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The Barber Knows Best - Part 2 by P.J.

The Barber knows Best - Part 2 Kyle and Jed

Jed had rubbed his freshly shaved head all the way home whimpering softly to himself. I only wanted just a trim. Holy S**t, he shaved me! I can't believe I wasn't paying attention when he got the clippers out. God what a freak, Jed kept thinking to himself. Kyle is going to have a conniption when he sees me.
Jed got out of the car, stormed into the house and headed straight for the master bath. He was so focused on seeing the carnage in the big mirrors he completely neglected to see Kyle standing in the kitchen, mouth agape as he hustled by.

Jed? What the *(%$ happened to you ! Kyle yelped. Jed didn't stop till he got to the bathroom. He was standing in front of the big mirror, softly crying, rubbing the back of his head. Kyle stopped in the doorway, silently staring, eyes popping, blonde mane swaying back and forth. Kyle started out softly, Jed, I thought you were going to my barber for a trim? Jed, turned on him, red eyed, whispering softly, Kyle, does this look like a trim to you! Kyle reached out, hands on Jed's shoulders, and said, what happened, did you go see Pete, like I told you to? Yeah, Pete the butcher, yup, yes I did, Jed moaned. Jed, then collapsed into Kyle's arms, sobbing softly. Kyle got his first up close chance to check out the carnage.

The sides and back of Jed's head were sheared down to a zero at the bottom, and around his ears, huge zero arches, then graduated up into the shortest and merest of tapers at the parting and crown, less than an inch long at the top of the sides and back, then the top a graduated 1 inch at the crown to about 2 inches at the forehead, severely angled bangs and thinned way down. All slicked down and combed into a little pomp in front. Jed looked like he'd lust graduated from first grade. God, Kyle thought , there's not even much of anything to run my hands through, what the hell did Pete do to him. Kyle thought to himself, Pete knows how I like my long locks, thick and full, trimmed and tapered at the bottom. Why would he do this to Jed? What the hell happened?

I have to admit though Kyle thought , once you get past the shock of how short it is, he looks really HOT. While still in the embrace, Kyle ran his hand up the back of Jed's head slowly. OMG, that feels so great once you get past the shaved portion at the nape. Soft velvety bristles, then short cut fur. He couldn't bring himself to tell his partner that quite yet though.

Jed finally could start talking a few minutes later, both of them sitting on the bed. O.K. Jed, Kyle said quietly, how did this happen, talk to me. Even red and puffy eyed Jed looked HOT Kyle thought to himself. As much as he loved Jed's long thick mane, he was starting to think this looked stunning too. A bit short where it was shaved but otherwise Wow.

Well, I walked into the shop, Pete seemed the friendly sort, I told him my boyfriend wanted me to have the ends trimmed professionally for a wedding next weekend and could he trim me up? Pete, said sure, we can shorten the back a bit, trim up about the ears, and maybe shorten the bangs so it all looked fresh and neat. He said something about a general clean up cut, I said yes, sure, and next thing I knew the clippers were running up the back of my head. Oh, God, this sucks, Jed moaned again. I know you hate it but there's nothing I can do now, Jed sighed. Kyle said, well, did you tell him I was your partner, and I referred you? Well no, I never had a chance to I don't think, Jed thought back. I was so preoccupied thinking about all we had to do to get ready to travel back home for the wedding. I wasn't paying much attention till it was too late to turn back.

Jed, ran his hand through Kyle's plush thick blonde locks, pushing the huge fore lock behind his right ear to get it off his face. Guess I won't be doing that to mine anytime soon Jed lamented. Kyle gave him a sad smile, and said calm down mate, its only hair, it WILL grow back you know. I thought you loved my shoulder length mop Jed said. I do, I mean did, Kyle said, but what's done is done 'eh. I guess I'm glad you went a week ahead, at least you'll have a shadow on the shaved parts by next weekend Kyle observed. This brought fresh tears from Jed, Thanks a lot, Jed sobbed.
Babe, stop, Kyle said , shaking Jed gently. I'm going to have a talk with Pete first thing Tuesday morning on my way to work and ask him why, O.K.? You're just going to have to get used to it for now. It'll grow back out, Just now fast enough for you, I know.

