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Creepy Creeper by M Demarlo

Usually on a Friday evening the bar would be packed. Not any more, not with this Creeper thing on the loose. It was all over the nightly news, especially now. Last night not one but two men were attacked. The bartender and its few patrons focused on the beginning of the 10:00 news. Creeper attacks double to two last night making 20 victims total. Authorities don't know how to explain the time frame of these two separate attacks. They happened only thirty minutes apart, yet over 200 miles from one another. How can this creeper travel over 200 miles in less than half an hour? Some are saying there is more than one creeper. As with all the victims, their stories don't make sense. One thing is certain; these men are now bald headed, shiny bald. Their hair gone, even the root IS GONE. As if no hair had ever grown on their heads. Doctors say these men may never recover from the horror they have endured. At first glance they seem normal, and then you notice the glaze in their eyes. When they try and talk they get upset and start mumbling. It’s going to be awhile before we get any real answers. What at first seemed unbelievable now is coming through as the truth. These men have all had their hair chewed off. Chewed off the way a person chews the corn off a cob. These men literally had gone into shock during the process. All the victims were young men with long shoulder length hair. Across the country men are cutting their long hair. At mostly all barbershops if you don’t have an appointment the wait will be in hours. Men everywhere had been warned not to let their hair grow longer than two to three inches. If you can grab it cut it, that’s what was being said on the news. The term now used is an SS haircut (Safe & Short). Unable to get any real answers authorities turned to the well known psychic Jane Dicker. Unable to explain such a monster, it must be paranormal.
Her eyes wide open yet in a sleeping trance Jane Dicker looked as if she were staring into her crystal ball. However, she was sound asleep. Soon she would enter sleep REM (rapid eye movement). Her assistants were busy in preparation of this soon to be historical event.
The Channel 7 news reporter asked why her eyes look so strange. He was waving his hand up and down in front of her to see if her pupils followed. Just as he did this her glazed eyes starting darting back and forth rapidly. She was beginning rapid eye movement, the delicate instruments she was hooked up to were moving back and forth like the needles of a rector scale that measures earthquakes. She was dreaming causing her assistants to start monitoring every movement of her eyes. Charlie the Channel 7 news reporter was now on the phone to the anchor desk. He was there to get an exclusive, from Jane Dicker herself. Maybe, hopefully she will have some answers when she wakes up. The rapid eye movement monitors kept putting drops in Jane Dicker’s eyes. Charlie asked "what do the drops do for her"? The large male rapid eye movement monitor explained that Jane Dicker is 102 years old; she has had so many face lifts, tucks and pins to pull her eyes up that they never close. Amazing, the old lady could pass easily for 50, half her age. Jane Dicker claims that she has dreams, her dreams things and the eye movement monitors decode the movement in her eyes while she is deep in REM. She has helped law enforcement find dead people, missing pets and claimed to speak cat fluently. It was running through Charlie’s mind that he was there to get an exclusive from an old crack pot. Do you think she will have some answers this time? She keeps repeating the same dream, has to do with a guy named Jerry. Jerry with the rose tattoo that stays hidden. As the sun began to set over this sleepy west Texas town, people were waiting for the news to start. Channel 7 News was broadcasting live from the "Texas Cracker Saloon" After the introduction from the news anchor. From the danger zone a live interview was starting. Little red power lights were now indicating that they were indeed broadcasting live. Zooming in close on Jane Dicker, she was looking into the camera running her hand pushing her hair back. She reminded Charlie of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard I had a hard time containing myself. Then she spoke "Have you seen the cats yet"? You, (pointing at Charlie) "Have you seen the cats yet? "I saw you and Jerry with all those cats" Then she added "I saw where it stays, it does not like the day. The sun can bring it pain. I did not know what she was talking about. Your friend Jerry, he wears his long hair tied up under a cowboy hat and he has a small rose tattoo somewhere on his body where nobody can see it... Into the camera again she got real creepy. Dead serious she said "I don’t know if it’s a demon or a devil, or just some dark thing from a dark place in time. All I do know is once it gets your scent it can’t stop. It will follow you, stalk you for days. It can smell your hair from a city block away. It dresses like a man only to hide that it’s not. It lives off of hair, only male human hair. It has a sticky slobbery cow like tong that can fasten itself to almost anything. When it licks a man’s head hair gets pulled out like Zip Wax. Its saliva works same as a potent permanent hair remover. Lastly, it has huge wings that fold up into a pouch on its back. She claims to have seen all this information in her dream. It was obvious Jane Dicker was on medication. She lived in a nursing home; sugar coated by calling it assisted living. But only when assistance is needed. Some people laughed, some people nailed their doors and windows shut. More men flocked to barbershops which were open now until midnight. By the next day a change in the men of this small rural town was apparent. Short haircuts were everywhere the eye could see. Fresh crew-cuts, H & T crew-cuts some with a neat bumper, military flattops, and very short Ivy League haircuts every man and boy were sporting. This little Texas town was clean-cut. Even visitors now had freshly clipped very short military type haircuts. So many cowboy hats and boots, these men and boys all lived inside the hot zone where all the attacks have taken place. There was no place like it on the face of the earth that all the men were extremely neat and well groomed, very clean-cut.
