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Chain of Persuasion by Random Gay Dude

Note: This is a semi-sequel to "Just a Trim, you Say?", so the events of this story take place right after the previous story's, but no knowledge before is required to understand this one.


So, as I was cleaning up my client's discarded mop, another man had walked in, and if the previous client was model-worthy, this guy was a certified model. He was tall, around 30 years old. He was wearing a navy blue sweater atop a white, collared button-down and a red tie, along with black dress pants and shiny, seemingly-expensive shoes. His face was fair and very masculine, with strong, grey eyes that resembled a pool of melted silver, a nose that so very complimented his face, and a hairstyle that screamed, "Fashion". It was styled into a messy man bun that was dark brown in color with caramel streaks. His long hair was combed back and messily tied into a floppy, overgrown man bun that gave the impression of business. Also on his face was a magnificent beard and mustache, which coincided together on his face and smoothly reached down 3 inches off his face. He walked in quite defiantly with a hint of curiosity, phone in hand.

"Hello and welcome! Please take a seat, I'll get you started."
"Um, actually...I came here for a different reason."

What other reason could you walk into a barbershop for?

"Oh...would you like to explain?"
"Sure. I need a good place with wifi to work since my apartment's wifi is under repair and most other places here don't have free wifi, but I saw a wifi signal coming from here that was free. I tried to use it from neighboring shops but the signal was too weak, so I followed the strength and now I'm here."
"Ah, so you need to stay here to work, presumably on your phone?"
"Yeah, I'm a graphics designer and I have a project to work on due soon, so I've been spending tons of time on it, so I won't let my apartment's repair get the best of me."
"Of course! No worries, I don't have any other clients booked at the moment and I'm the only barber here today, so stay as long as you like!"
"Oh, thank you for the hospitality. And also, my name's Matthias."
"Well hello, Matthias! I'm Bill."

He proficiently strode over to one of the waiting chairs, his messy bun flopping joyfully with him. I had to get my hands on his luscious locks. I had to somehow plow my clippers through his mane, watching him tremble as his wavy locks buzz off onto his cape. I have a plan: to attract him to the barber chair and get him to let me shave off his hair.

"Oh, if you'd like, you can sit in one of the barber chairs."
"No thanks, I'm not looking for a haircut."
"Oh, not for any haircut! Just to relax. The barber chairs are far more comfortable than the feeble waiting chairs."
"Ah, I guess I will. Thank you for the offer, too."

He stood up from his chair, his phone momentarily turned off whilst gripped in his hand, and he walked over to the barber chair, his man bun swinging with him. I had him lured into my cage now.

He plopped into the barber chair with a delayed thud, and he relaxed in the plushness of the chair. They really were comfortable, with the leathery cushion and stylish structure. He seemed relaxed as he resumed his graphic project. I loomed around the barber shop, pretending to look busy tidying up the already-neat barber shop while trying to make small talk with him.

"So, nice hair you got there, huh?"
"Oh, me? Thanks, I grew out my hair a couple of years ago after learning about the man bun, and it was the best decision I've ever made for my hair. I also grew out my beard, which became straight and fluffy."
"I see! I used to have thick, wavy locks of black hair that reached my shoulders. I had to cut them off though, for football in high school. I thought growing it out was the best thing I've done to it before, but hacking off my burdening mane was the best. I felt a lot freer and more comfortable afterward."
"Oh, I see..."

He seemed rather focused on his project. I needed to draw attention away.

"You know, if you want, you can untie your hair here. It's kinda cool, so you'll feel warmer if you have more hair covering your head."
"I usually keep it in a bun so it doesn't get in my way, but you're kinda right. It's getting cool in here."

He untied his bun and down came his locks. They fell down to his shoulders in luxurious waves of brown and caramel, bouncing a bit on impact. They had an incredible sheen to them, so full and dense. The thought of his shorn locks on a pure, white cape made my cock flourish.

I decided to 'test out some clippers', so I reached for the clippers by the same mirror he sat by and turned them on one by one, to which he shuddered.

"Oh, you don't like these?"
"No, it's just been a while. I used to have a tight flattop and a clean face, but I decided to grow out my hair and see how it grew, which turned into this man bun of mine."
"I see. Do you miss the clippers?"
"A little. I always enjoyed the satisfying buzz around my head, but I don't really hear it anymore, just some light snips of scissors."

