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Haircut punishment - continuation by George Wheeler

Continuation of Baldlover: Haircut Punishment: Ankle to Hip Length

Jackson continued to work at the traditional barbershop. And gradually got used to his hair ending at hips and not his ankles. However he kept feeling sorrow over his lost. Time went by. Jackson got up in the morning, dressed in his small black minidresses, black nylon stay up stockings, black high heel sandals, small black blouse and black leather jacket. Careful make up. And his ever longer hair usually in a high ponytail making it sway from side to side all the time - but sometimes flowing freely around him.

Jackson continued to attract new clients as words got around about the beautiful longhaired guy/girl barber with the ass long mane. Jackson took very good care of not causing any complaints from customers as he far ro well knew the price to pay for one. Jackson noticed a lot of guys getting very huge and very visible bulges under the cape as they enjoyed him taking care of and caressing their hair. Jackson received a lot of invitations to dinners or drinks. He politely refused them all.

Jackson's wonderful hair eventual reached his knees and was well under way to the former knee length. Jackson was in the seventh heaven - loving his job, loving dressing as a woman and loving his amazing almost barber floor long mane. Then disaster struck.

Jackson was alone ion the barber shop one late afternoon. He has told the other barbers that he waited for a late customer and that he would lock the shop when finished. While waiting Jackson checked up on his appearance in the huge mirrors. He loved what he saw. Extra high black stiletto sandals, black nylon stockings, black girdle, very very tight short black dress that did his tight sexy ass all right. He had long red fingernails and hot read lipstick and black eyeliner. He felt like a very attractive girl - and rightly so.

Suddenly the door bell rang and three young guys entered the barbershop. They smiled grimly at Jackson - closed the door behind the them - put on the closed sign and locked the door. Jackson tried to act as normal - but inside his heart beat like a drum and he sensed danger. Jackson asked the guy who should have a haircut to step up to the traditional barber chair in the middle. One of the guys walked up to Jackson. "The appointment I made wasn't for me honey. It was for you!" Jackson almost fainted but the guys quickly grabbed him, dragged him into the barber chair and cuffed him down by handcuffs they had brought with them.

Jackson felt dizzy, his legs trembling, heart beating like a drum, sore throat. They guys just laughed and pointed at him. "So sissy finally gets a haircut herself. It's high time sissy. One of the guys grabbed Jacksons long hair that floated down over the back of the barber chair further over the seat and down to the floor. He pulled it very hard, twisted it around his arm and lifted it high in the air. Jaskson could only watch in disbelief and humiliation.

Another guy applied neck paper around Jacksons neck and the third put on a huge black and white striped cape and fastened it tightly. The first guy let go of Jackson's hair and it tumbled down all over him - over the cape and the lap and onto the floor. Jackson was almost covered completely in his own mane.

One of the guys grabbed a broad tooth comb and started to comb Jackson's floor long mane. "Doesn't Rapunzel look cute with all that princess hair" he said as he continued combing down the full length of Jackson's hair. The other guys laughed and made ad filmed Jackson tied down and caped in the chair.

"So sissy likes to dress up like a girl and wear her hair top the floor like a fairytale princess. Looking so cute right sissy! Well we have a pleasant surprise for you little girl. We will make a real man out of you. And we will do it for free. What do you say to that. Isn't that a gift"!

Jackson could feel tears on their way - feeling completely empty and helpless. "Well guys - which haircut should we offer to sissy: A nive stylish male haircut with ears free, nape buzzed and micro bangs? Or a HnT or Landingstrip? A Buzzcut would also look good - but I think we all can agree on shaving sissy bald!"

Jackson tried to protest but couldn't get a word over lis lips. The guys drew lots on who should have the honor. The most wicked looking won. With an evil smile he moved in front of the barber chair and picked a pair of clippers among a selection of 8 different ones. "I think these will do guys". He held an Oster Classic 75 pair of clippers up in the air for Jackson to see. Jackson knew it all to well. The most powerful clippers of them all!!

The guy oiled the clippers and fired it up. The barber salon was filled with the awful metallic sound of the clippers and the laughter of the other guys. The "barber" put the clippers close to Jackson's ear - "Listen sissy - this is not your enemy - this is your friend ha ha ha".

With that he moved behind Jackson - put a hand on his head and pushed it backwards - then he placed the clippers at the hairline... and slowly very slowly moved it backwards!! Tons of wonderful girly hair raced to the barber floor and a white strip emerged where hair had grown until 10 seconds before.

Jackson couldn't take it anymore and cried fully now. That only added to the sadistic joy of the three barbers - and the clippers kept running over Jackson's head leaving it more and more bald - and leaving a huge pile of cut hair under the chair.

When the "barber" finally turned off the clippers - Jackson saw a bald horror in the huge mirror. He looked horrible. Cut hair all over the cape and make up running down on his wife mixing with tears.

The guys locked up the handcuffs, took away the cape and neck paper and left the shop laughing - and with poor Jackson stripped of his pride and glory.

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