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Questionnaire by Random Gay Dude

So I thought maybe it'd be fun to provide a list of questions and see what the responses are! Obviously, you don't have to answer all of them, but I think it's fun to see how varied the responses are~


1. What's your hair like at the moment? (length, style, texture, etc.)

2. If you could get any haircut, what would it be? No judgements by anyone, you could any cut you desired~

3. You have a bet with your friend, and whoever wins gets to cut the other's hair however they please. You end up winning and your friend's all caped up in your room. He has long tresses of hair that reach his shoulder blades, and you see him eyeing his locks in the mirror. You know how much he loves his hair and how upset he'd be to see his locks on the floor. How much hair do you decide to cut off, if any?

4. What do you consider to be too long for men's hair? Unless, you don't think there's a limit~

5. What do you find to be the most entailing part of your haircut process?

6. How often do you get a haircut?

7. Have you ever drastically changed your hairstyle? If so, you can describe what happened~

8. Do you cut your own hair or let a professional/anyone else do it?

9. What's your opinion on bangs? Straight, sideswept, whatever~

10. If you could shave any celebrity's head, who would you choose?

11. How did you discover this website?

12. Finally, imagine you've just bought a set of clippers. You have hair to your shoulders in thick tresses, and you feel like you want a change. Though, you're scared of how you'll look afterwards. Do you decide to give into your desire and cut your hair? Do you decide to drop your will? Do you just give yourself a normal haircut?


Here are my answers to these questions ^^

1. My hair is extremely dark brown, seems black. It's quite thick and wavy, and it's more on the medium side on top and fairly short on the back. Purely scissors are used everywhere aside from cleaning up the edges, and I have sideswept bangs covering my forhead.

2. I'd settle for a buzz cut, I'd love the sensation of clippers plowing through my hair and watching sheaves of black locks falling to the cape. Though, that's just me~
I'd also settle for a short back and sides, slicked back on top.

3. I'd give him a shoulder-length cut. I'm a big softie, so I'd never give him such a drastic cut, but I'd still love to use my limited power to some effect. Having the scissors scrunch through his locks would be satisfying without being too devestating.

4. I don't think there's a limit to hair length. It really depends on what you're comfortable with, you shouldn't be ridiculed for having long hair as a man or short hair as a woman since appaearance doesn't dictate personality ♡

5. believe it or not, I always find the most thrill in the process of spraying my hair. Water spritzing against my locks, the comb pushing back my overdue hair while getting thicker and more dense, it's really quite a feeling.

6. I get my hair trimmed every 2 or 3 months~

7. Sort of? There was this one time where my barber forgot to cut the front of my hair, and I basically fell in love with my bangs, so I grew it out from my normal clipper cut to my current style~

8. I have a barber that cuts my hair.

9. I think that bangs are totally cool! Straight hair tends to work better with straight bangs and wavy works better with sideswept, though it's a matter of preference, really. I'm more attracted to guys with longer hair though, so that affects my opinion,,

10. John Krasinski. I don't know why, I just think he'd look great with a buzz cut, plus his hair would be fun to mess with.

11. I just looked online through male haircut stories and found my way to here~

12. I'd drop my will to cut my hair, I'm not a brave person whatsoever •~•


And yeah, that's it! Have any story ideas you'd like me to write? Leave them in the comments and I'll see what I can do~

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