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Jo’s Barbershop #6 more ginger snips by Mr. Nice Guy

Hello, my name is Jo and I just got done telling you about Ryan and the devastation of his flowing ginger tresses much to his displeasure.

When I dropped him off at home, I discover his two younger brothers with similarly disheveled hair, and his Mother has asked me to return to cut their hair.

I pull up outside of the Little’s house at 8:55 and the house appears dark. I wonder If Sarah and the kids are awake and if she had a chance to wash her 4yr old son’s Liam’s hair this morning like I requested. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands onto Cody the 5yr old’s locks as well.

I ring the bell and hear a commotion in the house. Sarah opens the door smiling and behind her I can see the youngest Liam with wet hair and Ryan who doesn’t look like he combed his hair today both eating breakfast in their PJs.
Sarah: Good morning Jo, wasn’t sure if you were going to make it. Liam has been talking non-stop about get his haircut. Cody is still in bed sleeping, but I’m about to go wake him up, and put him into the bathtub to wash his hair.
Ryan: "unintelligible Grunt"
LIAM: YAAAA I’m getting my haircut
JO: Ok Sarah, let me go grab my tools out of the car and get set up.
Sarah: DO you need anything else?
JO: Just a place to plug an extension cord in & some warm water for the spray bottle after I unpack.
Sarah: If you don’t need me out here while you cut the kids hair I’m going to go wake Cody up and clean up the breakfast dishes, Ryan can grab whatever you need
JO: nope don’t need you out here.
Sarah: Ryan go outside on the porch and watch your brother please

with that I walk out to my car, to grab my haircutting bag and a metal folding chair.
I quickly & precisely lay out my tools on the wooden TV tray I carry around like I’ve done a million times before. While Liam closely inspects each tool as I lay it out and Ryan strategically places himself as far away as he can on the other side of the porch.
*1 wood folding bridge chair with cloth cushion
*1 child blue dolphin hair cape
*1 hand mirror
*1 adult teal hair cape
*3 small brown bath towels
*2 white hand towels
*3 black unbreakable pocket combs
*2 white barber combs
*1 oval wooden Military Style Boar Bristle Brush
*2 Alligator Clips
*6 small white butterfly clamps
*2 pairs of scissors
*1 pair of thinning shears
*1 spray bottle
* JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray
*Oster 76 hair clippers
* Metal Oster blades #OA, #1, #1A, #2, #3 3/4
* Silver Oster T trimmer
* Wahl pilot clippers
*plastic guide combs .5,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 for Wahl clippers
*clipper oil
*50-foot extension cord W/ 3 outlets
*3 bungee cords

"OK Liam I’m ready for you jump on up here"
Liam bounds into the metal chair, nearly toppling it.
"ready for your buzz cut?" I place one of the brown towels around Liam’s neck and clip it in place with one of my butterfly clips, then drape the children’s barber cape around his neck.
His hair is still slightly damp from his bath earlier, so skip the water bottle, but I do spray it down a little with the detangle spray to soften his hair up a little more working it in with my hands. His hair is not as long as his brother’s and still baby fine, so I decide to skip the scissors and start with the Wahl clippers and #8 comb guard to cut the hair down to an even 1inch all over. As I start clipping Liam’s hair on the back, Liam starts to laugh and wiggle a little. "that tickles you Liam?" This is nothing unusual for a kid Liam’s age. I can sense Ryan stretch his neck to see the action. "Hey Ryan mind helping me with your brother’s haircut" "just need you to come over here and steady his head while I work." I move over to the left side "Ryan, do you want to try the clippers on Liam’s head?" "no, you can’t mess it up, here grab then like this and swipe them like this." I steady Ryan’s hand as he makes a pass up the right side of Liam’s head. "ok want to try on your own now?" Ryan hesitantly takes another small patch out of the right side of Liam’s head. As I watch him I decide that I might need to get Ryan back in the chair, and even his top out. "ok I’ll take that back, thank you for your help." "just continue to help me with holding Liam’s head steady" I quickly finish up the sides and attack the top with the #8 guard. Liam continues to grin throughout the haircut, and I can tell he is really enjoying this. "so, Ryan have you and your brothers even had hair this short before?" "no clippers cuts before? So, this is a new experience for yall" as I finish off the top, I change to the Oster clippers with the 000 blade and attack the sides again blending them to an even 1/4 inch. As I’m finishing up Liam’s haircut I hear arguing inside the house.

