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Just a Trim, you Say? by Random Gay Dude

He just wanted a trim.
But the barber had more in store.


I'm Bill. I'm 23 years old, and I work in a little barbershop in Maine. The shop was what you'd expect from a typical barbershop: a flashy pole at the entrance, three posh, comfortable barber chairs, a row of waiting chairs, sinks to lather up clients' hair, and three large mirrors for clients to view their style. I tend to turn my clients away from the mirrors and facing the window so they could only see their cut at the end.

I used to have long, silken tresses of deep, black hair that bounced joyfully upon my shoulders, but when I was 15, I joined football in my high school and had to shear off my locks. Fortunately so, as I felt so much lighter and freer after shedding my burdening locks. My fallen sheaves covered my glisteningly white cape fully, and I walked out as a new, braver man. I now sport a tight crew cut, number 0 on the sides with a little hair on top to style. It also helped that I had a particular fetish for men's haircuts, so it helped to make the experience all the more enthralling. This fetish still remains, and it continues to make my job more entailing.

One specific day, it was just me on a slow day of business. It was winter time, so the temperature was around 15°F. Most people at that time had their hair longer than usual to combat the frigid air, so I was left dealing with trims and light touch-ups. Sure, they were easy, but I was craving a big change. I had some time left before closing time, so I was ready to shear someone's pretty locks. I was finishing up someone's lengthy business cut when a person passed through the door, the bells ringing throughout the lonesome shop. This man happened to catch my eye: He was around 20 years old, with blazing green eyes and fair skin. He was rather skinny, wearing khakis and a light blue collared button-up, but his hair was something else. It was really full and dense, a golden blonde color to it. It fell into bangs sideswept to show his eyes while covering his forehead and tucked behind his right ear, with the rest of his fluffy mop falling over his ears and just touching his collar. It was feathered, so it was quite voluminous and shook with its owner as he entered. He was extremely handsome, almost model-like. He would surely be my next victim.

I finished up the man I was working on by applying his pomade and combing his hair back, uncaping him, and letting the dark brown hair shed to lightly fall to the ground in small patches. He paid with a light tip and exited. No one else was waiting for a cut, so I ushered over the new client to my chair. As he came over, his fluffy, straight, feathered locks shook gleefully. He sat down in the chair, to which I placed upon him a black nylon cape and a tied a tissue around his neck.

"Welcome! Nice to meet you, I'm Bill and I'll be cutting your hair today. Any preferences?"
"My name's Dan! I'll just have a trim please, around a half inch off all over."

Damnit, I was hoping for something more drastic.

"Of course! Would you like a head wash to start?"
"Sure, I have a lot of free-time."

This man was a perfect target, so I wasn't just going to let him walk out of this barber shop with his feathered, fluffy locks roaming free. I would snip and shear off his luxurious mane, having all of his detached, golden blonde locks falling mercilessly onto the cape as the clippers plowed through his mane.

"Alrighty, please lean your head back as I recline the chair for your washing."

He did as such, and I reclined his plush chair back. His hair fell, dangling down and touching the bowl as I turned on the faucet and began to wash his hair. His locks transformed from a golden blonde to a light, caramel brown as they caught the water. His hair became rather dense and heavy, and I began to massage in shampoo. Running my hands through his hair was something else: it was a fleeting moment of condensed goodness on my fingers, his soft, luscious locks lightly bouncing against my hands. They were almost tantalizing me, and I knew I had to hack them off somehow. I had a plan to get Dan to let me give him a tight buzz cut: persuasion. I was going to make small take with him, and steer the conversation to where he'd consent to let me shear his hair down.

"So, you've got some pretty long hair here, huh?"
"Yeah, I tend to stay indoors often, and it's rather cold right now, so it helps to keep my head warm."

Drats, he has an incentive to keep his hair.

"Yeah, I got rid of my dastardly annoying locks a long time back."
"Wow, you used to have long hair?"

I managed to pique his interest, which was a good sign. I had finished washing his hair, so I bought the chair back up and he lifted his head once more, his wet hair bearing a flashy sheen that made his hair stand out more.

