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For Her by Deke Cutter

I knew that Joan was "the one" from the first time I set eyes on her. We were both 16 and I was a mass of male hormones. This girl turned me on like no other had. She was beautiful, smart and sexy. But, as I looked in the mirror that morning, I asked myself, will we still be together when this day ends? I had got out of the shower, shaved and dried my hair. I had great hair, all the girls told me so. Joan loved to run her fingers through my hair and when she did, my flag pole went up. I dressed extra carefully and went downstairs and told my folks I would be home for supper. I got in my car and drove downtown, parked and went into the door of the shop. A barber, about the same age as my dad was sitting in the chair reading his paper. "Can I help you young man?" Yes, sir, I need a haircut, I told him. "You know, I don't really do any fancy cuts, son. Are you sure this is the place for you?" I assured him it was.

With that, he got me caped up and ran his comb through my locks. They almost touched my shoulders. My bangs fell down to my nose. "What's it to be," the barber asked. I took a deep breath and said "a Number 2 crewcut, one inch bumper in the front." The barber said, "very well" and went to work. He started on the right side of my head at the bottom of my beautiful sideburn that reached ot the lobe of my ear. The clippers pushed straight up the side and a large chunk of my hair fell onto the floor. A strip of very short hair remained behind. I felt my hands gripping the chair as he continued to strip away my pride and joy. My mind was a whirl. Was this the right thing to do? He continued at my neck and pushed the clipppers all the way over the top of my head. So much hair fell, I couldn't believe it. Finally, the only length left was at the very front where he had left the bangs hanging down in my face. He put down the clippers and took his scissors and comb and first cut the length to just above my eyebrows. Then, he cut the length down to about an inch. I felt scalped. Next he took a smaller pair of clippers and started to tighten things up along the bottom of my head. When he had done that, he asked me about my sideburns which were now the same short length as everything one my head. I told him to take them off to the top of my ears. I couldn't believe I was saying that. I had waited so long to grow them. Next it was the shaving cream and the straight razor, arches carved around my ears, my neck scraped clean. Finally, the coup de grace, he took out the butch wax and brushed up my new one inch bumper. He turned me around to face the mirror and I was shocked at my appearance. I came in looking like a cool looking guy and now I looked like I was in junior ROTC. What had I done. I thanked the barber who complimented me on my new look and who even gave me a funny looking crew cut comb to go along with the butch wax he sold me.

I got in the car and tried not to look in the rearview mirror. I felt a little bit sick. I drove to a large office building and went inside. At the reception desk, I asked for Mr. Carter. The receptionist sent me up. I went into his offie and his secretary told me to take a seat. Mr. Carter called me in. He was standing behind his desk. "Well young man, I see you have gotten rid of that ridiculous hair." Yes sir, I replied, I have done as you asked. "There was no asking about it boy, I told you that you would not be dating my daughter Jane until you got rid of that mop. Now, you know what I told you. You cut it short, it stays short and you two can continue dating." I was shaking a bit, but I cleared my throat and said to him, Mr. Carter, I love your daughter and I was willing to make this sacrifice to continue to see her even though, I don't know if she will want to see me when she sees what I look like now. But, sir, when we turn 18, this deal is off. We willboth be adults and we willat as such. Mr. Carter gave me a stare I will long remember and then he got a big smile on his face and said "Keith, I knew there was some substance to you, you have a deal young man. You keep that crew cut until you are 18 and if you are still together, then you can grow your hair down to your butt if want." He reached out his hand and I shook it and we parted.

Now came the hard part. I pulled up in front of Jane's house. Her mom was out working so I knew she would be alone. I walked up to the door and knocked. She opened the door and dropped the book she was holding. "Keith" she screamed, "your hair...did my dad...?" I just nodded my head. "Oh baby, I loved your long hair, but you look so hot! With that, she took my head in her hands and started to rub the side. I thought I was going to soot my wad right then and there. I had never been so excited. I piccked her up and carried her up to her room. She coninuted to rub my head with her hands and I slowly removed her sundress. Her beautiful body, so soft, so perfect, was mine. We spent hours together doing what young lovers do.

I sit here today thinking about this after Jane and I have been married for ten wonderful years. Mr. Carter is celebrating his 55th birthday and surviving a triple heart bypass. So, I am giving him a special present. My hair is now as long as it was back before that first crew cut and I am about to have a barber give me a number 2 crewcut with a one inch bumper to celebrate my father in law's birthday. I can't wait for my wife Jane to get her hands on my head. I've already arranged for the kids to be out when I get home.

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