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Donation? Donation! by P.J.

Donation? Donation!
While walking down the hall at work, I noticed a guy that had rather long dark well groomed hair that looked like it hadn't seen clippers in a long time. Maybe he could tell me where he gets his hair cut or who cuts it I thought. I'd been looking for a new barber for quite a while now. My barber had retired, sending me on a search for a good barber who could cut hair without using clippers. I had a strong aversion to clippered hair cuts. Hmm, Next time I see him I'll ask. The opportunity came later that day. Hi. Hey, do you have a minute? Could I ask you a personal question? By the way, I'm P.J. Oh, Hi, I'm Pete, Sure I guess, ask away. Could you tell me where you get your hair cut? It looks great by the way. Well actually I haven't had a haircut in about 6 months. My last cut was a debacle, the barber didn't do what I wanted. I've been meaning to find another barber and just haven't gotten around to it. It's long enough now that I'm thinking of sticking it out and growing it long enough to donate. Wow. Really? That's a big commitment. Don't you have to have a lot of hair in order to donate? Well, Pete said, I haven't really checked for sure but yes, I believe it has to be at least 8 inches, maybe even 12. Boy, I said, that'll take awhile? Yes, probably another year at least to get to 12 inches. That'll give me time to find someone to cut it and figure out how to get it cut too.

Over the next year we became friendly, for co workers in a large office building that is. I complimented him routinely on how great is hair looked, eventually it was quite long, thick, chocolate brown, almost black but not quite, glossy, and straight, except for the slight flip up in the back. I have always had a fantasy of taking a long haired guy and clipping him down severely. It's just an amusing fantasy to make the work day pass. Sometimes you think like that when you have a hair fetish. Pete was often the object of my fantasy these days. I'd see him in the hall, flipping his beyond chin length bangs back or tucking them behind his ears.

As the months passed, I eventually found a great barber, actually a friend of a friend, who was doing a great job with my hair. Pete actually stopped me one day and said, Hey, looks like you've found a barber. Mind sharing who? I told him it was a friend who did it out of her house a couple of days a week. If he was looking for the real barber shop experience that wasn't going to be it. Hmmm, he said. Looks like she does a great job. She does, I said, I gave him her name and number. He said he'd have to think about it. Did I know if she'd done any donation work? He said he was getting close to having enough hair to donate. I don't know, I shrugged. I'll check next time I go. It looks like your taking great care of it I said, nodding in his direction. Is it a lot of work, having it this long? Pete replied shyly, well only that it takes awhile to dry, I don't blow dry it. Wow, I said, somebody is going to get really lucky when you donate that mane.
Ever cut hair yourself? Pete asked out of the blue. Hmm, should I fess up that yes, I had, but not with clippers. Or play safe and keep my fetish to myself. Ah, what the heck. Yes, actually in a pinch, I'll trim mine, and I have cut a couple of my buddies on occasion. Think you could cut mine, he asked? Do you mean just trim it for you , or cut it to donate?

When I get ready to donate it. You've been very supportive, and I'm still nervous about going to a barber. Well, I think it's a noble gesture on your part to grow it out to donate. These days with the short, and skinned cuts guys are getting , you must have taken your share of teasing. Yes, he nodded in the affirmative, I have, most of it in jest. There's a couple of guys here though who've really taken exception to it. I was surprised, gee that's too bad. Well I don't know, I said, getting back to your question.
I guess I could cut it short for you, then maybe take you over to my friend and she could clean it up and cut it to something you like. O.K. he said, I'll think about it, I will probably want to get it cut sooner rather than later, It's getting hot again and this is kind of getting to be a chore.

A couple more weeks passed and he stopped me again. Thought any more about my offer he said? Well yes, actually I'd be glad to do the harvesting if you want. Do you live nearby, I asked? Yes, Pete smiled, I just got my own place, college loans are paid down enough to allow me to step out finally.

