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Assertion of authority by Snipped Sam

I had always been in awe of Mrs Gray, she had been my junior school teacher and was a very strict lady, I would occasionally see her as she lived further down the road from me. We would usually have a chat. I was now fourteen and was always on my best behaviour when in her presence, after all this lady had made me touch my toes so she could spank me and spank me she did.
My brother was a year older than me and we always went together to have our haircut, because he wanted it long we always went to a modern place and had similar cuts. Being the 1970s this meant over the ears and collar and parted in the middle. Secretly I longed to have my hair short, my friend Alan went to an old-fashioned barber and had a very short haircut. I used to dream about joining the army and being given a very short haircut. One day I was talking to Mrs Gray and she remarked that she had noticed that my hair just seemed to be getting longer and longer.

"I have to go with my brother and I don’t get a say in it"
"You don’t sound that happy about it Paul"
"I’m not really Mrs Gray, I sometimes think I’d like it a bit shorter"
"Just a bit shorter Paul or what about a fourpenny all off?"

I gave a nervous giggle at this

"When you were in my class at school your hair was always nice and short"
"I remember Mrs Gray, wish it still was, but I think my brother thinks if my hair is shorter his will be too, and I wouldn’t dare speak out"
"Oh, dear Paul, so when are you due for your next haircut due Paul?"
"Soon Mrs Gray"
"Of course, Paul having had a son, I would often take him to the barbers to have his hair cut nice and short, so I very much know the routine"
"Yes Mrs Gray"
"I could always take you, but you would have to do as you were told, my word is final"
"I understand Mrs Gray"

It was quite exciting sitting waiting to have my haircut with Mrs Gray sitting beside me reading a newspaper. She had chosen a traditional barber to take me, with one barber perhaps in his late forties, a thin man with short dark hair and a beard. This man had never cut my hair before, and whilst I sat there quietly, I was really looking forward to my turn. After what seemed a great deal of attention the man came of the chair and paid for his haircut and left. The barber looked over at me and nodded and I stood up and walked to the chair, I sat down, he told me to sit right back in the chair and to sit up straight. The navy-blue cape was flicked and was soon in place and tucked in neatly, he then combed my hair, lifting up the hair that was covering my ears.

"So, what’s to be done today?"
"Paul needs to have his hair cut short, whilst he has come in with longer hair, a nice short haircut is the order of the day"
"Very good mam, nice and short it will be"

He selected his scissors from the side and started to cut my hair, I felt really happy as he started to cut my hair, when I went with my brother it was always felt that he was the big brother, and I took second place. This time Mrs Gray and I were here for my haircut, it was great because for now just me in the chair, the barber and Mrs Gray who had the final say. He had started cutting my hair at the left side, so it wasn’t long before the hair that had covered my left ear had gone. He then worked his way around the back of my head to the right-hand side. He worked his scissors in a snip snip fashion so all that could be heard was the cutting of my hair.

"We have a way to go yet mam, but I hope you are happy with things so far?"
"Very happy to see so much of Pauls hair already on the floor where it belongs"
"His hair needs to be thinned right down so that’s my next job"

He took the thinning scissors from the side and set to work on my hair, once this had been done he brushed me right down, he then took the electric clippers and edged the back and tidied up arching above my ears and giving me some neat little sides. He then combed my hair into place and stood back for Mrs Gray to have a look, she stood up and came over to the chair.

"Yes, that’s certainly neat and tidy"

Her hand touched the back of my head, and she felt my hair

"He certainly suits shorter hair mam"

She gave me a little pat on the head then looked directly at the barber

"You didn’t think to clip him"
"I thought this would be short enough mam, and because of his age"
"You think Paul is a bit too old for such a short haircut"
"Perhaps had he been younger mam I would have suggested it"
"I really do not see what difference a couple of years makes"

In the mirror I could see Mrs Gray was getting redder in the face, this was a really thrilling conversation, one which concerned me but I would not be invited to join in.

"Of course, I am happy to do whatever you want"
"It’s not a case of what I want, its what needs to be done"

Mrs Gray really was annoyed but she would get her way, she returned to her seat, the barber placed his hand on the back of my head and bent it right down, clippers were selected, he then told me to keep my head very still. He switched the clippers on which had quite a loud buzzing sound, the cold metal blade touched the back of my head as he started to run them up the back of my head.

"Take them all the way up nearly to his crown please"

Mrs Gray certainly had a point to prove with the barber, from my point of view I was loving every minute of this haircut. As Mrs Gray had said she very much knew the routine for a boy’s haircut, especially as it appeared that you were going to have him nearly scalped. The finished result was very severe but I came off the chair a very happy bunny, from that time on it was the start of much shorter haircuts for me. On the way back, Mrs Gray invited me into her conservatory, maybe she felt challenged by the barber, maybe he had put her in a bad mood or she just wanted to assert her authority, but one moment she was showing me a prize orchid, the next minute I had been told to touch my toes, and was feeling an onslaught of spanks, needless to say she hadn’t lost her touch and of course I would never have questioned her authority.

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