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Exam and surprise by no_name

When I met my girlfriend we were 15 years old. She wanted to be a hairdresser. Lola always braided her friends' hair and she was really good in it. We met at my friend's party. I was sitting on the stairs, outside in the garden. I was smoking, when Lola sat down next to me with a glass of champagne, run her fingers through my hair, swept my long bangs out of my eyes and said "in the light of the stars I can see that you have got beautiful eyes". I thought, it was because of the alcohol, but no. She is really brave and I like it. We' re still together, after 3 years. My hair is still long. Lola thinks that, I'm very cute with long hair. Today I was her model. It was her final exam. In the afternoon we went to her school. We were waiting on the corridor with her classmates and their models. Lola was talking with them and I checked my emails. Then a strict woman opened the door and we went into a big classroom. There were comfortable chairs and big mirrors. We went to the end of the room. Lola picked up a paper from the teacher's desk and read "undercut". My heart started to race. I thought that I'm ready, but it surprised me, but in the next second, Lola caped me and combed my hair. Then she turned on the clippers. Oh, that sound! She cut my hair with #2 on the back and sides. In the mirror, I saw that the boy with shoulder-length hair will have a military induction cut. He was smiling, but poor guy... As Lola was cutting my hair I saw my white skin. And that feeling... the buzzing of the clippers... And she cut a lot of the rest of my hair, on the top of my head. Lola cut off my long bangs, but if she could do it, it's OK. Then she cut the edges. The strict teacher checked my hair: run her fingers through my hair several times. I really enjoyed it, because it's a fantastic feeling. Lola passed her exam. The way of home, we discussed that it was a great afternoon. She touched my almost bald nape. It was... ohh, it was more than fantastic! We got home. I asked Lola what if she shave the rest of my hair. She brought a traditional razor and shaving cream. I take off my T-shirt and she creamed my head and started to shave. The cold blade touched my skin... amazing! When she finished, kissed my head and said "boy, you are beautiful".

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