When do you want to do this I asked? Well, what days does your friend work? Tuesdays and Thursdays, usually into the evenings, I replied. How about Thursday after work, come over to my place, we can cut it short, then we go see her? I could hardly contain myself. I was going to get my hands into this magnificent mane. I tried to act nonchalant , sure , sounds O.K. Or, Pete replied, if you like we can do it on Saturday if you think you can give me a passable enough cut to make it to the next Tuesday. Well, what kind of cut were you thinking, I tried to ask without giving my excitement away. I don't want to just shave your head. No, Pete yipped, me either. Something pretty short though. I've had enough of long locks to last awhile. I don't look good with a close buzz though. Believe it or not my hair really isn't very thick and I look like I'm balding with a buzz cut. Well have you checked out the donation requirements yet I asked? Yes, Pete said, Pantene will take it at 8 inches, Locks of Love wants 12 inches. I eyed him up ravenously. Wow harvesting this mane was going to be a project. I couldn't wait! Have you measured it lately I asked? It looks like your bangs are probably the shortest part. He smiled, have you got a few minutes? Yes, why, I said. Come back to my office and you can help me measure. OMG. I was going to get a preview of what his thick velvety locks felt like, and without having to ask either. Sure, let's go I said. We got to his office, he closed the door, he said, it might look a bit strange with you having you hands in my hair here in the office. This will only take a minute or two. He got out his engineers scale, it's a triangular shaped stick, a bit over a foot in length, and said, we can use this as a rough gage. I accepted the scale and said O.K. pull your bangs down. He ruffled his bangs and they fell across his face, completely covering it. OMG I pulled a shank of soft thick bang hair out and laid the scale at his hairline on his forehead. Wow, this looks like it's about 14 inches or so, plenty long enough. I dropped them. then slid my hand under and pushed them behind his ear. I almost swooned. What a great feeling having these locks slide through my fingers!. Let's check the sides now I cooed. I unhooked he bangs, let them hang free again , and pulled a hank of hair away from the side of his head. Scale laid in place just above his ear, I measures just a bit over 14 inches as well. Yes, the sides are long enough too I said. Just to be safe, let's check the back too I said, (maybe just a bit too enthusiastically). Sure, might as well check it all to be sure, Pete quipped. I ran my hand under the deep thick cape of chocolate brown delight and brought it up to his nape. He shivered involuntarily. You O.K. I asked, getting a bit concerned. Yeah sure Pete replied quietly, I've never had a guy run his hands through my hair like that. I laughed, neither have I. It feels awesome by the way. I could do this all day I smiled back sheepishly. Pete laughed too. O.K. let's check this mane out. I brought the scale up under the cape of hair and touched his nape. The hair fell well beyond the end of the scale. Well, you'll be happy to know that you're ready to harvest, I said, as I pulled his right bang back, hooked it behind his ear, and ran my fingers all the way back down into the plush cape covering the upper part of his back. He let a slight moan slip out as I did that. Had I discovered a fellow hair fetisher? Hmmm. We'll see soon won't we. Looks like you can donate to Locks of Love if you want I said, handing the scale back to him and smiling. Or to Pantene, and still have a great head of fairly long locks.

Wow, he said, I can't believe I've finally made it. I've decided, you get to cut this all off soon. Well, now that I have a good idea of what your hair is like, I think we can do this Saturday. I can give you a passable haircut to get you to Tuesday. Think about how you want me to cut it, I'll think a bit too(you bet I'd be thinking about this cut, oh boy!) We'll finalize plans Friday afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your day I said as I walked out of his office. I stopped, doubled back, stuck my head in the office, and said, Oh, and by the way, enjoy the last days of your magnificent mane! Pete nervously ran a hand through his bangs and flipped them off to one side, laughingly smiled and said, will do!

