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Assertion of Authority- James story by Snipped Sam

James story,
I couldn’t believe it when Paul came home with his hair cut so short, mum and dad were really pleased about it especially dad. Turned out that he had been talking to Mrs Gray and told her that he wasn’t happy that his hair was so long and she had taken him to have it cut. Is he nuts or what? the woman is a bloody nightmare, just the way she used to spank the boys in her class, but to let her take you for a haircut, and look how she’s had it cut. Now dad has said that he is going to tighten up on the how long I have my hair, just as well I have just had it cut.
Three weeks later:
I cannot believe how unlucky I am, Mrs Gray has seen me smoking and has reported me to my parents, my pocket money has been stopped but worse still the old dragon is taking me to have my haircut.

"Now James you know why Mrs Gray is here, you will go with her and have your haircut to her specifications"

"You heard what your father James, now let’s go"

On the way there the old dragon reminded me that any nonsense from me and I would have to touch my toes there and then. How I hated that woman, we arrived at the barbers who clearly remembered her from Paul’s visit. There were a couple of men in front of us and I hated sitting there waiting, especially when she told me to stop fidgeting. The two men were attended to and left and I was on my way to the barber’s chair. Once I sat down he told me to sit right back in the chair and, sit up straight, and face the mirror. This barber seemed awful, just the sort of barber Mrs Gray would find, once the navy-blue cape had been installed, the old dragon stepped forward to pass the sentence.

"You cut James brothers hair the other week, and James is here for a similar haircut"

"Yes, I remember, his hair was cut very short and finished with the clippers, so the same for this young man"

"If you would be so kind"

He started to cut my hair with scissors, taking loads off, this was all so unfair, in the mirror I could see the old dragon with her ginger hair pulled back under an Alice band. I thought what I would do with her hair, shave it all off I could or better still set fire to it. It seemed to take forever to cut my hair, first all the cutting, the hair covering my hairs unceremoniously chopped off, thinning scissors to tear away at my hair and banging my head.

"The last time you had his brother clipped nearly to his crown"

"The same for James please"

"Jolly good, I have a set of clippers with a shorter blade if you would like those used on him"

"Sounds like a very good idea"

He placed his hand on the top of my head and bent it right down.

"Keep your head right down James, look right down and don’t try to see in the mirror what I am doing"

My head was so far down, I then heard the buzz of clippers, and cold metal touch the back of my head, the clippers started their journey up the back of my head. He pressed very hard as he went.

"I told you to keep your head still James, now do as you are told"

Paul had so much to answer for, O.K I still would have been punished for smoking but he had given my father the idea of cutting my hair short. He remarked to Mrs Gray that I definitely needed a much firmer hand than my brother. When my head was lifted up from a full clipping back and sides and some stern shaving with a razor close to my hairline and above my ears, I saw the devastation, the sides looked totally bare, after a brushing down with powder, he took some Vaseline hair cream and applied some to the palms of his hand and then rubbed it into my hair on the top and combed it precisely into place.

"How is that for you mam?"

"Perfect, the shorter blade does make a difference, but I notice that you dressed James hair but not Pauls"

"Sorry Mam, an oversight the last time"

"Paul will be coming to have his hair cut tomorrow, please cut it just like you have James hair"

"Very good mam"

"And be sure to dress it"

"Consider it done mam"

As I wiped my neck with the tissue he had handed me I could feel just bare skin on the back of my head and in the mirror, I saw just how high he had arched above my ears.

"We haven’t got all day James, I have a prize orchid in my conservatory that I want to show you"

Prize Orchid I don’t think so, the old dragon only made me touch my toes. I hate her and I hate my haircut and I hope when Paul goes tomorrow he accidently cuts his ear off or better still both his ears, I hope he suffers.

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