"Yeah! I had thick, wavy black hair that reached my shoulders. I had to cut it for football in high school, and it was surely something I don't regret. My shorn locks were something I celebrated, my head feeling lighter and my face being more defined."
"Wow, that's cool! I've always had long hair since I was a kid, always kept it over the ears and just over the collar. I could never cut it all off, especially now."

I began to blowdry his hair, allowing his fluffy mop to dry off.

"Huh, I can't imagine wearing long hair again. Isn't it a bother, having to take care of your magnificent hair?"
"Not really. I do enjoy how it looks, it really suits me and it's quite comfortable. Although..."

His mane became feathery once more, and it was ready to begin the cutting process.

"...It is quite a long process to get it ready. I have to spend a countless amount of time blowdrying it and getting it to its feathery state. It is really healthy though, and I've been complimented plenty on how full and dense it is."

Full and dense it may be, I had to find a weak spot. He seemed rather attached to his hair, so I had to find a way to convince him to let me buzz off his mane.

"It does seem to fit you. But..."
"But you definitely have the face shape properly for shorter styles."
"I-I do?", Dan stammered. It was true, a shorter style would really help to highlight his bright eyes and perfect nose, let alone his fitting jawline.


It was time to propose my offer. He seemed hooked enough.

"Hey, lemme tell you something; How about I give you a much shorter haircut, and this one becomes on the house. Just for you, Dan."
"Umm...I'm not so sure. I love my hair at this length, and I'm not really too fond of short haircuts."

Dang it, he was persistent. I decided that maybe I could get him to obey me with physicality. I plowed my hand through his plush locks, and I could almost see him enjoy it for a moment.

"These locks are long overdue...I'm always ready to shear them off. Just gimme the word..."
"...You drive a hard bargain, Bill, but I must refute. The cold weather and my distaste for shorter hairstyles still stand strong."

I continued to play around with his hair, making it seem that it was just part of the process.

"My God, your hair is so long though, imagine how...relieving, it would be to shave off these heavy locks."
"Well, it would feel nice..."
"That's it. It does feel nice, your hair falling in large portions onto the cape..."
"...Fine. I'll try something shorter."

Yes! Score!

"...but nothing near a buzz cut."

My joy was short-lived.

"I'll go with something shorter, just not too short. I'll have...a disconnected quiff. Number 3 on the sides, leave the top for now."

Damnit! I was so close! I can't give up now. I'll just have to comply with Dan's orders for now, but I'll find a way to get a buzz cut out of him.

I grabbed my spray bottle and comb, and I sprayed squirts of water repeatedly onto the top of Dan's head. I then combed his hair down and parted it on both sides to section of the top, and what a feeling to behold. His hair was so unbelievably soft and dense, it was full of sheen and color.

"Wow, your hair really is dense!"
"Th-Thanks! I've been complimented on it plenty."
"Wow, huh. Must get boring though, having the same style for so long."

I combed down the front of his hair onto his face to see how long it was, and his bangs managed to reach his mouth.

"Yeah, I guess. I've always wondered what it would be like to have a shorter style, and here I am, finally tackling that dream!"
"Good on ya!"

I secretly loathed how excited he was over a simple quiff. I would get a buzz cut on him, shear off his pretty-boy hair one way or another.

I combed his hair back into the sectioned part and clipped it into place. I then placed my spray bottle away and turned the chair towards the window to view the rainy afternoon, where he couldn't see his reflection on the mirror nor the window.

"Hey, what's that for?"
"Oh, turning the chair? That's so my clients see their final style as a surprise. This also prevents them from fussing over me doing something wrong, since stressful environments tend to make me mess up more when I could simply just discretely cover up a mistake."
"Ah, I see."

I prepared my clippers. He asked for a number 3 guard, so I secretly placed a 2.5 guard on the clippers to shave off just a bit more. With the guard clicked in, I started up the clippers. They roared to life, their buzzing sound emanating throughout the solemn barber shop. I saw Dan shudder.

"Not used to the clippers, eh?"
"N-No, I've never had clippers on me 'till today."
"Well, today's your lucky day because you're finally gonna experience them!"

I placed the rumbling clippers onto his right sideburn, then slowly drove them up to where I created apart. A dense mound of fluffy hair came tumbling down, right to the cape onto Dan's lap.

"Wow, that's a lot of hair!"
"I know! These clippers can really mow through hair."