They went about their weekend chores, hustling to get everything set to travel Thursday to be home in time for the Stag party Thursday evening, rehearsal Friday, and wedding Saturday. A full week ahead to be sure. Jed whimpering every time he passed a mirror. Kyle giving him side long glances, trying to decide if he liked the new Jed look or not. Somehow he had to get Jed past the initial shock and get him comfortable with it. Kyle thought he might have an idea as to how, but could he do what he was thinking?

Tuesday morning dawned, they both got ready for work and headed out. Do you want to come with me to Pete's to talk with him Kyle asked Jed. God no Kyle, I don't ever want to go near the place again, good luck with him. Tell him I'm no happier now than when I left the shop. Jed, Kyle said, gently rubbing the back of his head, the short soft velvety stubble feeling divine as he slid his hand over it. You Know Jed, it's kind of growing on me, you do look very handsome, even a bit HOT, it was just such a big change all at once. You left with that gorgeous mane, and came back with the hot looking soldier boy cut. Don't tell me your starting to like this, Jed said, scrubbing the velvet on the back of his head. Not sure yet babe, but maybe Kyle smiled back. You're not bald, it's just very short.

Kyle made his way to Pete's shop, catching him just as he opened. Pete, Hi, can we talk for a minute. Sure Kyle, what's up, don't tell me you want more trimmed off that blond mane already do you? Well, no, it's about my partner, Jed. Pete froze, Jed?, it couldn't be, He'd never heard Kyle mention his partner by name before . Jed, did you say, croaked out Pete. Yes, I sent him round last Saturday for a trim up.

OH, boy, Pete gulped. This wasn't going to be good. Ah, yes, Jed, I do remember him, he asked for a cleanup cut I believe, my last cut of the day, you say he's your partner, Kyle, said Pete as casually as he could. Yes, Jed...of the gorgeous chestnut mane, sheared down to look like a draftee, that would be one in the same, Kyle said sharply. Pete, did you take the time to explain your "summer cleanup cut" details to Jed before you started, Kyle inquired. Well, in vague terms, yes, he didn't seem particularly concerned so I used my best judgment. He didn't seem to mind much till the end, and by then there wasn't much I could do but make sure I finished him up neatly. Neat he may be, happy he's not, Kyle replied. I wish he'd told you what the connection was between us before you started shearing him down. You took advantage of him Pete, I know how you love to do transformation cuts, we've talked about it before, especially surprise ones, where the customer isn't expecting it. He's devastated though, Kyle explained. He'll stand out like a pork chop at a bar mitzvah next Saturday at the wedding by the way, and thank you very much, Kyle said hotly. He had to calm down, he was getting a bit too emotional about the whole thing. Pete was red faced, he'd been caught out and they both knew it.

Well, as surprised as I am to say this, I'm going to let you have a go at my hair Pete, do you think you can follow strict instructions, Kyle said. Kyle couldn't believe what he was about to do, he thought to himself.
Pete stammered, what, you want me to cut your hair, after what I did to Jed, Pete said wide eyed. I look like a shaggy dog next to Jed now, Kyle said quietly. I don't know how Jed's brother is going to react to having a young G.I. as his best man, but I think I can take some of the string of it out for Jed if we don't look so radically different. I think looking at my shoulder length mane is part of what is bothering Jed. It keeps reminding him of what he's lost. And since you certainly can't restore Jed's gorgeous mane...I'm going to have you cut mine a bit shorter so we don't' contrast so dramatically. But!, you won't have the free hand you had with Jed. I'm, still in charge with this cut, understood, Kyle said firmly.

Kyle walked over and sat in the big red leather barber chair. This was surreal. He couldn't believe what he was actually doing. A week ago, he would never have even thought about this, but now...
Pete walked over , wide eyed. He taped and caped Kyle, pulling the thick heavy blonde mane to the side to snap the cape tightly about Kyle's neck.
O.K. Kyle, what are you thinking, Pete said. Here's what you're going to do Pete, Kyle said very authoritatively. You're going to follow my instructions to the letter. If you don't, I'm going to lock the door, flip the closed sign and pull the blinds. Then I 'm going to tie you to this chair and shave you to the skin with a pair of guard less clippers. Do you understand, Kyle said, through clenched teeth. You have no Idea how angry I am that you scalped Jed. And it's because of that scalping, that I have to do this now, Kyle intoned. You are going to cut my hair exactly as I describe, not one millimeter shorter, got it, Kyle said. Yes, Yes I think I understand Kyle, Pete replied meekly. I think I can do that. Now, Kyle barked, here's what I want you to do. Kyle reached a hand out from under the cape and ran it through his thick wavy blonde forelock one last time. I want you to use scissors only, and I know how sinfully close you can cut hair with scissors and comb, so don't get greedy, or your own precious locks are doomed, got it, boomed Kyle.