Friday afternoon came soon enough. I stopped by Pete's office later in the afternoon. Hey, I said, we still on for tomorrow? I was practically panting with anticipation. Hey, Pete said, sure are, he flipped his bangs back behind his ears. Too bad we can't trade hair I said jokingly. I'd love to have yours. Pete smiled shyly, no you wouldn't really, this is such a hassle. I don't like to wear it tied back so it's always flopping around. I'd tie it in a half tail if it was me, I said. You don't know how good you got it kid.
Pete gave me his address, said he'd have hair bands and everything to safely save his precious locks. He'd gotten instructions off the Net for saving it and sending it. I said I'd be bringing my haircutting gear, how about right after lunch, I asked. Sure that'd be perfect, Pete replied.

I got to Pete's shortly after lunch only to find him jogging up the stairs right behind me. Sorry, he said, I wanted to get in one last run with this mop. I love the way it slaps my back and shoulders when I run. I know it sounds weird, but if you were a runner you' d get it. It helps me keep my cadence. I'm not sure what I'll do without it, I've gotten so used to it. I know what I'd do if I was you, I quipped, I'd be starting the journey all over again. I haven't seen you with short hair ...yet, but you've always looked great with these long locks. They suit you fine, even if they gender bend a bit. Truth be told most guys are probably just jealous.

I need a quick shower , then we can get started. My turn to smile shyly, Pete, I said, would you mind if I washed your hair, this last time? You want to shower with me, he asked surprisingly? No, No, go wash up, then come out to the kitchen, I'll wash your hair in the kitchen sink, it has a spray faucet. Oh, sure, Pete said, giving me a somewhat strange look, I'll be back in a flash. He showered in record time and was back in the kitchen in his skivvies and t shirt, towel, shampoo and conditioner in hand, and one very wet mop of hair. He leaned over the sink, handed me the shampoo and said here you go, never had a male shampoo boy before, this should be good! I grabbed the bottle made sure his mane was wet enough, squeezed out a blob and went to work. Pete had been using very expensive salon shampoo and conditioner, I said, you won't need much of this after today for awhile. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I had my hand in this incredible mane of hair massaging Pete's scalp gently. He was moaning with pleasure, so was I. I gave it a rinse, thoroughly conditioned and rinsed it again, and then I wrapped him up in the towel. How about if we blow dry on the cold setting just to speed the process up a bit, otherwise we'll be here till dinner time waiting for it to dry I said. Sure I guess that'd be O.K. Pete said. He went and got the blow dryer, sat on a kitchen chair, handed it to me and said here you go with a s**t eating grin on his face. I think he'd figured out by know that I had a hair fetish. He said, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this as much as me, right? Oh, yeah kid, I said, and set to work.

While I dried, Pete talked. He said, I don't think I ever told you why I decided to finally grow it long enough to donate did I? No I said, not yet. Well, My mom has a sister in Georgia who has been going through Chemo, she just finished up last week. I'd decided way back when we found out she was sick that It'd be cool to grow it out and donate it, kind of as a tribute to her. The fact that I hadn't found a barber yet kind of helped me along too, and so did you really. I'm humbled, I said, all I did was admire you from afar, and sometimes near too, I laughed.
As his hair dried I said, by the way , what did you decide? You have enough hair to donate the 12 inches, and still have a reasonable amount left for a decent haircut. I finished with the drying, ran my fingers through it one last time and sighed. I got the cape out, expertly flipped it open and settled it down around him. I had to clip his mane up out of the way in order to fasten the cape. The cape was a white pin stripe, just like the old fashioned barbers cape. I unclipped Pete's hair and let it down. MY GOD, he looked like a vulnerable kid with all that hair and the big cape.(reminded me of me when I was younger, just before a brutal shearing by some crazed barber.)

