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My Hairless Boyfriend by NotAVeryGoodWriter

----This is kind of a weird story about hairlessness----

Seven years ago when I was twenty-six, I was slowly coming to terms with my hairless fetish. I'd tried to deny it for ages, simply being gay majorly restricted the market for potential partners, but this added on was a whole different story. I tried to tell myself otherwise, but I'd jerked off to so many videos of guys with alopecia or videos of men doing full body shaves that I couldn't lie to myself anymore.
As time progressed a little further, I realised more. I started to realise that I wanted to be hairless myself, not only was I attracted to guys like that, but I longed to be in a barber's chair whilst he scraped away my hair, eyebrows and chest hair. But I didn't change my hairstyle much as I was too afraid for such a drastic change, I got a buzz cut once thinking this would somewhat relieve my desires but it didn't do much. I was kind of a good looking guy as well (not to brag), I had quite an athletic body with a nice jawline and silky blonde hair, no supermodel but I was still quite a looker.

A guy my age who even had a shaved head was difficult to find, let alone a man of my preferences, so I had to settle for guys with very short haircuts. I still found a lot of them attractive, and I had plenty of successful dates with them but I still longed for a hairless man.

One day when I was just casually looking through a dating app, I stumbled across someone. His face was perfectly proportioned with beautiful blue-green eyes, and even from under his clothes it was obvious that he worked out a bit. But what really attracted me was his buzz cut, it was down to a two or even a one in the pictures he'd posted, he really suited it, his head was the perfect shape. I messaged him and we seemed to get on really well, soon we were organising a date at a restaurant nearby. I was weirdly excited about the date, I'd been on dates with cute guys with buzz cuts before but this felt different, we really seemed to hit it off.

I got to the restaurant first and nervously fumbled for a few minutes before he arrived (let's call him Scott). He was dressed in this semi-casual suit that looked really good and his haircut looked even better than it did in the photos. We talked for a bit, ordered our food and so on. We were having a really good time before he looked down at his food and I noticed a patch missing in his hair near the crown, not like a normal balding sort of thing. I didn't really want to raise it, but it intrigued me.
"I noticed you've got a patch of hair missing there." Scott instantly looked rather embarrassed and turned away a bit.
"I didn't want to bring it up but I've got alopecia areata, it means I kind of lose my hair in patches but it'll grow back, the dermatologist told me about it recently. It's why I've got this stupid buzz cut."
"I think the buzz cut really suits you, you should keep it like that when the hair grows back." I wanted to recommend him shaving it all off along with his eyebrows, but that would've been coming on a bit too strong.

Anyway, fast-forward a few months and Scott quickly became my boyfriend, we went on loads of dates, spending more and more time together. But one day he seemed pretty off, like he was really nervous about something, he tried to play it down but I saw there was something going on. He had kind of a stressful job so I presumed it was that. The following day I went round to his house with his favourite beer and wanted to surprise him, I knocked on the door a few times but there was no answer, luckily the door was unlocked and I crept in. I found Scott curled up in his bed crying quietly. I tried to comfort him and asked him what had happened, he was reluctant to tell me.
"Yesterday, I noticed there were patches missing in my leg hair and the patch on my head had got bigger. I went to the dermatologist today and she told me I don't have alopecia areata, I have alopecia universalis, all my hair's going to fall out, all of it." I tried to tell him that it was just hair and it wasn't worth worrying that much over. He told me "I know that, but I've just found you, and I really love you, I don't want you to think I'm unattractive". I leant in and whispered to him.
"You want to know something? I think bald guys are really hot, and I think you'll still look great." He was the first person to know about my fetish, and the evening that followed was one of the most romantic I've ever had.

The next morning when we woke up, we headed straight for the nearest barber we could find and dashed into the door. There place was deserted except for the barber, and Scott rushed into the chair.
"So son, what can I do for you?" I was so proud at Scott's fearlessness.
"I've got alopecia and I want to get the better of it. Shave it all off."
"Are you sure, I think we could probably salvage what you've got for a while longer."
"Nope, I'm certain. Shave it as close you can, smooth as possible please." The barber was still taken aback but soon complied and grabbed his tools, first he took out a hot towel and massaged it into Scott's head, Scott let out a small sigh of relaxation. There was no need for clippers as Scott's hair was short already, so the barber sharpened his straight razor and swiftly began shaving. What remained of Scott's hair was gone in a flash, with every masterful stroke from the barber only pure white scalp was left. In a space of minutes he was left with a completely bald head, and I thought it looked amazing. The barber complemented Scott on how good it looked and when he got out of the chair I quickly kissed him on top of his head and told him he was still hot. "You know, I think I'll really like being a baldy" he said whilst massaging his smooth scalp.

Over the next few months, I saw Scott's alopecia worsen. I noticed the patches in his body hair get bigger and eventually his eyebrows looked pretty thin, but none of it seemed to bother him even when I briefly pointed it out. About a year after our first date we moved in together, our relationship getting better by the day. About two weeks after the unpacking was done, Scott came to me and proclaimed something in a serious tone.
"I think it's about time to do something about the rest of this hair." At first I didn't know what he meant, but I soon got the gist when he walked over to the bathroom, I quickly followed behind. He took off his shirt, grabbed the shaving cream the started applying it to his arms and chest, he shaved every place where there was even noticeable hair. It was so hot I thought I was going to explode, all I could do was look stunned. Scott shaved more and more until it was all gone, then passed the razor and cream to me. "Could you do my legs? It's kind of difficult." I leapt at the chance, kneeling down in front of him and carefully applying the cream over his legs, it was amazing to carefully drag the razor over the remaining hair, leaving only bare skin in its place. In minutes I got back up and noticed Scott had grabbed my clippers from the cupboard. He popped off the attachment and shaved his eyebrows as close as he could to the skin, then applied cream to the space and shaved as close as he could.

When he was done, the finished product was amazing. There my boyfriend stood, naked and looking like the hairless men in my fantasies. I couldn't hold back on how telling him how attractive he looked, he just smiled and told me to get used to it because he wasn't going back. He hasn't to this day and the alopecia has taken care of most of his remaining hair.

Me and Scott are still together, our relationship has never showed any signs of slowing down. In fact, he was the one who convinced me to give in to my fantasies and shave myself completely, but that's a story for another time if you want me to tell it.

P.S I made this up, but you probably worked that out already.

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