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A barber assume... by Jason Buroughs

Years ago just after I finished college and got married I moved to a new town and ultimately realized my fondness of a short haircut by.

As a boy I had always had short hair but nothing extreme or buzzed. I remember being at the barber several times seeing someone get a really short haircut with clippers and being curious as to how that would feel but I never had the confidence to do it myself. Several times I had the idea of getting a buzz cut for the summer but never went through with it. Today that would change.

It was Friday afternoon and my wife and I were busy unpacking and settling into our new house. I had planned on getting a haircut over the weekend but found my self seriously needing a break from the packing. Going out to get a haircut would be a good break. I informed my wife I was going out to get a haircut and would be back in an hour. She kissed and commented "You really do need a trim." as she ran her fingers up my nape. I agreed admitting I had let it go to long. It had been about 6 weeks since my last cut which was usually a #3 on the back and sides with scissor cut top. "Maybe I will get it cut a bit shorter for the summer." I commented as I walked out. "Whatever babe." she commented as closed the door.

Using my phone I searched for Barbers and found a shop that had good reviews and headed there. It was 4:30 and I thought I would just make it. I found it in a strip mall with a classic barber pole outside and the sign that simply read barber. I entered the shop a bit sheepishly not having been there before. A bell chimed as I opened the door seeing three barber chairs. There was a guy getting a haircut by an older gentleman who greeted me warmly, "Have a seat young man. Cindy will be right with you." I sat on one of the chairs facing the barber stations with a mirrored wall. Above me was a TV and lots of patriotic decorations that gave me the impression that they may have a lot of Military customers. This was not surprising as there was a Navy base on the island.

A few minutes later a tall and very attractive woman who looked to be in her early 30s came out of a door in the back of the shop. She looked my direction "You ready?" Yes I replied as I stood and she motioned me to her chair. "I am Cindy. I don't think I have seen you in before." she stated as she extender her hand. I shook her hand admitting that I was new in town as I sat down. She wrapped my neck efficiently with tissue and caped me. "What are we doing today?" she questioned as she spun me around allowing us to converse through the mirror. I could literally see myself blush as I stated "I was thinking about going shorter for the summer. Short on the back and sides and about half the length off on top." Her next comment caught me off guard. "How short are you comfortable with on the sides?" she asked with a subtle smile.

"You can go pretty short I guess. Whatever you think looks best. My hair grows fast." I said with a bit of hesitation. "Gotcha." was all she said spinning my chair to face the TV. I could hear her behind me making a series of snapping noises before the whirr of her clippers filled the room. Next to me the other barber had finished up and announced he was heading home. Cindy bid him farewell as she moved to my right spraying the clippers with an aerosol can. She brushed them of to the side and moved behind me. She nudged the top of my head gently "Head down please." I complied as she ran the clippers up the back of my neck with no hesitation. I could instantly feel a cool breeze on my scalp as she pulled them away just below my occipital bone. She quickly made two more passes as I became aware that I was getting the shortest haircut of my life. Her idea of pretty short was obviously different than mine. She continued to shear the back of my head and moved to my right side. She placed the clipper on my cheek and raised it up my temple. When I saw the plug of hair that came down on my lap I realized she must be shaving me nearly bald. She must have noticed my realization as she smiled again as she had before. My heart raced and I found my self excited, even aroused as I realized I was erect under the cape. The next few minutes I enjoy the vibration of the clippers on my scalp and the coolness of the breeze on my skin. She then changed clipper blades and moved to my right again saying "Let's get some of this bulk off." as she placed the clipper on my forehead and passed it straight back. After 5-6 passes she turned off the clippers and commented "Let's get you faded in and we will be done. She then proceeded rather efficiently with small strokes around the back and sides of my head using a differently clipper she adjusted frequently with a small handle. After she was satisfied she brushed me off and used an air hose to disperse the hair from my head and cape. She undid the neck strap commenting "Just a little cleanup with the trimmers" as I heard a pop and humming noise. She moved the trimmers quickly in small strokes beginning with my right temple and an around my ear. I could feel her move this small clipper about an inch above my ear in a feather like touch. This confirmed my suspicion as there was barely any hair to cut. She repeated this on the left and then went after my neck and what felt like 2 inches up above my hairline in the back.

She brushed me off and spun me around to the mirror as she removed the cape. I was shocked to finally confirm I was shaved bald on the sides with about a quarter inch of hair left on top of my head. I quickly realized and attempted to adjust hiding my obvious erection. I suspected she noticed as she said "If you like that haircut just ask for a high bald fade with a number 2 on top next time. You should get it cut every two weeks to keep the look up." She handed me a mirror helping me see the back of my head which was skinned all the way up to my crown. "Thanks." I admitted, "it feels great." I stood rubbing my shorn head as goose bumps popped up on my neck. It did feel great. I paid and left as I walked to the car rubbing my neck.

In that instant I came to reality wondering what my wife would say. I nervously drove home and nonchalantly entered the house. "Hey babe, I am home." She met me in the kitchen dumbfounded, "When you said you were getting a haircut your were not kidding! You got skinned honey!" She brushed her fingers on the side of my temple and caressed my neck letting out a small sigh, "That is really short and It feels awesome. Never thought I would like you with a buzz cut but it suits you." Relieved I admitted "Really, well it feels awesome."

This was the beginning of my life with a buzz cut as I never let my hair get longer than a number 2 and eventually to the point of having it razor shaved. As I began thinning my wife encouraged me to keep it slick and I shave 6 days a week now. I only wish I would have started sooner!

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