Yes, Got it, Pete said.( he secretly relished the thought of taking Kyle's mane down, even a bit. He'd often fantasized about this) O.K., Pete listened closely to Kyle's instructions, picked up scissors, comb and a spray bottle and began combing Kyle's thick plush mane out, dampening it as he went along.

Pete raised the scissors to just below Kyle's right eye and began cutting at a slight angle across to the left eye, ending well below the left eyebrow. Kyle shuddered as eight inches of his gorgeous forelock slid away, thudding into his lap. Pete was all quiet and concentration, combing the bangs down again to make sure they had been cut uniformly, and exactly as instructed. Next, he slid the scissors in halfway up Kyle's left ear. Snip, snip, to just behind the ear. Collarbone length blond locks fell away, landing in a heap with the severed bangs in Kyle's lap. Kyle sighed deeply. Why exactly are you doing this Kyle? Pete asked quietly. Because Jed might feel a bit less like a freak if he doesn't have to look at my shoulder length mop all the time to be reminded of what he's lost. I'm willing to sacrifice most of mine to help ease his pain, Kyle replied. But...I , in no way, want to look like an 18 year old draftee when we're done here. (Kyle couldn't tell Pete, that he thought Jed Looked absolutely HOT with short hair either though, he didn't want to feed Pete's short hair fetish) I think Jed will look good in a couple of months when it's grown back in a bit, we'll have to see. I hope he's at least comfortable with it by then. He's impossible to live with right now.

Pete went to Kyle's right side and repeated the snipping, halfway up the ear, huge amounts of blonde locks adding to the lap top pile. Kyle looked in his lap and sighed, wow that's a lot of hair, and we haven't even touched the back yet he thought to himself. Jed better appreciate this.

Now, Kyle ordered, cut the back about an inch below my nape, rounding down from the ears, got it? Pete dutifully pushed Kyle's head down , and snipped from ear to ear, rounding the sides down sharply to Kyle's nape. Handfuls of thick wavy tresses slid free, all landing in Kyle's lap. Leaving a thick blunt one length cut all around. Kyle couldn't believe how light his head felt. There was no longer any hair flopping on to his face. He could no longer feel the locks slide across his shoulders as he raised his head. Wow, this was going to be weird. He was beginning to understand what Jed was feeling like.

Kyle studied himself in the huge shop mirror, Pete had left him facing it. He saw his head protruding through the cape, Long blonde hair strewn all over the cape. He looked like he'd just been given a kitchen trim by his granny, everything bluntly cut all the way around. Almost Dutch boy like.

O.K. Pete, Kyle said, now I want you to just layer the ends, about an inch or so up, at we'll see what it looks like. Pete proceeded to painstakingly layer he perimeter of the cut, short hairs flying, landing on the huge pile on the cape. Despite the circumstances, Pete was enjoying this transformation too. He couldn't let Kyle know that though. Kyle was being patient but any acknowledgement that this was fun on Pete's part would probably turn Kyle white hot with anger.

Kyle studied himself critically in the big mirror, Hmm we're getting there he thought to himself. Still got a ways to go though. God, what a change, this was so short!
Now Pete, Kyle ordered, section the top like you do, I think it's called a horse shoe parting right? Pete replied, yes, and proceeded to do just that, Kyle now had a huge pile of blonde locks clipped up on top of his head. O.K. Kyle said, now, layer the sides and back up a bit higher, no more than halfway up though, and just a bit, not to severely. Pete proceeded to comply with the instructions, checking with Kyle often as he went to make sure it was enough but not too much. More hair cascaded onto the cape.