This guy was just yearning to get a buzz cut. Perfect! I wanted to feel his luscious locks, so full and heavy.

"You know, you seem to have a lot of time...would you like a complimentary head wash?"
"Um...sure. I don't mind. I could use a good washing."

I reclined his chair as he shut off his phone and placed it beside him. I finally gained access to his beautiful mane. He dipped his head back into the bowl as I turned on the faucet, his locks dangling from his head and resting in the sink as I turned on the faucet. I moved his hair under the running water and lightly grasped his hair to get a better hold of it. It was unimaginably soft, with a high amount of sheen and density. I sensually ran my fingers through his mane as water ran into it, dampening his locks. He got the chills.

"You like it, huh?"
"Y-Yeah, that feels...nice..."

I rubbed shampoo into his hair, applying it slowly but efficiently, then rubbed his scalp. He almost moaned; I could tell he was excited. My crotch began to stir once more, now getting ahold of his tantalizingly long locks. After rubbing in shampoo and giving his scalp a massage, I washed his hair once more, letting his hair dance around my hands. Finally, I inclined his chair back to normal position. His locks fell back into place, just past his shoulders.

"How was that?"
"...Insanely satisfying..."
"I knew you'd like it."

I took my blow dryer and brush, then blow-dried his hair down and about. His locks slowly became more fluffy and free, bouncing happily with the strong currents blasting from the drier. Finally, his mane was restored back to its original state, with extra sheen and a feathered touch to it.

Matthias continued his project on his phone, significantly more relaxed. I worked on getting the cape onto him, which was helped with the cool draft that managed to seep into the room.

"Man, it's cold..."
"Yeah, that's usual in Maine's winter."
"...You know, I could put a cape on you. They're quite wind resistant and comfortable."
"No thanks, I need to see my phone, and my arms might get tired even with the armrests."
"Oh, well I can give you a cape with a transparent part on top. It's a small bit of the cape that's clear, so you'll be able to see your phone while under."
"Oh, really? Well, I guess I'll take that."

I whipped out a white, nylon cape with a viewing window, then wrapped it around Matthias. He continued to use his phone freely, sitting snuggly in his cape. He had no idea what was coming.

"I can tie a tissue around your neck, to keep it warm too."
"Don't those get itchy?"
"Oh, only if you actually get a haircut! It's really comfortable when you just have one on."
"Oh, then sure."

I ripped off a tissue from the box and wrapped it around his neck. Man, if someone were to pass by the barbershop, they'd think Matthias was really getting a haircut!

"You know, now that you're here, you could get a little trim..."
"...Maybe...I was planning on getting this mop trimmed."
"Well, I can do it here!"
"Wait...was this all a setup to give me a haircut?"
"What, no!", I lied, "I really just wanted to make this place homey. But I notice how long this style has gone...". I fondled his locks, giving it a nice, erotic tug, "a little too long."
"Mmm, while I'm here, I guess I'll go with it. Thank you, again."
"Oh, of course! I'm happy to trim this mane."

He continued to work on his project as I turned his chair to the window.

"What's that for?"
"Oh, I do this for all my clients. It's so they can only see the result in the end, and also so they don't complain when I make a mistake since I can just fix it."
"Oh, I see."

I took my spray bottle and comb and began to spray Matthias' long locks. His hair reached just below his shoulder in long waves of brown and caramel, become thick and dense by the second. His hair grew heavy, forming thick lines of dark brown hair. The spraying continued until his locks were completely dampened.

I then reached for my scissors, grabbed a lock of hair from his right sideburn and snipped off just half an inch of hair. A light bit of deep, wet hair sprinkled onto the floor, to which he didn't even bat an eye to. I continued grabbing long locks of his lustrous mane and proceeded to snip off bits here and there while trying to make more small talk.

"Wow, what a mane you've got here!"
"Yeah, I really do adore my long hair."
"But you still had a shorter flattop before, right?"
"Do...you ever miss the flattop?"
"Sometimes, yeah...I love the way clippers feel around the head, and seeing mounds of hair fall off for the first time felt astounding...but I'm going with this look now. It's better for me, in my opinion, with how cold Maine is."
"Dang, I would've loved to drive the clippers through this luscious mop of yours."
"Yeah...I wonder how that would feel..."

