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Jo’s Barbershop #8 Charity Shopping by Mr. Nice Guy

Hello my name is Jo and you’ve read about some of my adventures in the past. I now have my own station set up in Bill’s barbershop and Pam the shop owner allows me to use the shop whenever I want. Recently the grocery store behind the shop closed up and now there is one of those discounted resell second hand charity shops ran out of the building. This has afforded me a good source of clients. Most of the workers know and support my mission of providing haircuts. I’ve been in the resell shop since 10am hoping to find someone to help. Its 2pm now and I’m about to call it a day since I haven’t seen anyone worth my time. Just as I’m ready to walk out a mother and her 8year old son walk in, they are driving a clunker their clothing looks a little shabby, and they have the overall look of struggling. The kid’s hair is blond and is an overgrown long buzzcut, nothing overly exciting but maybe someone who I can get my clippers into since a better option hasn’t arrived. I decide to stick around for a few more minutes chatting with the person working the register & come to a decision if I want to offer my services. I wasn’t paying attention & about 10min later they approach the register with a single pair of pants for the kid. At this point I decided not to offer my services. As they are about to walk away the mother asks if we know anything about the barbershop next door. Price/ hours etc.

JO: Unfortunately, they just closed up for the day at 2pm. I sometimes do charity work providing free haircuts and work out of the shop. I wouldn’t mind offering my services today if you want?
MOM: sure, that’ll be great! Good news Will you are getting your haircut today.
Will: groan
JO: ok let’s go.

as we approach the door Sue the barbershop owner and sole barber is jumping in her car to pull out.

PAM: Hi Joe
JO: how was business today ?
PAM: not much traffic, nothing interesting happened
JO: sorry to hear that, hopefully it picks up next week
PAM: wasn’t sure if I would see you today or not. I thought I remember you saying you was going to be stopping by.
JO: yep, the resell store was slow also today. Ran into Will and his mom Amanda as I was about to leave. Amanda asked me if I knew anything about the barbershop.
PAM: ok have a good evening, I’ll talk to you later

JO: ok Will jump on up here.
JO: Amanda how does he normally get his haircut?
Amanda: I think they use a #3 on the sides when I take him to Great Clips and they scissor cut the top, but I want it a little shorter since his hair grows out so fast.
JO: so Ill start with cutting the top to an inch with clippers & a number 2 on the sides, OK?
Amanda: sounds about right.
JO: ok sounds good, we can always go shorter after I’m don’t cutting if you want.
JO: sit up tall for me Will.
JO: Amanda do you mind holding this camera and snapping a few pictures for my website. Its digital so don’t worry about how many pictures you take.

I gripped his head and pushed it down. His chin touched his chest. My clippers roared to life. I plowed the clippers up the back of his head, easily removing the hair up to the crown. Leaving behind a 1/4inch field. He fidgeted, but I kept a firm grip on the top of his head.
JO: you doing OK Will?
Will doesn’t answer
The clippers happily hummed as I turned the chair so I could have access to right side. Placing my hand on the top of his head and getting a firm grip, palming it, much like you would a basketball.
JO: is that short enough mom?
AMANDA: yes, that looks good.

Changing out the clipper blade, for a longer one I take a large swath out of the top. I hear a gasp from Will. I’m guessing this is the 1st time Will has had clippers used on top of his head.
Will: not to short please.
JO: I’m only taking it down to an inch.

once the top is finished its time for the clipper-over-comb treatment for blending and finishing touches.

JO: ok Amanda & Will I’m done what do you think.
Will has an unsure look on his face
AMANDA: yes that’s the sharpest haircut he has ever had.
JO: yep that’s the difference between a barbershop haircut and one from a chain salon.

AMANDA: Goodbye Jo
JO: goodbye Will, goodbye Amanda

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