Ah, thought Kyle looking in the mirror, this would look O.K., way too short compared to what he had walked in with , but O.K. none the less. Now I want you to trim up the top, tapering slightly, longer in front, a bit shorter towards the back, don't cut he bangs any shorter though. Pete complied, secretly enjoying chopping off Kyle's luscious blonde locks. More heavy locks adding to the huge pile on the cape. The last touch, was to shave Kyle's neck with the straight razor, Kyle wouldn't let him use even the peanut clippers for this. A dab of warm lather, with the overhanging hair at the nape clipped temporarily out of the way. Pete also scrapped the sideburns even with the clipped side hair.

Let's stop here Pete, and give it a wash. Pete tipped him back and shampooed and conditioned Kyle's mop. Pete always loved this part with Kyle. He still had a lot of hair, and it always felt so good getting his hands into it. Though shorter by far from what he walked in with, , it was still thick and healthy. He toweled Kyle dry, and sat him up.
O.K. Pete, Let's see what it looks like dried and styled. Pete took his time drying Kyle's new cut, running his hands through it as much as possible to help dry it in to the shape Kyle requested. Secretly enjoying the touch and feel of the short thick locks as they slid through his fingers.

Pete got the scissors, and with Kyle's permission, cautiously snipped a few stray hairs, Kyle's eagle eyes watching every move. Pete stood back and said, O.K. what do you think?
Kyle nodded his approval and said, let's try a bit of pomade and see how it looks. Pete got a generous dollop and worked it into the new cut. He pushed the bangs back and slightly to the right, combing the sides back also, they just brushed the top of Kyle's ears. Kyle looked a bit like a guy out of the Great Gatsby. Not a bad look, Pete thought to himself. Certainly nothing he'd voluntarily do for a client but good looking none the less. Still a bit bulky looking for his taste too, it could use a good thinning he thought.

Pete asked, well, what do you think. Kyle was studying himself closely in the mirror, turning his head from side to side. Yes, I like it. It's such a dramatic change though, it'll take some getting used to. And I don't look like a new recruit either, he said, looking sternly at Pete.

Pete uncapped Kyle, the huge pile of severed blond locks sliding to the floor. Kyle sighed, and stood and looked again in the mirror. He noticed that it looked like he'd had his hair highlighted. The sun kissed blonde of the longer layers left on the top contrasting with a darker shades where the hair had been cut and layered, revealing the darker blonde underneath. Though a bit unusual, he thought it looked O.K.

O.K. Pete, Kyle said smiling, the acid test will be tonight when Jed comes home. Pete laughed and said, no charge for this one Kyle. I'm truly sorry I got carried away with Jed, if I'd known he was your partner, this never would have happened. I have to say, that although not as short as I'd have liked to take you, this looks good on you. With your shade of blonde, I'll have to be careful if you ever want to go short like Jed's. You'll truly look bald. I'm pretty sure there's no danger of that ever happening Kyle said, smiling as he walked out of the shop, fingering the short ends he now had in back, instead of the thick shoulder blade length locks he came in with. This was going to take some getting used to but he thought he liked it already.

That night Kyle was waiting in the kitchen when Jed walked in. Jed did a double take. Kyle...OMG, what did you do, Jed said softly. Kyle walked over and gently hugged Jed. I thought it might help you get used to the new look if you didn't have the long haired reminder of what once was, staring you in the face every day. You aren't' saying much, what do you think, Kyle asked turning his head from side to side. Jed ran his hands through Kyle's plush much shorter locks. Wow, this looks, and feels great, but it's so short, Jed said quietly. I can't believe you did this Kyle. I loved your hair the way it was. I know , so did I, Kyle said softly, but sometimes change is good. We won't contrast quite so dramatically this weekend either, Kyle replied. Jed ran his hand up the back of his own head, then through the long, (but short by comparison to what it was ) blonde hair on the back of Kyle's head. I think I can live with this Jed said fingering the shortish shank of Kyle's hair in back. I wish mine were cut that way. Kyle smiled back and said, give it a bit of time, then maybe we can go back and see Pete together. Jed's eyes popped. Or I can go back to cutting yours again it you want, Kyle quickly said. I don't do clipper work though. That's O.K. Jed smiled for the first time in awhile, I won't be wanting clippers again anytime soon.

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