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Dylan's new friend - Part II by George Wheeler

Rick pulled Dylan's floor long mane gently and whispered: "Your hair is the longest and most beautiful I've ever seen. It's magic. I can well understand your dependence on it. Perhaps you would like me to brush it for you?"

Dylan's cock almost exploded! "Ohh yes pls." he sighed. He led Rick by the hand into the kitchen, handed him a huge hair brush and placed himself on a high barstol. His impressive blonde curtain of hair covered his back, ass, legs and feet completely and reached a good 20 cm. onto the floor.

At the sight of Dylan in the "barber chair" Rick immediately grew rock hard. He started brushing the wonderful mane - slow, long strokes from the top of Dylan's head all the way down to his naked feet and to the floor. Dylan closed his eyes in pure pleasure and wanked his rock hard shaft. The only sound in the kitchen was the sighing of both guys and the brush running down from the head to the floor on and on and on again.

Rick gathered Dylan's mane in a huge ponytail, pulled it - a little hard - and holding un to it went to the front of the "barber chair" and kissed Dylan. "You look amazing. I've never ever seen someone like you". Rick pulled the tail a bit harder and Dylan's head moved towards him. "My beautiful beautiful little Rapunzel" Rick whispered and kissed Dylan.

Dylan reached for Rick's rok hard shaft and started to wank him very slowly.

Afterwards Dylan didn't know what went into him. Perhaps the immense excitement in the room. Perhaps a secret deeply buried desire within him. Anyway suddenly he bid Rick earlobe and whispered in his ear: "Do you think Peter is right? Do you think I need a haircut?". Dylan could hardly speak for excitement.

Rick felt dizzy and at the point of fainting. It couldn't be right what he thought Dylan asked him. Dylan was so excited that he couldn't speak clearly. So Rick asked him: "What did you just say to me Rapunzel?". Dylan repeated his question - this time even more lacking his breathe.

Rick's throath was completely dry, his heart beat fast, his feet unstable, pain in the stomach. After a while he managed to whisper:"Yes - you do ned a haircut. I've never seen anything so beautiful as your golden curtain of hair - but to be completely honest, it does look a bit ridiculous so long. I agree with Peter that it's a shame to hide your beauty behind all that hair". Dylan blushed and stammered: "But I could put it up into a gigantic bun - or in a ponytail - or I could braid it - even wear pigtails".

Rich caressed Dylan's rock hard cock, smiled at him and said: "In fact you look like a little girl. Your appearance would benefit a lot from a haircut".

Dylan could feel tears on their way. But at the same time just the thought of a haircut in a very strange way thrilled him. Mixed feeling raced within him.

Rick felt that Dylan just needed a gentle push - and he would be able to cape him and give him a very long overdue haircut. Rick kissed Dylan, wanked him and whispered: "My brave Rapunzel. I will transform you from a little princess to a real man".

Dylan was in severe doubt. But finally he nodded his head very very slowly. "OK - you can cut my hair" he whispered. Dylan went - still naked and with all his amazing golden mane wrapped around him like a coat to the floor - to the bathroom where Peter kept a pair of clippers. He had always looked at the clippers with horror and hated the electric humming when Peter used them in the bathroom.

With extreme difficulty he handed Rick the clippers and seated himself at the high barstol - his "barber chair". Rick once again brushed the golden curtain on and on again. But finally he stopped. The room was full of excitement. Rick move din front of the barber chair, looked at Dylan's pale face and almost felt sorry for the longhaired princess. He kissed Dylan and moved behind him.

"You won't regret this" was his last words as he turned on the clippers - a very powerfull OsterClassic 75 - without guard. The room immediately was full of horrible metallic sound of the clippers. Dylan shaking all over, starting to sob, tears in his eyes.

Rick moved closer to the magnificent mane - admiring its length and volume and texture. So girly. With his rock hard shaft in one hand and the clippers in the other he stopped at less than 20 cm. from Dylan's hair. He placed the clippers just below the shoulders - and slowly extremely slowly started to move the clippers across Dylan's shoulders. He almost fainted at the sight of the 170 cm. long blond locks fell to the floor and left a completely blunt cut behind. Now Dylan cried for real - but that only added to Rick's excitement. And he slowly continued moving the clippers across the magnificent long mane reducing it from approx. 190 cm to 20 cm.

The golden hair carpet quickly piled up under the barber chair into a huge sea of blond cut hair. Rick's naked feet was covered in Dylan's long blonde cut hair.

Rick made the final move and let the clippers go from Dylan's shoulders. What a sight! Dylan with extremely blunt cut thick hair just below his shoulder blades - and tons of cut blond hair all over the floor under the barber chair.

Rick was at the pointy of coming and quickly wanked and came all over the cut hair. He moved in front of the chair and kissed Dylan. "Hush hush Princess. You look gorgeous with your new haircut. Really smashing.

Rick moved back behind Dylan and turned on the clippers again. This time he placed them under the thick mat of hair at the back of the nape - and then slowly moved them upwards! Loads of blond silk rained down all over the place - on Dylan's face into his lap and onto the floor. Stroke after stroke Rick ran the clippers over Dylan's head leaving him completely bald.

When finally finished, Dylan sat naked and bald amist a sea of cut long blonde girly locks - crying. Rick put his arm around his shoulder and kissed him gently. "Dylan - you look amazing - so sexy. Once you get used to it, you will love it.

Rick left it to Dylan to clean up the kitchen after the hair massacre. On his way out he said" Oh by the way. Peter had no headache. He paid me 500 dollars if I could cut your long hair - he was fed up with it". And with that he left bald and naked Dylan.

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