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Jims New Years Eve Changes by P.J.

Hi guys, as promised, here's one for all you shaved bald lovers...goes against my better judgment but parts of it are true. Hope you enjoy.

By way of an intro I'm P.J., Just back from my 1st semester of college. I just happened to be a year older than most of my neighborhood buddies. This wasn't an issue till college time rolled around. I'd been away for my first semester and was back on winter break. Things had gone well at school but it was good to have some hang time with the old gang. New years eve had already rolled around. They guys were gathering at my place and then going out later in the evening to celebrate the ringing in of the new year. I wasn't sure yet whether or not guys or girls were my thing for sure. I hadn't had much time to explore at school, I'd knuckled down to the books to start off on the right foot. This was the winter of 1979. I did know one thing for sure. I had a fetish for guys hair. Loved to look at it, run my hands through it, cut it, watch it get cut, everything about it. My buddies and I all sported the look of the times. Not an ear lobe or collar in sight. Well groomed but long.

I noticed my buddy Jim in particular had let his get very long the last few months. His was platinum blonde, now shoulder length, very thick, and just a hint of a wave to it. Very HOT. We hadn't had a lot of time together over the holidays so when he showed up at the house ahead of the rest of the guys I finally got a few minutes to ask about the mane. Jim is on the varsity swim team, has been all 4 years of high school. He's a tremendous athlete and loves the water. States would be starting after the winter break and he was a favorite to take the school all the way this year.
I invited him in and teasingly ran my hand through his plush thatch. "Hey, been meanin to ask, what's up with the mane?" "OH, I decided to grow it out for the regular season and if I made it to States, get it shaved ." My heart skipped a beat..."what, you, shave this all off?" I inquired. "Yep, that's the plan, gonna have my big brother Dana do the deed tomorrow. Not looking forward to it , but It'll grow back before I go to college, and I won't have to wear a cap in the pool to race." We sat side by side on the couch, I pushed his hung shank of bangs back off his face and said "never thought I'd see the day you'd go that far, all this off?" I giggled, the shank in my hand again. Jim gave me an odd smile and said "that's the deal, why? I didn't know you cared about my hair?" I was close enough to see his sapphire blue eyes blaze for just a second or two. I had to be the one to remove this thatch. Screw his older brother. "Well I didn't think I was into your hair much either till you told me this. I have to ask, would you consider letting me cut it for you?" My heart was pounding. It seemed like time stopped. He studied me intently for what seemed like forever. "I have clippers here, they can get pretty close, then I could razor off the rest. We could do it after the rest of the guys leave for the bar. We'd show up before midnight and surprise them. A whole new you. what do you think Jim?" Jim go that odd smile again and said" let me think on it till it's time to leave, then I'll let you know, O.K.?" The suspense was going to kill me but what could I say but "sure, O.K.!"

The rest of the guys came, we partied and played cards for awhile then 10:00 rolled around. They started making noises about heading to the bar. I glanced at Jim and raised my eye brows questioningly. Jim said, "you guys go on ahead, P.J. and I have to work something out, we'll meet you there in a bit." I almost swooned but held it together till the rest of the gang left. Jim and I were left standing together. Jim put his hands on my shoulders and said, "Well if you really want to do this I guess its O.K." "Oh, my GOD!" I said as I reached up and pushed both hands through his thick mane. "Really!" I squeaked. Jim murmured "Yes, really. But there's a few conditions...I'll have to take a quick shower after you finish so I'd like you to cut it with just my skivvies on." "O.K. sure, that makes sense" I said. I'll strip down to mine to so I don't get hair all over them either if that's O.K.?" "yeah, that'd be cool" Jim mumbled.