I finished up the last snip of his trim. There was a light sprinkle all over the floor of brown hair, and I blowdried some hair off the cape. I then blow-dried his hair, letting his locks flow freely onto his shoulders. I then tied it into his messy man bun, which looked much better now. His hair was much neater than it was before, although my crave to shear it all off had grown strong enough. I knew for a fact he wanted the clippers to free him too. He was ready to get up, his phone now shut off, but I had a surprise coming.

"Thank you, Bill, for the trim."
"Oh, it's not over yet."

I could see him getting the chills.

"Wh...What do you mean?"
"Listen here, Matthias. I know how much you want to free yourself of these locks. You told me you missed the clippers, the buzzing, the shearing...so let me do you a favor."
"A-A favor?"

I grasped his overdue locks, shimmering in the lights.

"Yes, I'm giving you the flattop you so verily desire!"

I grabbed my scissors in a rush. I held one hand on Matthias' head, the other grasping the shears. I brought them to his boisterous, foppy man bun, then inserted the large mop into my scissors. I slowly, methodically snipped away at the bun. A loud scrunching sound could be heard throughout the shop. Matthias sat in utter confusion as his prized man bun was being heavily discarded of. Finally, with one final, heavy chop of the shears, the man bun fell into my hands. The remaining hair fell down to his jawline. The chopped off hair was so soft, tender to the touch. I plopped it onto Matthias' cape, to which he felt it in pure disbelief.

"How's that for satisfying!"
"Th-This is...mine?"
"Yes, and I'm shearing off the rest, too!"

I grabbed ahold of my clippers with no guard, then placed them at Matthias' nape. I slowly, sensually drove them up to his crown. A dense sheaf of fluffy, brown hair came tumbling down the cape to the floor. I continued to make quick, efficient strokes through his hair, letting mounds of long hair piling on the ground. The buzzing filled the room as I placed the clippers to his wars, and I noticed his pants had a bulge. Mine did too, as my cock began to act up. Bundles of thick, luscious hair now tumbled onto the cape right before Matthias' eyes. He simply watched in awe, his prized possession now lying on him.

I then wrapped around to the front of Matthias' head, clippers grasped in my hand. I took my flat comb and ran it through his thick, fluffy locks of dense hair, then took a good section and placed my clippers on the comb. I slowly moved the clippers across, letting a waterfall of hair to shed onto the cape. Matthias began to sweat as I continued to shave off momentous chunks of fluffy, brown goodness onto the cape and floor. Hair fell in absolutely mesmerizing chunks of locks, the cape now being almost completely covered in hair. Finally, after blending the sides, the flattop was complete.

I proceeded onward to shaving off his beard. I placed the clippers at the bottom of his right sideburn and drove them slowly downwards, letting a bundle of smooth hair to fall lightly. I continued shaving off the rest of his beard, his face becoming more cleared up. Finally, I shaved off his lustrous mustache, and he was now completely shaven.

I shut off the clippers and placed them aside, then wheeled the chair around towards the mirror. I rubbed some puddy into Matthias' hair, then had his new style stick up. I finally removed the cape, letting a load of useless bundles of hair fall mercilessly to the ground.

Matthias looked amazing with his new cut: the shorter sides and top helped bring out his shining eyes while the lack of a beard helped to accent his perfect jawline.

Matthias got up to feel his buzzcut. There was stubble all around his head sans the top, which bore a light covering of hair styled to stick up.

"Wow, this feels just like my old flattop..."
"I'm glad you enjoyed it!"
"Oh, I did more than enjoy it. That was simply...splendid. Your method of shaving hair off is fantastic, and it really does make the experience more enthralling. I'll be sure to give you a call to fix it up often."

I couldn't believe it, yet I believed it all the while. I managed to shave off all of Matthias' thick, heavy locks! He stood up, paid with a graceful tip, and headed out.

"G'bye, I'll be waiting!"

And finally, I was left there to clean up the mounds of discarded hair. Oh, what a day it was to be a barber.


Thank you all so much for the positivity from the first story! I'm really grateful you enjoyed it. Hopefully, this one was good too ♡
I'm thinking of either doing a haircut where the client asks for the wrong cut or Bill decided to shave off a client's hair without permission, so please let me know which is better!~

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