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My Summer Vacation by Brian

It was the summer of 2001 and it started out to be a good summer except when my mom told me that she would like for me to go and stay with my older brother s friend Brian for the summer. At this time I was 12 and my older brother s friend was 24 and lived in St Louis, MO on his own. My mom never really told me why she wanted to me to go there but, I guess I couldn t really do anything about it so I obliged and went. Brian came to Cincinnati to pick me up on a weekend and we left the next day to head back to his place in St Louis. We had a 6 hour drive before we would be there, we pretty much just talked in the car, and he told me everything we would be doing for fun during the summer. And I must admit it didn t sound that bad, I was actually getting kind of excited about being with him for the next 3 months. I figured that he had to be way cooler than my mom and would probably let me do just about anything I wanted.

Before I left to go stay with him, mom said she would get me a haircut but she never had time to do it. So that was actually one thing Brian said to me was I needed a haircut, so I told him that my mom was supposed to take me but I guess she didn t get around to it. So Brian had informed me don t worry we will take care of it. My hair was cut just like a regular boys haircut, my mom would always take me to Great Clips every 2 months or so. I didn t mind getting my haircut, but then I was just like every other boy my age I was interested in other things besides my hairstyle, so I just kept it sort of long. Brian had a very short taper Ivy League haircut, I have always known that he liked short hair and I would soon find out that he liked cutting hair as well.

Finally the end of the 6 hour journey had ended and we had arrived at Brian s place. We hurried up and got the car unpacked and walked inside and got settled. Brian was pretty tired of driving all day so he just relaxed for a majority of the afternoon until around dinner time when he cooked dinner. While we were eating dinner Brian mentioned that I would be getting a haircut after we get done eating and cleaning up. So I just figured that he meant that we were going to the barber or something to get my haircut, since I was more than in need of getting it cut. While Brian finished cleaning up after dinner I sat in the living room watching TV, little did I know that he was also getting out his tools to cut my hair as well and getting setup for my haircut.

Then Brian came out to the family room and said Dave time for a haircut, lets go so I started to put on my shoes thinking we were leaving the house. I sat there and waited for a couple minutes and figured Brian was still getting ready to leave. Brian came out again and said Dave what are you doing, I told you it was time for a haircut I said Well I thought we were leaving for the barber shop so I sat out here and waited for you. Brian replied and said No I`m going to give you a haircut come into the guest room. I walked into the guest room which I have never been into and to my surprise Brian had a real barbers chair and the room looked like his own barber shop. He told me to take a seat, and he wrapped a tissue around my neck and then put a cape over me tightly. Now when I usually get a haircut, my hair is cut just like a regular boy s haircut so they are always using scissors to cut it.

Brian started to wet down the top of my hair and comb it out, he then grabbed a pair of scissors and started to cut it to what I thought was pretty short. At least from what I could see on the cape was a lot of hair just from cutting the top. Next he took a pair of scissors with what looked like a built in comb to them, which I later found was thinning shears and he really took clumps of hair out with that. By now the top of my hair was about 2 1/2 inches long but I really didn t care that much as long as the back was still kind of long. Brian started to comb down the back and sides of my hair, and then I looked over and he had a very large pair of clippers in his hand. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he was going to cut the back and sides with them. I told him that there was no way he was cutting my hair with those; I didn t want my hair cut that short. Brian said Dave I understand you don t like short hair, but you re living with me for the next 3 months, and I want you to have short hair for the summer. Plus it gets very hot here and this will keep you cooler. I said fine but I was not happy about it and I was sure going to tell my mom that I did not approve of this haircut. He started to cut making long swipes up the sides of head, pouring down a lot of hair. He then walked behind me and told me to put my head down, I did as told and he continued to cut my hair with the clippers taking down clumps of hair. He then grabbed a different pair of clippers that were silver and black and put a red attachment on them and started to buzz down the top of my head. Hair started to fall in my eyes and all around the cape; I was for sure I was getting a buzz cut or something. Brian then said he was finished and he let me go and told me to take a quick shower so I could get rid of all the small hairs in my neck and back.

After I was done taking a shower, Brian told me that while living with him during the summer that is the haircut he wanted me to have, so he cut it every two weeks. He even took me to his barber once and let him have a whack at it. Towards the end of the summer I actually started liking my hair and Brian was right it was much cooler and plus I think I looked much cooler with it. So I decided to keep it and still sport the same haircut to this day.

I had so much fun at Brian s house that summer I went out this past summer as well, and I asked him if I could come out this coming summer. It will be even better this summer because he now lives in New York City working on opening his own hair stylist shop. He said it would be another year or two before it was open but he promised me a job during the summer cleaning up when he finally gets it open.

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