To save men the horror of an attack a local judge made it a law that any male with hair longer than 2 inches would be put in jail during night hours. Or be escorted by a state trooper to the closest barbershop.
It was time for Charlie the reporter to visit the town barbershop. It was a law enforcement officer, a Texas State Trooper who approached Charlie and said he was in violation of the new haircut code. The trooper asked Charlie if he wanted a ride out of town or a ride to the barbershop. Charlie was one of the few man that the trooper was enforcing this new and very strict haircut law, sort of a martial law on male haircuts. No more than 2 inches at the longest or we lock you up for the night, for your safety. Charlie did not have long hair at all. My hair is short said Charlie. Handing Charlie a slip of paper that looked as if it had been notarized, very official. It was real. Charlie took pictures of the haircut warrant . The warrant said that the honorable Judge of this town and county was not asking Charlie but telling Charlie to get his hair cut before sundown or he would be incarcerated. He accepted the ride from the trooper.
They pulled up to the parking lot and noticed the spinning barber’s pole. This place was new to Charlie. They entered to a good crowd of men. Some freshly clipped and waiting while others are seated in all four barbers’ chairs. There were mounds of hair all over the floor. Charlie was in quiet thought wondering why this creeper never went for already cut from the head. Looking around, Charlie said to the trooper " these guys have really short haircuts."
Soon the crowd thinned out and Charlie was taking a seat in the turn of the century antique barber’s chair. Neck strip fastened, clippers began to mow straight up the side of his head. Three inches of black hair fell down the side Charlie’s head and rolled into the front of the cape. Moving the chair around in a circle the clipping continued up the back and to the other side of Charlie’s head. All the hair falling and the clippers continued. The blade was changed and again the clippers clipped close, the barber was using a .05 1/16 th clipped up high and blended into where the 1/8 th blade very clean-cut. The barber left a little more than an inch at the longest part of his hair. Butch-waxed the barber cut the top down flat. It was just like the State Troopers haircut. Looking in the mirror Charlie said wow, is that short. Yes, the SS haircut is timeless.
