nate combed as requested. "O.K. now what", Staffen inquired?
Nate instructed him how to take a section through the middle from front to back, helped him gauge how much to cut off and at what angle he wanted it cut at. Staffen was more accustomed to scissor work but quickly understood what was needed. Nate wanted it about the same length as the #8 left off near the crown, angling up to a bit below eye brow length in front while it was wet. This would remove about 10" or 12" at the crown, and about 8" in front. Virtually all the shaggy long thick locks would be gone lamented Staffen. Nate said , "I'm going easy on you this time, I know you want some hair to play with, what I really wanted was a close butch, probably a #2 or #3 allover. I figured you'd pass out if you had to cut all of it off". "You got that right, I hate doing even this much", Staffen moaned. Staffen noted that Nates short cut sections were now darker that the long, long top hanging down. This contrast, for some reason, made Staffen even harder.

Staffen set to work on the thick top locks, wetting them down again, making sure everything was combed forward as Nate directed. He began lopping away as he moved across Nates head. Soon the last remnants of Nates former glory were all on the floor or in his lap. Staffen reached down into Nates lap and ran his hand through the huge pile of clippings. Brushing against something much harder in the process. Nate groaned, easy there killer a few more strokes and I'm a goner! Staffen grinned sheepishly, I'm right there with you , I hope I can hold out till shower time. Nate ran his hands through the top, not bad, it needed to be texturized yet but the length felt about right. Nate was going for a disconnected, kind of messy choppy top that fell to just above his eyes, something that required little fussing over , maybe just a bit of paste after a shower in the morning. This should also leave Staffen enough hair to amuse himself with. Nate instructed Staffen on the texturizing technique he preferred. Staffen surprisingly was familiar with it and gently chopped through with the shears, sliding them through with the combed hair, from back to front. He mussed it thoroughly several times and checked the blending of the sides with the top sections making sure he like the disconnection.

Staffen had to admit, the clipper work wasn't that bad, aside from removing all the shoulder length thick bulk. "Nate, baby, you look HOT if I do say so myself". Nate stood and again, the mound of clipped locks in his lap falling to the floor. Staffen groaned again. Nate critically inspected Staffens work, god there was a huge pile of hair on the floor. "Staffen, for a first time clipper hound, this is great" chirped Nate. He turned and pulled Staffen into a tight embrace. Staffen whispered in Nates ear, "How about we hit the shower, then try out styling these new cuts? Go get the water running, I'll clean up the evidence" . He gave Nates groin a playful squeeze. Nate moaned loudly. AS Staffen swept up the big piles of hair from both of them he thought Sheesh, what a crime, all this hair on the floor. He glanced at his reflection in the mirror, smoothing out the fresh cut pomp Nate had given him. This would take some getting used to.

Work on Monday would be interesting to say the least. But for now he had other things on his mind, as he saw Nates cute butt disappear into the shower.

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