Pete said O.K. here's what we do. I don't want you to scalp me so I have a ruler that's 12 inches long here. Section my hair into roughly 2 inch square areas. take each of those sections and measure back from the tip and put a hair band around that section at the 12 inch mark. That'll leave me with a bit of hair on my head when your done. Oh. Boy, more hair play, even if it's for the last time.
Before we get started, can I take pictures of this I asked? Oh, yeah, sure, I forgot, my phone is in my room. Don't worry, I smiled, I have mine, I'll send you all the pics when we finish. (I'd get to keep a set for myself too of course) I quickly got an all around set of him looking shy and vulnerable under the cape. We combed it all straight down and I snapped a couple more. I finished by brushing it straight back. He smiled demurely at me. Your enjoying this aren't you, he asked. You have no idea, I replied with a smirk.
I parted his hair from forehead to nape, down the center. I was loving the touch time. Then we started sectioning and measuring. This was going to take awhile. Good. More touch time. When I finished he looked like a male version of Medusa.

O.K. Pete, this is it, no turning back, you ready, I asked, as I had scissors poised at his nape. Yeah, I guess so, he sighed. Well I said, don't sound so enthused O.K.? It's strange he said, part of me wants you to stop and I'll just keep growing it longer and longer. Part of me wants you to just give me some sort of long cut just to clean it up, and part of me can't wait to get rid of the whole mop.

Well we're going to go with the part that wants to just get rid of it. Here we go, I said, as I cut the first section off along his nape. I decided to work from back to front, bottom to top. That way if he got cold feet I could give him a passable undercut with a long top.

The banded locks began to accumulate, one at a time . snip, snip, and hand it to Pete, he put it in a big zip lock bag. Sighing slightly as I handed him each section. Back done, I moved to the right, there were about 6 sections on each side. The back looked like a very long grown out brush cut, flaxen brown hair sticking out everywhere. The feel was incredible as I brushed up from his nape to the crown. velvety soft. He shivered as I did that. Feel different, I asked? Yeah, very different Pete replied. I slowly cut each section on the right, he was left with hair about halfway over his ears, maybe a bit longer. Shaggy and soft. He reached up to feel the side and back, I slapped his hand away. No touching till I'm ALL done I directed. Pete sighed again, Oh alright. I moved around and did the same to the Left. Now he had about 8 sections, sticking more or less straight up off the top of his head. You look like a jesters ski hat I once had, I said jokingly. Ha, Pete laughed, funny, I feel that way too he said, as he moved his head up and down. I should tie some jingle bells to the ends, I joked. I started at the crown and worked my way forward. This was going to turn out nicely. I'd have 3 or so inches of hair to work with all over his head. As I snipped off the last sections at his fore head, he gave a huge sigh. Wow Pete said, my head feels so much lighter. He shook like a dog and said Wow again, feels so weird, how does it look.? I ran my hands through it and said, you look like a sheep dog that needs a trim. He hefted the bag of severed locks and said wow, God that's a lot of hair! I smiled and said you're going to make somebody very happy with tha,t remember. I know, I know, he moaned, giving me a half smile.

You could still see all the section areas so before I started his haircut I said, lean over the sink, lets wet this again, and give it a bit of conditioning before I get to work.
That accomplished, I towel dried his hair, I couldn't call it a mane any more. I combed it out and said, O.K. moment of truth, what ARE we doing with the rest of this. He looked up shyly and said, well, if you were my barber what would you suggest? I stood and stared at him. Hmm, he was right, cutting very short would expose a lot of scalp. His hair really wasn't all that thick. It was also almost pin straight. His bangs were right at his eye brows , sides just a bit more than half way covering the ears, and back well below a collar line, all of it a bit unevenly cut. I tucked the hair hanging over his ears in behind them. I combed the bangs straight back, they immediately flopped forward again. Would you be up for using any type of product in your hair after this I asked? Why Pete replied? Well, I'd like to slick you back on top but it won't stay back without help, serious help. I'd taper it a bit around your ears, and give you a very low taper in the back, at your nape. We'd clean up- the stray neck hairs of course. I wouldn't want you leaving my shop looking unkempt I said laughingly. If... I was your barber of course. Or I could just trim it all the same length all over your head, like a grown out buzz cut, and you can start the grow out process again. Thoughts? I asked.