We headed up to my room and bathroom. I put my desk chair in front of my vanity mirror as Jim got undressed. I left to get the clippers and the rest of the haircutting gear. When I got back Jim was sitting on the chair, combing his hair and turning his head looking in the mirror. I quickly stripped down and realized that this whole event was making me incredibly horny. I hopped Jim was too distracted to notice. Jim said, "you know, until this minute I didn't realize just how much my hair has grown out." "I do kind of like of like this" he quipped. "Well Jim, who else knows about you getting your head shaved, besides your brother?" Jim though a minute, " no one, besides you." Well as much as I'd like to be the one that gets to cut this all off ( as I ran my hands through it again)I don't have to do this. You could just wear the cap in the pool and enjoy the mane . . I'd love to give you a trim, and shape it up still if that's O.K. though? I asked " Can I take some before and after picks of this though. This is really epic. Maybe some during shots too. " Sure", Jim smiled, "that'd be good, don't know if I'll ever let it get this long again." I quickly got my camera and snapped off all angles and a couple of hammy shots of Jim pulling it up to its full length, then combed down all around his head. What a mop. This was going to be fun. "still want to do this?" I asked. "Yes, but let's have a bit of fun first", Jim said, he had that odd smile again, king of half smirk, half question mark, eye brows raised. "Are you good at cutting guys hair" Jim asked. Yes, I usually don't use clippers these days but I've been cutting several guys hair in my dorm this fall. Why?" Jim got thoughtful, then spoke, "Let's do this. You give me the trim you talked about first, as if I was just one of the guys in your dorm. I want to see what you'd do with this mop. Then we'll take some pic's again. Then I'll decide once and for all if I'm going all the way."
Wow I thought. This was almost more than I could stand. I got to potentially cut this mane twice. My cock was throbbing through my Fruit of the Looms. I stood behind him and looked at him in the mirror. "O.K. for a regular cut, what would you have had me do?" I asked. Jim smiled again, "I can see this is driving you crazy, but surprise me, show me your barbering skill, I might want you to be my barber after this grows back in too." I blushed, then smiled back in the mirror, my cock brushed his shoulder through my tighty whities. "Sorry, this is making me incredibly horny" I chirped. "I can see that" Jim said, "and your getting horny is making me horny too" he smiled back at me. "O.K. I'll give you my trademark dorm cut." I said, picking up the comb and scissors.

I combed his hair down all around. He gave a heavy sigh. I gave him a left parting, pulling the over the chin length bangs just slightly aside so he could watch out of one eye. I dampened his hair all around. With a quick snip I lopped off 3" of thick blonde locks just below his left ear at the jaw line. The severed locks landed in his lap, on his hardening cock I noticed. I'd only cut back to just behind his left ear. I switched sides, combed the huge forelock forward again, blocking his vision completely, and did the same thing to his right side. He sighed again as the locks thumped into the others in his lap. "good god you have thick hair " I commented, almost to myself. His hair in back almost touched his shoulder blades. Yikes, this was ALOT of hair. I studied him for a minute. If he'd been a dorm buddy I' have just trimmed a bit off and layered the bottom. I decided to trim it up shorter, the way I liked to see it. I started a the ear cut on the left, and made a rounding cut down to the middle of his back, taking off almost 2 inches of the back at the middle. I pushed the cut locks forward, off his shoulder into this lap to add to the growing pile, and hardening bulge. "You're doing that deliberately aren't you " Jim quipped. "you bet I am bud, no reason we both can't enjoy this. I know I am" I said, smiling back into the mirror. I realized then that he couldn't see me. I pulled his bangs aside a bit again freeing up an eye. "Thanks, I needed that" Jim moaned. I repeated the cut on the right back and stood back. Usually I had shorts or jeans on when I cut the others guys hair, I usually got just as aroused but I hid it better. This time there was no hiding it. Little P.J. was starting to peak out above my waist band. Yikes!. I hopped I could hold out till Jim hopped in the shower.

Next I pulled his forelock back all the way down again. I took a couple of snips just below his lower lip, decided that looked like a good length and finished it across. 2 plus inches of thick bangs hit the pile in Jims lap. "Oh, god" Jim moaned. "That's a lot of hair!" "It really isn't" I quipped as I started combing his mane out to see where we were at. I cut a couple of quick layers in the bottom inch or so all around. This eliminated the "I just got my hair cut by my mom "look. before I combed it all into place I took a couple of quick pic's. "Hey, no fair, I can't see it yet", Jim Barked. "Nope you can't", I chided "but it looks good, you'll soon get a peak". I got my brush and proceeded to brush his forelock back to the side, pulling all the way through the top too. This caused the long lock right at his cowlick on the crown to fall back down the back, causing what I called a rooster tail. He couldn't see it. For some reason, this look always made me incredibly horny. That's why I cut it so often in the dorm. I liked looking at guys that made me horny. Hmm, was I swinging farther one way? It was going to be a shame, and an incredibly arousing experience to push the clippers through all this, but I'd manage, I thought to myself.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked., placing my hands on his shoulders and studying him in the mirror. He reached back, accidently brushing my cock as he reached for the back. 'Hey, don't do that or the fun will be over way to early!" I quipped. He laughed, "I know what you mean, I never thought I'd get this aroused getting a haircut." He turned his head both ways, slightly touching it on each side and the back. "Wow, I'm afraid to touch it , it looks great!" I ran my fingers through it, 'I think so too, I love this hair" I moaned. Then he ran his hands through it, pushing his bangs back behind his right ear. "Wow, I love it" he said . He pulled me around in front of him. "you're my barber from now on " he said with a broad grin. He brushed the front of my tighty whities with this hand. "How are you holding up?" he intoned. I don't know if I'm going to make it" I moaned. He smiled that odd smile again and said, I'll help you with this later after we're finished...if you want?" I blushed crimson, "sure, that'd be great" I managed to croak out. I thought to myself...are you kidding, yeah, I really wanted that.
"O.K." Jim said, "enough fun, take some pic's and lets shave this off. " I grabbed the camera, and snapped off a few shots, glad for the distraction. Jim hammed it up again in a few of them. God he looked HOT.
I put down the camera, picked up the clippers without any guard, and said "You're sure about this? We don't have to do this, you look REALLY HOT right now." "We could just jump in the shower and get going". Jim smiled, "as good as this truly is, and I really want to jump in that shower...with you... I want to try the shaved head thing so ,yes, sure ,let's buzz it."

