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Pedro cheers on his team by Manny

The group of soccer fans clustered around the TV in the hotel bar was extremely animated as the game headed towards its final moments. It had been a thriller, with plenty of fancy footwork by the captain, including a goal scored by hat trick. Two of the fans in the rowdy group wore his jersey, displaying his name and a big #8, as they cheered their team to victory.

While they were dressed identically, they sported extremely different hair lengths. My eye was captivated by the lush black mane of the young, muscular fellow. His hair was an absolute wonder to behold -- especially as he jumped around, it was tossed about his shoulders in swirling masses of beauty. I had never seen such thick, luxuriant hair on a man. He would make a magnificent poster child for Pantene shampoo.

His pal, on the other hand, was scraped totally clean. A shining bald head. And, given the contrast between his tanned face on white scalp, the chromedome was recent. My guess was that he had shaved his head in support of his team, to match the looks of the shiny head of the bald-by-choice captain who brought the country's soccer giants into the final rounds of the World Cup.

As the referee blew he final whistle, the group in the bar chanted in unison. High fives and hugs were exchanged between strangers.

"The next rounds of beer is on me," I said to the men in matching jersey who had been watching the match directly in front of me.

"I'm not one to turn down free beer," the bald lad replied.

"That was the best game ever," the shaggy fellow chimed in.

"You two went all out with the jerseys," I noted. "And, one of you took your devotion to the team a bit farther!"

I reach out and playfully caressed the shiny scalp.

"Yep, did it right before the game, in hopes that it would increase their luck and chances of winning. And, it worked!"

"Did he do the honors?" I asked, pointing to the longhaired companion.

"Yep, Pedro turned out to have a bit of barbering ability. We bought a set of clippers at the drug store on the corner....and within minutes my mass of curls ended up on the bathroom floor."

"But, when it came time to swap roles....." I playfully grasped one of Pedro's silken tresses.

The bald fellow let out a howl of laughter, "Oh, pretty boy here chickened out!"

Seth also tussled the shimmering raven locks. "Lover boy's girlfriend won't allow it! Will she, Pedro?" he taunted.

Pedro's face was tinged with embarrassment. He recoiled nervously so that his pretty hair was out of our reach. "There would be hell to pay if I showed up looking like you, Seth! Maria is crazy about my long hair."

"So pretty boy is also pussy whipped!" I exclaimed. "Haven't you ever thought of manning up and being the leader in your relationship, Pedro?"

Just then the beers I ordered arrived and we lapsed into soccer talk. The game had been so exciting. Seth and Pedro were going to try to get tickets for the quarter finals.

It was hard keeping my eyes off Pedro's wonderful mane of hair that fell in well-tended cascades down past his shoulders. Despite the womanly hairstyle, he was quite masculine in his looks.

We each pitched in for a round of beers and were more than jovial than ever after round three. After so many beers Pedro had to excuse himself to use the restroom.

A few seconds later, I followed his lead. When I entered the men's room, there was Pedro, arranging his hair and gazing at himself in the mirror.

"Oh, admiring your pretty locks, Pedro?" I laughed. "Does this go on all day?!"

He was quite embarrassed by my intrusion. "No! As a matter of fact," he sputtered, "I was just thinking it was time to take the clippers to this mass of hair. Shave it all off like Seth....bald for the next game."

I pounced to convert his impulse into reality. "Excellent! Go now -- up to your room. Get the clippers! We'll shave you bald in the bar while the fans are still reveling from the win! It'll be a lot of fun."

Pedro seemed excited. "Should I bring a bed sheet to serve as a barber's cape?"

"Definitely! There will be tons of hair coming off your pretty head!" I stammered, struggling to contain the glee I felt surging within me. I pressed up close to him, grasped a handful of his silken locks and inhaled the aroma of expensive shampoo.

Pedro seemed to enjoy the proximity and the way I manipulated his hair. "Oh, I can't wait to feel the clippers," he groaned softly. "I want to be free of this long hair at last! Put a definitive end to all the fawning over it I've endured through the years."

"And perhaps set yourself free from Maria too?" I whispered in his ear.

"Yes," he murmured shyly as he eyed me in the mirror. Then his massive forelock slid down veiling his handsome face.

"Can I be your barber tonight?" I asked. "I want to see all your beautiful hair at my feet."