Let's growth plan A, he said smiling up at me. I want a pause from the growing out stuff, and I'm not ready for a shaved head. I think with your good looks I said, cupping his chin in my hand, and looking into his eyes, you'd probably look about 10 years old if I'm right. Pete held my gaze. You are correct, he stated, I always hated the summer buzz cuts from dad. I looked like a little kid.
O.K. here we go I said, combing his bangs out and making a few judicious cuts to more or less even them out without giving him the grandma trimmed my bangs look. I was going to slick them back anyways. Next I scissor cut a very slight taper around his ears. He had perfect ears, shape and size. They were just extremely white next to his tanned face. We'd have to get him discreetly into the sun to even things out. As I got to the back, I paused. You know, I kind of like the long shaggy look in the back, we could stop here if you like. I unsnapped the cape, he stood up, I reflexively gave him a smack on the bottom and said go check it out in the bathroom mirror. He gave me a strange backwards look as he walked away. I'd better watch it I said to myself, I'd really like it if we could be haircut buddies, I don't want to screw it up though.

He came back smiling, NOPE! looks too much like a Mohawk. shorten it up please, and he flopped back in the chair. Boy he said, do I look different. O.K. I said, I was afraid you'd feel that way. Hold still. I did some scissor over comb work at his nape. Just exposing a bit of his hairline. with about an inch of taper at the bottom. That done, I got the trimmer out and shaved his neck. I paused with the trimmer at his hairline, sure you don't want me to just go straight up with these I asked? Absolutely NOT he barked . Just checking, I replied, shutting them off. Oops, I forgot, as I came around the front of him, what are we doing with the sideburns? I scrubbed the back of my hand through his right side burn. They were currently down to the bottom of his ears, wide and bushy. I commented, I bet you can grow a beard in a day if you want right? He laughed, yep, I could shave twice a day if I wanted. I usually have to if I'm going out at night anywhere. I don' know Pete said, you decide, just don't eliminate them altogether. I plunged the trimmer in halfway up and scraped downward. I moved to the other side and did the same. I'll clean these up and shape them with comb and scissors I told Pete. They'll look better that way, I like them a bit bushy myself. A few snips on each side and I pronounced him done.
Go take a quick shower and get all the little hairs off of you. Call me when you're done and I'll come in with some gel and we'll attempt to slick this bush top back. I need a mirror for that.
5 minutes later he yelled O.K. come on back. I walked into his bathroom with comb, brush and gel. OMG. He was standing there buck naked. What a specimen. Wow, I said, nice 6 pack. If he was flirting, it worked. I didn't want to let on too much though. He had a small stool in front of the vanity. He sat down on it smiling broadly at me. What? I asked. Well, he said, when we talked about doing this I was O.K. with you cutting the long hair off to donate. I figured I'd live with whatever cut you 'd give me till Tuesday, then find a barber or use yours. So far, I don't think I need to find a barber. OH?, I said back quizically, I see. Let's see what your slick back do looks like before you decide 100%. I slathered the top with a generous amount of gel. thoroughly working it into the now short hair. God I said, I miss the long soft mane kid! So do I, Pete lamented, so do I. I started first with the brush, coaxing the pin straight hair straight back, it was short enough that it didn't come close to wanting to lay flat, instead, it kind of formed a quif. I tried pulling it slightly to one side, with a short part towards the left front. Pete gently grabbed my brush hand and said stop. I stepped away. He turned his head from side to side , then looked up at me and grinned. That's it! This is my new look! and...your my new barber! That is if you'll have me?

I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. I decided to go for it. Well, I don't know I said, how good are YOU at cutting hair? Pete smiled back and said, well we'll just have to see wont we.

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