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Blackenedboy's nightmare by George Wheeler

Blackenedboy enjoyed the first day of his holiday. Sunshine and his pimped up convertible - and a road trip during the next two months ahead of him. Life was perfect, wind ion his hair - speaking of hair. Blackenedboy had a lot of that. His massive mane covered his body all the way to his feet. A straight thick mass that rivaled the shine of gold. His amazing mane was the pride and glory of Blackenedboy - he was awfully vain about it. Pampering it all the time, brushing it, throwing it and watching himself in the mirror all the time.

He loved the feeling of hair all around him, covering him completely in what seemed like a long coat of blonde gold. Blackenedboy turned on the radio and tuned in on a country music channel, turned up the volume and sang along. He had no fixed plans. Just ride into the blue and see what happened.

Blackenedboy drove along. All occupied in his own world and feeling of freedom and happiness. Eventually he had reached a rural area poorly populated. The landscape was beautiful and Blackenedboy enjoyed being "in the country" immensely.

Suddenly he noticed the sound of sirens and blue flashes. He drove well within the speed limit so he didn't think he was the object of this alarm and he continued driving with the loud music and singing along.

But the alarm came constantly closer - and a police car passed Blackenedboy and showing him a sign to stop. Blackenedboy stopped the car and waited for the sheriff to come. The sheriff was a giant - more than 2 meters high and well above 120 kg. He wore a traditional cowboy hat, a big black mustache and sun glasses. He didn't look kind - actually quite the contrary! Looking with every sign of contempt at Blackenedboy's gigantic blond mane covering him like a curtain he sheriff asked him for his driver's licens. As Blackenedboy presented it the sheriff said: "According to the licens you are a male. I find that hard to believe. But we got ways to make sure about that. You drove to fast boy - or girl - and you need to follow me to the station to make a report on you".

Blackenedboy protested but to no avail at all. The other officer drove his car to the police station whereas Blackenedboy was placed at the backseat in the sheriff's car handcuffed! Very very humiliating - covered completely in his own feet long hair and tied down.

The sheriff grabbed him and dragged him into the station. There were 8-10 other officers in the station. They all looked at the tied hair monster entering the door. Many started laughing. Others called out" Look what the cat dragged in! Hey Jackson where did you find that creature - in the zoo?"

Blackenedboy blushed - it was extremely embarrassing being dragged through the police station in front of all the officers all of them wearing brush cuts or being bald.

Blackenedboy was pushed into a chair in the sheriff's office - still tied down. "Can you start telling me if you're a boy or a girl?". Blackenedboy felt extremely embarrassed having to answer a question like that in front of the enormous man in front of him. "Male" he whispered. "I'm male".The Sheriff looked at him. "Hmmmm If you're reallyt male why do you wear woman hair?". Blackenedboy stammered: "I like my hair long sir". "Hmmmmm" the Sheriff repeated. "I think we better have established that you're really a guy". Blackenedboy trembled and could hardly breathe. "What what what do you mean sir. What what will you do?".

The Sheriff rose and placed himself at his desk in front of Blackenedboy. "You see. In my district boys are boys and girls are girls. Boys are not girls. And girls are not boys. Girls do not wear boy's hair. And boys don't wear girly hair. You tell me that you're male. But you have like a girl. In my world that doesn't make sense. So to make it all clear one of my officers will help clear the sky".

The Sheriff called: "Hey Peter. I fear we have a very serious case of gender confusion here. Bring your gear to sort this out for us". The officer entered the Sheriffs office and put down a small box on the desk in front of Blackenedboy. When he saw what was inside the box he felt so very dizzy and his legs felt like jelly - his heart beating like a drum and his throat all sore. The box contained a huge pair of powerful Oster Classic75 clippers, a pair of sharp scissors and a comb with broad teeth. Blackenedboy couldn't move or say anything - he was paralyzed in fear.

Peter moved behind the barber chair where Blackenedboy was seated and handcuffed. He grabbed a huge white cape - and arranged it around Blackenedboy. He pulled all the massive mane out from the cape and let it loose. It tumbled all over Blackenedboy on his lap onto his feet and behind him it covered the chair all the way to the floor. The other officers moved to the office laughing. Peter started combing the gigantic blond mane - quite roughly - so Blackenedboy's head moved all the time the brush went from top of his head to the floor. When finished all of Blackenedboy's wonderful hung all around him almost covering the cape!!!

The Sheriff moved in front of Blackenedboy who was still paralyzed and with eyes full of tears. "Peter will now help clarify your gender. He's doing you a big favor - and he will do it for free". All the officers laughed. "OK Peter please proceed".

Blackenedboy couldn't see a thing because Peter had brushed his mane down all over his face. Suddenly he heart the awful sound of scissors and slowly he began to regain his vision as Peter cut bangs on him - very slowly and very very high above his brows. "She's looking so cute with baby bangs" one of the officers said and laughter filled the room. Blackendboy could watch locks of 180 cm tumble down in front of him into his lap and sliding onto the floor. It was so humiliating having bangs cut into his crowning glory.

"So that's already much better" the Sheriff said. "Now you are able top see. Now finish the job Peter please".

And the office soon was filled with the horrible metallic sound of clippers! Blackenedboy now cried uncontrolled as Peter placed ran the clippers from the bottom of his nape to the crown - and tons of lovely long blonde girly locks raced to the floor piling up in a gigantic sea of cut hair. The officers all laughed at Blackenedboy as his pride and glory was reduced to stubbles in minutes.

Finally the horrible sound came to and end. In the midst of a gigantic sea of blond cut silk handcuffed sat a bald and crying Blackenedboy. The Sheriff approached him, unlocked the handcuffs and said: "Now son everybody can see that you are a boy and not a girl. This will make life so much easier for you and the rest of us. Now you will be fined 100 dollars for driving to fast - but remember you got your haircut for free!".

Blackenedboy could hardly stand on his feet - a midst all of his lovely blond silk. He tumbled towards the exit still in complete shock. The officers gathered up all the shorn hair and donated it to Locks of Love.

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