Charlie walked through town back to his hotel room. Showered and changed his clothes. Looking in the mirror he said to himself, "I like this haircut on me, think I will keep it." Charlie went down to the Texas Cracker Salon for a needed stiff drink. Charlie was talking with the bartender when he noticed another guy looking up at the rerun of the Channel 7 Exclusive with the world psychic Jane Dicker... The guy at the bar suddenly looked as if he had a stroke, and dropped his drink on the floor. The girl with him said "Relax Jerry, you don't have a rose tattoo" Jerry took off his cowboy hat and started to retie his long hair into a tighter ponytail. The girl adjusting his hat was saying "Just get a haircut" With your hair all up under this cowboy hat it looks like you have short hair but that creeper thing will smell different. She was worried for the guy... She added "besides, I like the look of closely clipped hair on a guy with a hat like yours. She was really throwing herself at this guy. Charlie had to introduce himself, is this just a coincidence. Maybe it was a conspiracy they were all in on to scam Channel 7. What were the odds of a guy named Jerry with long hair kept under a cowboy hat would be here. Just as Jane Dicker predicted. Charlie followed Jerry into the men’s room. Stood alongside Jerry at the urinal. Charlie made it obvious he was looking at Jerry’s Penis. Shaking it and looking at Charlie Jerry said. "Want some, yea come-on you want it". A man came out of a toilet stall and said. "Not here guys, go get a room." We run a respectable establishment here. Embarrassed, Charlie went quickly out the door. After playing several games of pool with Jerry, Charlie asked if he had a rose tattoo. Yes said Jerry, it’s on the top of my head. Shows membership to the red rose motorcycle gang. That was 20 years ago when I used to shave my head. Charlie was spooked, and showed Jerry the video on his phone. Jerry said in no way was he worried about some creep licking and chewing his hair off. The two men continued talking at a booth. Jerry pulled out a huge hunting knife he carried fastened onto his belt. He carved a heart on the table with his girlfriends name in it. Charlie gave Jerry his card and asked him to call him tomorrow. That his station would pay for his interview. They shook hands as if they were going seperate ways. Instead they both walked out of the bar together and down the street.. The wind gusting blowing sand around, the night was dry. The moon was huge almost full, but not quite. Hearing what sounded like a baby crying started to sound like several babies crying. It was late at night, where and why were babies crying. It was coming from down a hill. A small run down house, and what appeared to be the back yard and porch with an old worn canvas awning, like a canopy torn and flapping in the wind? A dim porch light gave very little visibility. The moon offered more light. As the two men got closer the sound was coming from a box. As they got close enough to see that it was a box of kittens. The mother gave a frightening hiss. In an instant Charlie realized the mother cat was not hissing in their direction. There was no wind it was dead quiet but still heard the canvas flapping. In that instant Jerry realized it was not the torn canopy making that sound but the huge wings of the creeper flapping making the noise.
What looked like something out of a horror movie dropped from the sky onto Jerry and was dragging him toward the wooded area. Its wings started flapping and they were air born. Jerry could not move a muscle. He had thoughts that this is what a mouse being in the steel claws of a falcon or an eagle must be like. The creeper had the strength of 50 men, Jerry could not move. He was accepting and began to say the Lords prayer out loud. A snort came from the creature as it sniffed Jerry’s head. His cowboy hat was got knocked off his head and was floating slowly toward the ground. He could still see Charlie standing and looking up in amazement. Charlie was getting smaller though, soon out of site
. The creepers wings were extended to their full length, well over 20 feet. They were gliding losing altitude. The same small house and porch light were coming into view. They must have been flying in a big circle. Charlie was gone, along with the box and family of kittens. They landed right on the back porch. The creeper snorted and slapped out the porch light. Shoving Jerry’s head down in the dirt the creeper started licking and chewing at Jerry’s hair. The creeper began to frenzy feed chewing and chomping away Jerry’s hair. The monster then gagged, coughing and gagging. It was trying to cough up the fake hair from Jerry’s hair system .
Indeed, Jerry wore a hair system. He had his own hair (which was very thin and stringy) blended into the undetectable system which was not human hair but "down town Tokyo lawn" or tenechyalawn, a fibrous plastic. Because he had not washed neither his hair or the hair piece in over a week. Because of the oil building up in hair and hair piece, the creeper thought the smell was right.
The creepers grip loosened and Jerry reached and got hold of his hunting knife. As the creeper was gagging making sounds and body contortions like it was choking up a hairball. Jerry slashed deep into the creepers neck, then again, and again. Blood shot across the porch. It was a fatal wound, All three slashes each slash would have been deadly on its own. Three wounds and the creeper slowly fell to the floor. Its eyes staring into nothing, just looking straight out to empty space, but wide open. The blood left the creeper so fast the monster was dead before it hit the floor. In the dim porch light the box of kitties had been turned over and a litter of 16 were licking up the pools of blood left by the creeper. Jerry called 911 from his cell phone. The first thing the paramedics could see was Jerry’s bald head in the moon light, and on his crown a small rose tattoo.
07/13/ 2018

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