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Whatever she says. by Jason Burroughs

It had been about three weeks since my accidental shearing. Turns out I really enjoyed it and my wife did as well. I was about to find out she enjoyed it more than I realized.

We were out shopping on a Saturday afternoon and returning from Home Depot as we passed through town. As we approached a stop light my wife asked "Is that the barber you went to?" Caught off guard I replied "Yes." She quickly replied, "Turn in. You are getting shaggy." I looked her direction and was taken by her playful smile. "I guess I do need a trim if I am going to keep up the buzzed look." I turned in and parked in front of the shop. I asked my wife if she wanted to take the car and pick me up later when I received an unexpected response. Looking me in the eye she calmly stated "No, I want to see this." I replied "Ok." no thinking much of it.

We entered the shop to find Cindy reading a magazine in her chair. She looked up and greeted us warmly "Welcome back! I see you brought your better half." I smiled and agreed. She stood and welcomed me to the chair and quickly went about caping me as she had before after she wrapped my neck with the tissue. ""Same short back and sides like last time?" She inquired. "Maybe not quite as short..." I requested sheepishly. Suddenly Kay piped in unexpectantly. "No, he wants it as short as you can go all over." Shocked I turned my gaze to Kay who was sitting confidently in a chair stareing at me. Cindy looked her way and stated "We can peel him down to the skin with a five zero if that’s what he wants?" Kay immediately replied "Yes, I want to see him bald."

The next few minutes were honestly a blur. I remember Cindy saying "You ok with that?" As I replied "Whatever she says." Within seconds I remember seeing these huge clippers spring to life with a loud whirring. She placed them on my forehead and went to work shearing my rather quickly as Kay looked on. In what seemed to be a matter of minutes I had been scalped as my wife looked on smiling. It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. We paid as Cindy knowingly watched us leave together.

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