Cody: I don’t want a haircut
Sarah: yes you need a haircut and your getting one.
Cody can’t you just trim it like you normally do
Sarah: you know I can’t do that due to the surgery I had on my hand, I can’t even hold my camera right now to take pictures let alone cut your hair.
Cody: do I need to get buzzed like Ryan and Liam ?
Sarah: we’ll see what Jo says.

"Ryan go grab your mother and tell her I’m almost don’t with Liam and see if Cody is ready."
Ryan runs into the house and Sarah peeks her head out the door a second later.
Jo: "is that short enough for Liam’s hair MS. Little ?" "I didn’t take it down as short, as Ryan because his hair is not as thick and didn’t want to make him look bald"
Sarah: what do you think Liam?
Liam: I love it!
Sarah: yes, that looks good, unfortunately Cody is not ready yet, he is still needs to wash his hair. Can I get you anything while you wait?
Jo: That’s OK. Maybe a glass of Orange Juice and I want to tweak Ryan’s haircut a little."
"I gave him a flattop yesterday but I now see that it wont work and it’ll look messy as it grows out"
on hearing this Ryan complains
Ryan: I don’t want to go shorter !
Jo: I won’t be taking much off.
Sarah: "Ryan listen to Jo, I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about."
Ryan places himself into the chair.
Jo: ok Ryan I’m not taking much off today, just cleaning up the work from yesterday
Ryan: "just get this over with, I know I have no choice in the matter"
I cape Ryan up with the Teal cape. Bypassing placing a towel or paper between his neck and the cape. I know this will cause some discomfort but don’t care "your right this is not the same cape I used yesterday"
I grab the spray bottle and comb Ryan’s hair forward with the Boar Head brush

"Head down Ryan" I plow the Oster clippers with the #0000 blade into his back hairline and small barely visible 1/8-inch pieces flake off, leaving 1/16th of an inch behind. It’s amazing how 1/8th of an inch of hair can make a difference. As I move to the side Ryan winces a little "I’m not hurting you" after finishing the sides and back, I attach the top with the Wahl clippers with the #7 blade. Still not satisfied with the results I go back over the top with the #6 blade. The top is quickly reduced and I tell myself, I this is what I should have done yesterday. "Ok Ryan you’re done, see told you it wouldn’t be that bad today"
I then yell "OK Sarah I’m ready for Cody"
As soon as I release Ryan from the chair he disappears into the house.
Sarah now escorts an unhappy pouting Cody outside with his hair still messy & uncombed from his bath

Jo: Cody come sit down so I can get it combed before it starts to tangle, and I can get a better look at your hair.
Jo: So, Sarah how did you want Cody’s hair cut?
Cody: I only want scissors used.
Sarah: I want it out of his eyes and his ears showing. You did a good job on Liam’s & Ryan’s haircuts. I trust your judgement. You cut it however you think will look the best.
Jo: OK Sarah I’ll get it sorted out.
Cody: but no clippers, right?
Jo: we might end up using the clippers. we’ll see as the haircut progresses.
Sarah: Jo Mind if I head back in? I still have dishes to clean up from breakfast and a few other housekeeping things to do.
Jo: Me & Cody should be ok out here alone, if I need you I’ll holler.
Sarah: Come on Liam lets go back inside You and Ryan still have your morning chores to do.
Sarah: Cody sit still for Jo and don’t give him a hard time.

Jo: Cody do you want the baby cape with Dolphins or the big boy cape ?
Cody: I’m not a baby
Jo: no you’re not, that’s how I know you will follow directions & why we will use the big boy cape.

I secure the same brown towel I used for Liam’s cut around his neck, securing it in the front with a hairclip. Cody is already shifting around tense and nervously. I have an Idea to maybe make him relax for a second. I flick the teal cape out and let it fall covering his entire head "opps I missed, I don’t think that is the way its suppose to work, let me try that again" I get a slight giggle out of Cody and see some of his tension has been released for now. I again flick the cape out in front of him and let it slowly billow and settle around his body. The cape neck opening is a little too large for his neck using the built-in snaps so I cinch it close, using both of my alligator clips, I also decide in anticipation of Cody being a squirmier to pull the cape taunt by securing the bottom of the cape to the chair legs using 2 bungee cords.

by this time his hair has dried out before I had a chance to comb it. I use the Johnson’s No more tangle spray and water from the spray bottle.

