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Holiday Haircut by GP49

I was in America with a pal of mine back in the early 90s and at the time I had real long hair about three inches down past my shoulders, the weather over there was real hot during our three week stay and I was struggling to say the least.

We decided one of the days to hit a local shopping mall as the exchange rate was 2 dollars to the pound, so we thought we may as well grab a bargain or two, whilst in the mall I spied a barber shop with four old school barber chairs in there.

There was just one woman sitting in the chair reading a magazine as the mall wasn’t that busy she obviously hadn’t had much trade that morning, I hadn’t planned a haircut and hadn’t had one for about 8-9 months, but I seemed drawn to this place.

I told my pal ‘I’m going to get a haircut right now’.....he seemed surprised but said ‘ok I’ll head to a few stores and see you in a while’.....I entered the shop and sat down on the large wooden bench to which the lady said ‘come straight over and sit here’ to which I did with by now some serious butterflies in the stomach......what was I doing???

I sat down and she instantly wrapped the cape around me and proceeded to comb my hair without saying anything, then finally she said ‘what are we doing then today....Is it all coming off?’........I didn’t know what to do, she looked at me in the mirror for what seemed like an age but was really only 5-6 seconds before I said ‘yes I want a short haircut today’

She picked up a large pair of scissors and began taking huge amounts of hair off......it just kept sliding down the cape and on to the floor, she put the scissors down and I took a look at my new haircut......it was ok, it was short but not drastic and I kind of liked it, then I felt her hand on the top of my head, my chin was pushed firmly into my chest and I heard a loud click......what the hell was that I thought???

She had picked up the clippers while I was looking at what I thought was my finished haircut and was now pushing them firmly up the back of my head again and again and again, then the clippers went up the side of my head and high around my ears......the same thing happened on the opposite side, hair was raining down on the cape, she made pass after pass around my ears going higher and higher.

The top of my hair was cut to around half an inch with barely any fringe left at all.....I was getting a full blown military style haircut......the rest of the tidying up went by in a blur and when the cut was over I sat there looking at the bristle cut top with high shaved back and sides, I glanced down st the floor to see a mass of brown hair that 15 minutes earlier was on my head......I sat there wide eyed as she removed the cape, she looked hard at me in the mirror and said ‘you’ll get used to it and thank me for it one day.....that’s a proper guys haircut’

It was then my friend walked in and said ‘mate....you are virtually bald.....I didn’t realise that’s what you were getting’ to which I replied ‘neither did i’.....I paid for my haircut and thanked the lady although I wasn’t really sure I was happy with what I had got but felt I had to be polite.

I’ve never had such a haircut since but look back with fond memories on the experience even though at the time I didn’t really enjoy it.....I do now though!!!

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