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Buzzed Hair by Ryan

When I was 14 years old my brother kept going on about me Buzzing my hair,''Just have a #2 all over it is not that short!''but i kept declining his offer.My hair at the time was about 2 inches,what would my friends say if i shaved my hair!

From a younge age and seeing my brother buzz his head I have always wanted to try it!Woundering what it would look like and the passion of always wanting to buzz my hair I said I would buzz my head.It was the six weeks holiday so my hair had six weeks to grow back,I biked over his house to find he already had the clippers and chair sittuated in the middle of the room.

''hello!I was wainting for you!Take a seat.'' I sat down very slowly woundering what I was doing shaving my hair.He came down the stairs with the clipper attachment combs.

''What number are we going to buzz it to?''

''erm...what about a #4?''

''four!there no point in buzzing it if you are only going to use a #4 comb!''I thought about and said.

''I will have a #2 then!''

And with in a flash my brother was putting the attachment on the clippers,he turned them on making a low buzzing noise he asked.

''Are you ready for this?''

I quikly nodded my head.He then pushed my head down placing the clippers on the back of my neck the metal was cooling.He paused for a second and then began to move the clippers up my head I could hear the clipper taking of large bits of hair,it began to hit the floor the hair was coming off in great chunks!I looked on the floor to see bits of hair 2 inches long but my hair was only 2 inches!What was it going to look like?Then he moved to the side and began on that,again I could feel the clippers cutting down my hair. On finishing the other side.The finally placed the clippers on the top of my head dragging them back,with the clippers taking lots of hair off as it went.It felt great he kept running the clipper over my head,making sure it was all the right lenght.Then he paused and said ''I dont think its short enough do you?''I stepped up with hair going every where,and looked in the morror to my left.It looked great i run my hand over my head a cupal of times and agreeded''nah i dont think its that

''well you might was well just have the clipper with no attachment it is not that much shorter than a #1 ok?''

Again I nodded and the attachment was taken off the clippers and then they were turned on again making a low buzzing noise.He done the top first this time,although there was lots of hair on the floor the clippers were still taking off quite a bit of hair!He run the clippers over my head a cupal of times did the sides and back and said''there done what do yo think?''I looked in the same morror and I loved it was great running my hand over my head feeling only stubble!I loved it.Now I always have my hair in the same way but I will never forget the first time I buzzed my hair!

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