He shivered at the thought. "Yes, strip me of it all and transform me into a new man," he replied. "But, I don't want a public shearing." He turned and faced me. "I want something much more intimate. Come up to the room with me -- I still have the clippers from earlier with Seth."

I held his beautiful face with my hands and planted my lips against his. He gave into my charms. Then he took me by the hand and led me out of the restroom. Another game was now on the TV in the bar and Seth was thoroughly engrossed in it.

"We'll be back in a bit, okay, Seth?" Pedro told his pal.

"Sure, I won't let anyone take your seats," Seth replied, hardly distracted from the game.

I couldn't take my eyes of the mane of jet-black hair that adorned Pedro's well-chiseled physique. It bounced and swayed as we walked to the elevator. After the doors closed, as I was all over it. I simulated a set of clippers with my fingers and enacted a dramatic shearing.

Pedro moaned softly. "Bald.....all off," he murmured.

Once in his room, Pedro moved quickly to secure a makeshift cape with the bed sheet. "Here, wrap me up in this. When my locks start falling, I need some shelter. But, before you start with the clippers, will you give me once last thorough brushing. I so much enjoy that part of my visit to the salon. And to be honest, I'll miss it."

"Shall I rave about and praise your precious hair one last time as I take the brush to it?" I asked and he nodded with a happy smile.

I bid him to sit in the designated barber chair. In an instant, his whole body was shrouded in white. His long dark locks looked more beautiful than ever resting atop the pristine white cape. I began brushing his tresses, increasing the sheen and volume with each stroke.

"I have never seen a man with such beautiful hair," I cooed. "You are a veritable Samson! You must be quite proud of these magnificent locks."

"Oh yes, very proud! I like to toss my head about and feel the locks brush about my neck. And, I'm quite vain as well. I spend so much time arranging them each morning, gazing at them, telling myself how fortunate I am to sport such an abundant mass of raven locks. I have no idea what I'll feel like when I'm bald!"

"Oh, I'm sure you will be instantly hit with a pang of remorse. A few tears, perhaps, realizing the transformation cannot be undone. You'll feel small, and helpless and vulnerable and frightened. I've seen it before when a pretty boy gets shorn by the boot camp barber..... Now, enough brushing. Where are the clippers?!" I exclaimed.

Pedro stammered a bit and then said, "Oh, damn, come to think of it....they are in Seth's room. We cut his hair in his bathroom and I left them on the counter."

The development was so unwelcome! I was itching to start the shearing....and now, a glitch!

"Take the cape off. I'll go ask for his room key," said Pedro.

I was loathe to remove the cape and let him leave, but had no choice. When Pedro freed himself from the cape, he fondled his locks in admired them again in the mirror. "You know, maybe I won't cut this all off.....it's so....."

"Pedro!" I shrieked. "I am all ready to shave you bald!"

He smirked. "I know you are! Look at that bulge down there!"

Suddenly he took off his belt. What?! His muscular arms grabbed me by my tidy business cut.

"What are you doing?" I wailed.

In a jiffy, he was leaning me over his knee. I felt helpless and vulnerable. SMACK! The belt smacked my ass. "Perhaps I should pull down your pants! It would be a more fitting punishment for you greedy little tight ass!" SMACK, SMACK. I was being spanked!

"You are the one who needs his head shaved," Pedro cackled.

Before I realized what was happening, I was being made to sit in the makeshift barber chair and he used his belt to strap me into it. Then he caped me up.

He opened the drawer of the credenza. "The clippers were right here. You came so close to shaving off my glory!" He tossed his locks about as he snapped on the machine.

The head shave was brutal and fast. Tufts of my business cut tumbled to the cape. I teared up. Pedro played with my new butch. "Are you ready to apologize?"

"I thought you wanted your head shaved, Pedro!" I sniveled.

"Nope, I was just playing with you -- getting your hopes up and letting your fantasies run wild. It's so fun to see the disappointment and humiliation in your eyes! I did enjoy the brushing session, though. You might take up hair styling!"

Then he uncaped me and unfastened the belt. "Come on, Baldy! Let's go back to the bar so you can drown your tears in another round of beers."

I slinked out of the room, following the cocky Pedro to the elevator....hoping it was a joke and he'd announce he was finally ready for his head shave.

But.....the night ended with only two bald me -- Seth and me. At least our team won and I'd have the World Cup championship to look forward to.....sporting a baldy like the team captain!

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