I repeated this motion, slowly but sensually, all over the back of Dan's head. Sheaves of heavy, luscious hair, glistening in a golden blonde color, fell delicately onto the ground and onto Dan's cape. He writhed and squirmed, but I had a firm hand on his head. I finally approached his left sideburn, the final destination, so I made this the most sensual, driving swipe. I slowly, calmly, assuringly plowed the clippers through his left sideburn, letting the whole chunk of hair to fall onto his cape. Finally, after going over the back of his head once more with the clippers, I cleaned up the edges with no guard. He was used to the clippers by now.

I was about to take out his clips, when he decided to stop me in my tracks by saying, "Aw, over already?"


"What do you mean?"
"Well, I actually...enjoyed that haircut. A lot. You have magical hands or something since that's the most comfortable I've ever felt with my hair."

I pulled out his clips and combed down his hair, now dried from staying up so long. I rubbed some pomade into my hands and ran my hands into Dan's fluffy hair. I then took my comb and combed his dense locks back. I lifted it a bit at the front, defined his part, and blowdried his hair back. His locks had a matte finish, with a lot of sheen and density. Finally, his cut was done.

Although, something was off.
And what was off might be my trump card.

"Agh, your hair is too thick to suit a quiff!"
"What...do you mean?"
"Your thick hair can't handle being in a quiff. It'll fall over quickly and it doesn't do well standing up."
"So, what can I do?"
"Well, there are two options. One, I get my thinning shears to thin out your hair to behave more properly. Two, the more drastic option, is to...shave it all off."
"You mean, with clippers?"
"Yes, Dan," I replied, thrusting my hand into his floppy quiff, "Shaving this disconnected mop off your head."

I had him now.

"I'll...shave it all off. You've really shown me how amazing clippers can feel, and I trust you to give me a good buzz cut!"

Everything was going right for me now.

"Of course! Just if you're sure..."
"I'm sure. The cool head feels nice, so I could use more of it. Shave me down, zero all over!"
"Z-Zero!?", I stammered. "If it's what you say, I have to oblige."

I got my clippers, filled with energy, and removed the guard. I began at Dan's neckline, driving the cold cutting machines up his head. Light bits of hair came down onto the cape. I proceeded to shave off the rest of the back, sideburns and all. Already, his scalp was being exposed much more.

Now, comes the fun part: the top. I placed my clippers at Dan's crown, then slowly drove them forwards towards his nape, plowing through his dense, heavy quiff. A humongous sheath of hair dropped down onto Dan's cape. I began to continue with this motion, letting hair pour over the entire cape. I couldn't handle it, my cock began to stir. I kept on shaving off huge chunks of soft, golden blonde tresses, which showered the floor and cape. Finally, with one last swipe, Dan's buzz cut was complete. Hair now covered the entire black cape, mounds of hair fallen on the floor.

I unfastened his neck tissue and removed his cape, letting sheets of hair pour off. I turned Dan's chair to the mirror, allowing him to stand up and experience the buzz cut for himself. He rubbed his hands all over his freshly shaven head, with a content smile spreading over his face.

"Wow, you did not disappoint. This really is good!"
"Told ya! Once you go buzzed, you never wanna go back!"
"I might go back, but just to experience it all over again."
"Dang, you're really pretty with no hair."

His features popped out, and he seemed to have a radiating aura of...bravery. Contentment. Dan seemed more confident when paying and leaving the barbershop than he did when entering meekly with his lustrous mop.

"Well, see ya!"
"See you too! Come to me when you need a cut, I'm always open for you."
"Of course. Bye!"

The bells chimed once more. Dan now left, as according to my goal, with his mane now heavily discarded and in the trash. I managed to slip my number in his pocket, which he hopefully noticed.

A couple of minutes after seeing Dan off and sweeping up hair off the floor, another man walked in. He seemed around 30 years old, wearing a sweater and dark dress pants. He had a boisterous man bun in good meed of a chopping, which I did hopefully deliver...


Thanks for reading! I've loomed over this website for quite some time now, and I've always wanted to contribute to this website. I'm just a simple 13 year-old male with a fetish for male haircuts, but hopefully, this satisfied your tastes, and maybe I'll make a part 2~

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