Cody’s hair is nice and thick like his older brother, this family has good hair genes. His hair is not as long as Ryan’s but close to it & I also notice some uneven pieces and bangs like someone didn’t do a very good job last time they cut his hair. I didn’t notice this with the other 2 boys.

despite trying to be gentle, my comb gets stuck several times in Cody’s thick hair causing some pain and can feel Cody wince. I apologize trying to sound sincere "sorry Cody I’ll try to be more careful" "ready for me to start cutting?"
Cody: "can you leave it long"
Jo: "your mom wants it out of your eyes and off your ears and that’s what we are doing, but I’ll leave the top longer as long as you don’t complain and follow my directions" "now try to keep your head still & don’t wiggle"

grabbing a pair of scissors and Lifting a section from the top Comb, scrunch, thump the sound of 4inches of wet hair falling onto the cape, still leaving about 2.5 inches. I repeat this process moving quickly around the head not really paying attention to keeping all the hair precisely at the same length since I plan on taking everything shorter. During this time Cody is moving around a tad, and his overall demeanor is resolved.

Putting down my scissors
Cody asks "are we done?"
JO: not yet that was just removing most of the bulk, I have more work to do.

Cody: can I get a mirror so I can see my haircut ?
holding a mirror up in front of him, and combing my figures through his hair so he can see the length better I notice his lip quiver and a frown appear on his face.

JO: "OK its time to continue" putting the mirror down and picking up the Oster clippers.
Cody: I thought you said we wasn’t going to use the clippers ?
JO: I said we might end up using the clippers, and I’m cutting your sides with the clippers.
Cody: Ryan told me they hurt.
JO: Ryan lied to you, see I’m rubbing them against my arm, do you want to feel them on your hand & arm?
Cody: NO!
JO: Let me go grab Liam and he can tell you they didn’t hurt.
Sarah walking on the porch with the other 2 boys in tow: Cody your haircut looks good so far.
JO: I think it’s a big improvement also so far but I have a lot of work to still do.
JO: Liam can you tell Cody how the clippers felt?
Liam: laughing: … they tickled heeheeeheee
JO: Ryan did you tell Cody the clippers hurt?
Ryan: looking at his feet: "yes"
JO: Ryan can you come over here please, grab the clippers and run them over your arm to show Cody they don’t hurt.
JO: thank You Ryan, you can go back inside now.
JO: Cody can I finish your haircut now?
Cody: mom, do I need to have the clippers used? I don’t want my hair short.
Sarah: yes Cody, Jo knows knows what he is doing and it’s also what I want.
Sarah: come on Liam lets go back inside, Cody please don’t give Jo a hard time.
JO: I’ll call you again Sarah you when the haircut is done.

if you can listen and not wiggle. I only plan on cutting your sides and back with the clippers.
Now I need you to look down and put your chin on your chest, you can close your eyes if you want. Firmly gripping the top of Cody’s head, with my left hand and digging my fingers into what’s left of his lush carrottop, I plunge the Oster clippers with a 000 blade into the back of his head leaving a neat ¼" furrow behind. I slowly repeat the process several times on the back.
I can feel Cody getting restless and trying to shift his head under my iron grip.

JO: how does that feel, Cody?
Cody: it tingles a little, it sounds a little like bees buzzing around my head but I guess it doesn’t feel bad.
JO: that’s good, I’m done with the back. You can pick your head up and stretch your neck for a second before we attack the sides.
JO: ok its time to continue, they might sound a little louder this time since I’m working right next to your ear. I need you to hold as still as you can & I’ll finish as fast as I can.

With my hand bracing his head in place I eliminate the shaggy hair covering both ears down to a ¼" to match the back.

JO: good news Cody we are done with the clippers for now.
Cody: are we done? can I see my haircut?
JO: not yet.

Now to decide what to do with the top.
JO: I’ve decided since you’ve been so good during the haircut to leave the hair on top of your head longer then I was originally planning
Picking up scissors, I again attack the top
true to my word I only cut about another ¾ of an inch off leaving the top at around 2 inches in length.
putting the finishing touches on Cody’s haircut Sarah walks out onto the porch

Sarah: that looks good, are you going to work on the top now?
JO: I was going to leave the top long
Sarah: can you cut it shorter? I think it still looks messy.
Cody: but MOM !!!
JO: yes, I can take some more length off.

I quickly take another inch off the top, and a half inch off the bangs.

JO: ok MS. Little how does that look now?
SARAH: looks good, Thank You

Not a problem, it was my pleasure helping you out.
here is my number if you need me to cut their hair again.

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