I pushed his head down, needed no more encouragement, sighed and snapped the clippers on.
I pulled up the first huge shank of plush thick hair in the back, moved the clippers in position at his now exposed nape, and started pushing upwards. I felt him shudder as the clippers made contact with the skin at his nape, and then he let out a sigh. He knew there was no turning back now, so did I. The first huge handful slid free in my hand. I dropped it into his lap. "Oh my god" he moaned. " I know" I said over the buzzing of the clippers. I made a second pass slowly up the back, now truly and finally exposing a large patch of shaved head, with no guard on the clippers and his platinum blonde color hair it already looked bald. Pass after pass up the back, all the way to the crown, through the rooster tail, oh my god I couldn't stand it, dropping each severed handful unto the huge pile in his lap. He reached over and fondled one of the huge almost foot long hanks I'd just let slide down. "God, if this is how long it is now, how much did you cut the first time?" he inquired. "It was about a good 2 inches longer" I answered smiling into the mirror. "Holy cow" was all Jim could say. I moved to his left side, gradually working my way toward the front. He still looked like he had a full thick mop of hair from the front. He reached up to feel the freshly shaved back with this hand and I slapped it down. "Hey, not till I finish! I don't want you getting to the finish line prematurely" I smirked. he pouted. I pulled his still huge forelock down so he couldn't see anything. Then I made the last bass up the left side, all the way to the part. Now his denuded side was fully visible in the mirror. He looked lopsided, huge forelock, and below ear length thick mane on the right, nothing but freshly shaved skin on the left and back. I didn't know if I'd make it all the way through. I might lose it when I plunged the clipper in the top for the final assault. I blew gently on Jims denuded left side. He shuddered involuntarily. "Oh God, stop that, talk about premature finishes, I'm sure to have one if you keep that up, Wow!" Jim moaned. I laughed. This was incredibly HOT. I slowly sheared off all the thick heavy locks on his right side, leaving him looking like a partially sheared sheep dog. A really cute sheep dog at that.

He had a perfect head, great shape, no scars or marks. "Have you ever had short hair Jim" I inquired. "Only when I was really little, but never a baldy." "Ready to start to see the new you? I paused with the clippers ready to plunge into his hairline at his forehead. "Or you can close your eyes and I'll tell you when to look if you want." 'Go for it already, the suspense it killing me" Jim barked, smiling under the huge forelock. I plunged the hungry clippers into the hair line in the part side. The huge forelock began its final slide down off his face into the now huge pile in his lap. Jim moaned loudly. "NOT YET" I yelled.

Three more passes and the dirty deed was done. Jim, now bald sat in front of me. He studied himself in the mirror. "What have I done" he moaned. running his hands through the huge pile of severed locks in his lap. He let them fall slowly, then reached for his head. I beat him to it. Slowly running my hand up the back from nape to crown. "Oh my god, that's so arousing" Jim moaned again. I smiled, "yes, it is isn't it." He then rubbed his hands all over his freshly shave noggin, moaning several more times.

"I have a suggestion" I said, smiling wickedly at him. "Let's both get in the shower, and I'll finish shaving you in there." Jim smiled that odd smile once more, "Yes, I think we can finish things up nicely there" he said, brushing the front of my tighty whities again, causing me to moan.

Needless to say we were a little late to the bar. We ushered in the new year in our own unique way. Jim with a freshly shaved head, completely bald, not sure if he liked it. I didn't think he looked good bald but wasn't about to tell him that unless he asked. He also realized he'd have to keep up the shaving through States if he didn't want to wear a cap. New experiences for both of us. The new year was off to a great start.

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